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Graph Messenger

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Description of Graph Messenger

Graph Messenger is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram's API and add new features like real multi account system, download manager and time line.

It has all Telegram benefits and new fantastic features.


+Real multi account system, unlimited account login and 100 simultaneous active account.

+Download Manager, manage and schedule your downloads with a multi queue download manager.

+Support any type of theme, telegram theme or Plus theme or Mobo theme.

+Voice changer, change your voice when send voice messages.

+Hidden section, hide your chats and contacts and set password or pattern lock for them.

+Lock chats, lock your chats and set password or pattern lock for them.

+Send Drawing, draw anything you like and send as message.

+Time Line, show all channels messages in one page.

+Favorite Messages, add messages to favorite messages and show them in separate page.

+Auto answer machine, send auto message to contact when you can't answer.

+Short Messages, When the message is long it shows it short.

+Separate channels, groups, users,... in chats list.

+Favorite chats, add chats to favorite chats and show them in separate list.

+Categorize chats list, create categories and add chats to them.

+File manager, show all chats media in one page.

+Contact changes, can show contact changes like change name, avatar and phone in one page.

+Special contact, notify you when your special contact is online.

+Can edit and customize main menu.

+Can change screen light and color filter.

+Telegraph settings, you can customize your telegraph app in telegraph settings.

+Professional proxy settings, Multi delete, share and copy. Sort by ping time.

+Smart connect to proxy by ping time.

+Import proxies from file and clipboard. export proxies to file.


and other features.

Telegraph channel:


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More Information Of Graph Messenger

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:T7.9.3 - P9.1.2 Publish Date:2021-08-12 Developer:ILMILI

User Reviews


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Amir hosein Ramzani 2020-04-27

Telegraph is a good messenger, but in this last update that I did. When I open my group, when a message is sent to a group of members, be warned that this message is not supported in the current version of your telegraph. My telegraph program is the latest version. Why does this option appear? please consider it!
BB10 Passport 2020-06-05

I have a suggestion regarding Google Play policy & TeleGraph hidden mode. Similar to other softwares (ACR for example) they have to versions in which the one available on Play Store complies with their policy (no SMS record auto read) and another version available on other stores (galaxy etc) with access right to SMS. This is completely legal. Thus, a version of TeleGraph should be made available for download (directly or thru other markets) with hidden (ghost mode) built-in while the version
Ayjamal Egemuratovna 2020-05-25

Old version was better than this Especially automatic categories aren\'t available.why???? I\'m confusing with the mess of messages! It will be better if messages are divided into categories as before,such as,user,groups,channels,bots...
Mαruαtα Renthlei 2021-01-16

#Bug I create a folder, and remove some channels and group. but they are still there. I view that folder from Bgram, they didnot appear but still they are in Telegraph. This is the best telegram client in terms of features and function. Network connecting.... problem was solved in my phone in v7.3.1 p8.5.
Mohammad Nematullah 2021-01-05

I thanks to the aps developers it was awesome last version. The updated version having problem for adding members which is major issue for me. Therefore requesting Telegraph team kindly fix issue asap.
Sugar Hope 2019-06-20

after last update it become slow and lagy also slow down all of my device and drain my battry fastly, also i have hard time for connecting to any proxy , i install orginal telegram app for test and it was super smooth & lighting fast , i really love the extra options this app gave us but please make it smooth and optimized for all devices not just for 2019 flagships!
Naomi Gwyneth Olivares 2021-02-02

Better in every ways in terms of functionality. But its buggy. It always reverts back to a certain theme everytime I open it. The ads are annoying too. Is there any way to remove the ads? Like a one time payment would be good. All said, I would prolly go to the original for now. The latter is cleaner and without ads.
Eskesh Alex 2020-09-02

The best messaging app I have encountered yet! Spot on and I am calling for encore, but it isn\'t without its flaws. Ads are making the platform sluggish and non-responding time and now; plus updates are adding unexpected bugs and shadowing some amazing features. Gotta work on that.
John Msimi 2020-06-26

Breathtakingly telegram client with extremely beautiful features but the app is engulfed with pathetic ads that makes it sluggish and crush Everytime. I\'ll come back to this amazing app when you completely eliminate ads but for now I\'m using BGram. By telegraph messenger.
Abdusamad Abdusattorov 2020-10-06

Earliers version had better UI/UX design....I didn\'t like the new look and there are some changes in the settings as well..... Why is it impossible to access the archieved chats by scrolling down and why the archieved chats are not sorted into groups... Pls, correct these issues. Older versions\' those features were very handful.