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Description of Grants.gov

The official Grants.gov app offers the most convenient way for grant pros to manage their Grants.gov workflow when away from the desk – including searching for grants, creating and managing saved searches, submitting completed applications (requires Grants.gov Submit privileges), and much more.

Within the Grants.gov app, users may do the following*:


• Search for federal grants by keyword, CFDA number, and agency

• Browse grant forecasts and opportunities from federal agencies

• Review eligibility requirements for each funding opportunity

• Filter searches and sort results

• Create, view and edit saved searches (login required)

• Subscribe to specific funding opportunities and get notified about changes made by

the grant-making agency (login required)

• Add closing dates for packages to your phone’s calendar app

• Quickly share an opportunity URL in a message or social media post


• Sign and Submit completed applications within the app (Grants.gov Submit privileges are required)

• Access your application submission history (login required)


• Enter a Grants.gov Tracking Number for a status update on your submission

• Receive and manage push notifications from your Grants.gov account (login required)

• Get quick access to Grants.gov’s Community Blog, Twitter and YouTube channels

*Note: A Grants.gov account is required to use some features within the mobile app

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:3.1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Official Grants.gov App

User Reviews


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Keith Hupp 2018-11-20

This app sucks because you can\'t actually read what is required to complete the applications. You can\'t pin an application without creating an account. You can\'t even copy and paste the identifier into Chrome to search the information because you can\'t copy. Filter options would be better if user could select non-profit, for profit, eg. You guys should use an on boarding questionnaire to identify the applications and set parameters for their search. Most of these grants have nothing to actually do with helping our society so sad. It looks like to me our government is throwing money at people to try and solve problems that don\'t actually have a positive impact on people. That\'s such a huge waste of resources and time it\'s just busy work to keep people working. I do hope that this app improves because a lot of broke non profits need something to do, its a shame that there is so little accountability for the use of the funds that\'s why there are no success stories.
Close Nick 2020-07-08

I like the general layout of this app you can easily learn what grants are, how they work, and see which grants you can qualify for but it seems to have some bugs to work out of it. my version not sure which bit I downloaded it today 7/7/2020 app keeps crashing. Fix this and it would be a great app
Hemp Farm Work 2019-07-20

Outstanding App and access to incredible Grants. Well done to all those who put in such hard work to make this App so easy to use!
Daganya Chava 2020-11-04

When I first began using the app several years ago, yes I was frustrated and hated it.. However through Patience and perseverance, I found all the hyper links which takes you to the pages that explain in full detail the requirements of the grants, ect.. Yes at first it was frustrating.. as I see so many negative reviews on here, however I\'m thankful it\'s not long-form and multiple books that it use to be... so thanks for making it convenient for those who are ungrateful.. ❤️
James CAESAR 2020-10-09

You should be prepared for a long session unless you are extremely lucky with exact word match, as it will direct you to some unbelievable and far off of what you want or looking for, but if you know exactly what to look for and are a reader this is good place to start,and a chance at a new life..
Teri Mcmillin 2019-04-24

i was looking for a housing grant couldnt find anything. so i think it sucks too. it is very confusing to understand.
Anaya Rap-Rock 2020-07-05

Well. I out in my username and password. I hit Login but nothing happens. Doesn\'t even acknowledge that I signed in. Just stuck on the login page. I was looking forward to this app. Bummer.
Nicky Lewis 2020-03-07

I\'ve searched I\'ve looked every where I\'ve filled out more surveys but I\'ve yet to find anyone to answer 1 question for me or help me out for anything yet
Rainbow University 2019-05-05

The number and quality of these granys is extraordinary! just dona search for yoir key topic and there are large grants available.
E. Freeman 2020-10-02

I registered online, but now I can\'t log in through the app. I tried logging in online again, but online won\'t let me log in either. Please help!