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Description of GraphicAudio Access – Audiobook Entertainment

Listen to GraphicAudio®…A Movie in Your Mind® award-winning audiobook entertainment including full cast dramatizations, cinematic music and sound effects in over 140 series including Action Adventure, Comics, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Western.

Simply purchase a Download or CD from GraphicAudio.net, then activate the GraphicAudio Access™ App on your device and your GraphicAudio titles will be available to stream or download in a high quality audio format directly on your device. You can download a GraphicAudio title to your local device by pressing the yellow button next to the book name or you can press the book cover to start streaming immediately.

You can not purchase titles inside the app, so please create an account and purchase audiobooks on our website using a browser app first. Thanks!

You can listen to hundreds of samples and listen to our weekly GASP podcast inside the app too.

We recommend using devices with Android OS 7 or higher for better results.

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:2.7.3 Publish Date:2022-05-25 Developer:GraphicAudio

User Reviews


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April L. Aldama 2019-03-23

Amazing content but my god, I HATE THIS APP. It mysteriously deletes downloads and has issues playing and pausing even when playing downloaded content. Just now, I opened the app and ALL my downloads were removed. And when I try to download again, it gives me an error message. ??! So now I am forced to stream, where playback issues are even worse if you can imagine it. Insanely frustrating given the amazing content.
Reilly Murphy 2019-10-13

Love GraphicAudio but the app is complete garbage. It will randomly stop functioning forcing you to reopen the app (several times before it decides to work) and putting you about 25 mins back in the story so you have to find your proper place. Also half the time you pause it the app will refuse to start playing again.
Shady Ward 2019-09-12

I\'ve been a Graphic Audio fan for many years & they have entertained me for every single one & for thousands and thousands of miles as I am a truck driver. One of the things I love the most is all the different voices that are used in each story rather than just one person trying to sound like several different people. Love it!
A Google user 2020-01-23

Graphic audio books are great, there customer service is very good, but their app is terrible. It\'s always locking up. Just download the books and listen on a mp3 player app. Podcasts are hard to listen to because the app locks up in the middle.
Uncle T 2019-10-24

Amazing quality the stories really do come to life. You can tell the voice actors put a lot of effort into getting the emotions of the characters right all throughout the book. I don\'t know what I would do without this app on the long drive great job!
Daniel Izzo 2019-10-10

App is definitely improving but still lacks the ability to download files to an SD card if available. It is literally the only media app I\'ve seen lack this ability. Definitely needs to have this feature implemented.
cpl witcher 2020-09-01

The app used to work fantastic. Now, not so much. A few weeks ago it started randomly pausing, and when I would open the app it would jump to a previous segment and I would lose my place. It still is randomly stopping and doesn\'t like to start playing again. Please address this. I have quite a lot of money tied up in this app and would really like to continue listening to my purchased audiobooks. Thank you.
Chloe Skye 2021-02-24

The stories and performances are great, the price is a bit high, but one star off for now damn slowly the app downloads. Why! So! Slow!?!?
BobbyD 85 2020-05-25

This is the future of Audio Books! Pros- Far too many pros to list. This is next level audio!!! The actors/sound effects bring you put of your world and seat you on the front row of your imagination. Its incredible!! Two Cons- 1. If you recieve a phone call while listening, the audio rewinds to where you last pushed play 2. (When using wireless devices) Unlike other audio apps, you can not resume play from the play button on said wireless device. You must manually open the app and press play.
Broken Garrison 2021-01-01

AWESOME!!!!!! No other AB prod. style can hold up to exp. you get with GA\'s fully immersive (\"A Movie in Your Mind\") exp.!!! And while this tag is as everyone knows a simple \"Buy Line\".. Imo it\'s also one of very few that I\'m aware of that means exactly what it says!! Pick your title, throw on your headphones, close your eyes & press play. This is a far greater exp. even than a \"Movie\" because no FX can beat your imagination. For me, it\'s all about the narrator+imagination that creates that exp.