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Graphing Calculator Plus (X84)



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Description of Graphing Calculator Plus (X84)


Graphing Calculator Plus - The famous Calculator from iOS is available on Android!

Designed for use with TI 84, TI 83 Calculator. If you have experience with Ti-84, Graphing Calculator Plus is MUST-HAVE App!

Graphing Calculator Plus has a formidable reputation of being the top alternative to heavy complex hardware calculators. It is suitable for all types of users, whether they are looking to carry out basic or advanced mathematics; Graphing Calculator has it all. It is equipped with a powerful MATH CORE advocated by MATH DISPLAY support, which increases its functionality by leaps and bounds, making it an ideal choice for engineers, math students etc. It comes with an in depth User Manual and Tutorial to answer any questions you have, regarding the app and to help you further understand the world of advanced mathematics.


▸ Basic General Calculation

▸ X & Y Calculation & Intersection of Functions

▸ Calculate Local Maxima, Minima...

▸ Statistics & Regression

▸ Solve Equations & Polynomial

▸ Calculate Integral Functions


▸ Universal Calculator App

▸ Mathematical Display

▸ Complex Number Calculation

▸ Equations Solver

▸ Edit & Export Expression/Result

▸ History Tape View

▸ Basic Calculations (+, -, x, ÷, ^, √,…)

▸ Advanced Functions (Sin,Cos,Ln,E,…)

▸ Y-Var & Customize Functions (F1, F2, F3)

▸ Unit Converter (50 Categories, 1000+ Units)

▸ Over 40 Common Constants

▸ Fraction and Degree/Angle Calculation

▸ Numeric Integral & Derivative Calculation

▸ Dual Themes(Skin)


▸ Simultaneous Graph

▸ Smooth Zoom & Transformation

▸ Support Parametric, Polar & Sequences

▸ Intersections, Min, Max & Special Points TRACE


▸ Create/Edit Lists

▸ 1-Var, 2-Var Statistic

▸ Linear, Quadratic, Cubic Regression

▸ Logarithm, Exponential, Power,… Regression

▸ PropZ,T, SampZ,T, Chi, Interval… Test


▸ Create/Edit Matrices

▸ Basic Matrix Functions (Det,Dim,Fill,…)

▸ Advanced Matrix Functions (Inv, Ref, RRef,…)


▸ Control Commands

▸ I/O Commands

▸ Example Source Codes Included


▸ 15 Different Bases

▸ Support Up to 64 Bits Integer

▸ Binary Operation (NOT, OR, XOR, 2’S,…)


▸ Financial Calculation (TVM Solver)

▸ Geometry & Chemistry App

▸ And more will be available in further update!


We love your feedback, Thanks a lot !

Please contact us for questions, bugs/crash reports, conversion requirements, etc…

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:2.2 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Inception Mobile.

User Reviews


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Chan Hung 2018-11-07

This app is a waste of money. I spend two days trying to figure out how to adjust the grid of the graph, yet all I am getting is decimal points. Very frustrating...
Tyson Dunn 2020-10-22

What a fantastic app! I upgraded to the premium version, and so glad I did. It works exactly like my TI84 Plus CE, but with more functionality and portability. The only thing I noticed that I don\'t like is that the delete (DEL) button works like a delete button, but without the hilighting cursor (the app has a traditional blinking line cursor) it is very easy to forget that it is a delete button, and not a backspace. It matches the calculator perfectly, just takes a little getting used to.
Ameel Gajjo 2020-06-09

It is not working good. This TI-84 Plus calculator either do not go the same way as the real TI-84 or it cannot be complete the task. On trying to plot a graph, It takes me to the icon of graph but it doesn\'t go to zoom. There is no \"zoom\" . Also, when I enter a number of sevral digits and try to delete only one digit of it or to replace it with another digit, there is no backspace button, so I must go to format at the 2nd field and chose \"clear data\" to reset the calc for a new problem.
Maria Russell 2020-03-18

Love my TI-83s & TI-84, but they are bulky and can not always take them with me. This app simulates the same experience incredibly well and that is why I love having it on my phone. It\'s good to have both, your Texas Instruments and this app.
Illya P. 2020-10-08

Never had any graphing calcs in my life but it has now become sort of necessary so o decided to look around the store aand found the. free version of this, looked through this and that and decided to spend the 5$ for it. Absolutely worth every penny, considering the alternatives\' prices in stores. Definitely don\'t regret buying it and for anyone worried about it being locked to a single device, don\'t worry the purchase is in your apps drawer/list or whatever so you can install it on all devices
Adrian Hood Sr. PhD 2020-04-29

My first time using this calculator. It followed the Ti84 manual closely. There are a few differences like the zoom button being exchanged for a more powerful button. The zoom can be accomplished by pinching. I wish there was a way to lock in a square axis however.
Wendy J 2020-05-17

Awesome calculator! I reviewed plenty of free apps. I really did not want to spend any money. I am so glad I did for this calculator. It was well worth the small investment. Buying this version has made my statistics class so much easier!
Hey Girl 2020-03-30

Honsetly: Form a College Student This is so helpful! It good to have if your taking math or science classes, or any class you need a calculating. You know, for problems that won\'t cut it with the calculation you have one your phone. This is it. And best part CHEAP! Some of the one you get on hand, like to go buy/use it, are so expensive. Yes their hard and your can carry it with you to every class and hope you never loss\'s it because, YOU GOT TO BUY ANOTHER ONE. This one nope buy it\'s once
Fowood Gebhart 2019-08-27

Excellent. Working on Doct in Business. This calculator is just as good as the TI84 and the graph function is better. Does all stats and finance calculations. Perfect for my note9 as well. Get the pro version for the 2 variable stats.
Nathan Murray 2020-02-07

I can\'t stress enough how streamlined the ui is in the app. It\'s so much faster than the regular (150 dollar) calculator, and is in color. Tracing lines on the 2d grid is so much faster and less tedious, going through menus is so much more intuitive, and the speed of all of the calculations are lightning fast. For 4 dollars, this BETTER IN EVERY WAY calculator is an absolute steal of an app. It\'s like upgrading from a flip phone to a next gen phone, cheaper than the flip phone. Get it!!!!