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Description of Gray's Atlas of Anatomy Pro

Gray's Anatomy - No Ads version

Human Anatomy Atlas offers thousands of models to help understand and communicate how the human body looks and works--and includes textbook-level definitions.

+) Features:

- No Ads version

- You can use this app offline, do not need internet and 3G connection.

- Simple, easy interface

- You can press next and back to view other image

- You can zoom in/out to view larger image

- Find images quickly with search tool

+) Anatomy Systems:

- Skeletal System

- Muscular System

- Nervous System

- Cardiovascular System

- Respiratory System

- Digestive System

- Endocrine System

- Urinary System

- Reproductive System

- Lymphatic System

- Integumentary System

- Sensory System

+) Anatomy Position:

- Skeletal System

- Head Position

- Neck Position

- Upper Limb

- Back Position

- Thorax Position

- Abdomen Position

- Pelvis and Perineum position

+) Medical Quiz - Anatomy Quiz

- Liver Quiz

- Glasgow Coma Scale Quiz

- Cardiac Quiz

- Diabetes Quiz

- First Aid Quiz

- Pathology Quiz

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.2 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:SEStudio

User Reviews


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Paul Snow 2020-01-10

So I got this as it contained no ads... but when exited the app it asked me if I wanted to buy an other app??? Isn\'t that advertising? Which is what I was avoiding by buying this app?
Kevin Miller 2020-03-29

Very nice graphics
Ger Loke 2021-01-08

More than I need! Now if only I could find medical information on keeping specific organs healthy...hmm.
Yeti Jetn 2020-11-25

Great picture atlas of body. Logical arrangements of pictures.
Lachlan Todd 2020-08-20

100% recommend if studying anatomy
david wolffe 2020-10-20

It has everything, a good deal!
Philip Case 2020-06-02

As a Healthcare improvement Developer in both AR / MR this is a great way to visualise the Anatomy
Micah Finch 2021-02-24

Much better with the paid version