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Description of Greedy Cats: Kitty Clicker

These Greedy Cats have an unstoppable desire to chomp as much food as possible! Unlock and upgrade all the Greedy Cats and collect cute outfits. Compete against the greediest cats in head-to-head eat-offs, win trophies, earn rewards, and begin your path to munching stardom!

Connect with your friends and show off your Greedy Cats. Share photos of your cats dressed as a little sailor, blooming sunflower, or even a frosted doughnut. There are so many unique outfits to choose from!

Tap furiously to eat snacks, earn coins, upgrade your fans for increased eating capability and EAT MORE SNACKS! Become the greediest cat of them all — no snack is too big.


•Tap quickly to eat snacks to beat stages and earn trophies!

•Collect and upgrade colorful hats, star-shaped sunglasses, and more!

•Unlock a cute cast of fans to cheer you on.

•Compete in head-to-head competitions.

•Tend to your own garden for extra prizes.

•Add friends and share photos of your kitties.

•Participate in special limited-time events.

•Embark on the road to stardom!

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More Information Of Greedy Cats: Kitty Clicker

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.7.1 Publish Date:2021-08-10 Developer:PIKPOK

User Reviews


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Gametold 2021-02-23

Pretty average game, I like the cute noises and graphics, but the gameplay got old pretty fast and feels empty. I\'m not a huge fan of seeing many in-app purchases, that\'s a huge turn off for me. Finally I pre-registered for a bee outfit, which looked pretty nice, till i found out it was just a downgraded paid outfit, nothing special about it. My time playing, I did like the optional ads, which was nice. Overall, not my type of game, maybe you\'ll enjoy it more then me.
Hi Il 2021-02-23

Just got this 5 minutes ago and I already love it! First of all I absolutely love how this game gives me options on what color of things I get! There are barely ANY ads and The graphics are so adorable. The creators definitely put a lot of time into this and didn\'t just throw some things together. The only downside is that there are some audio isues. When I spin the wheel the sound still plays until I restart the game.This game definitely deserves 5 stars and I would recommend this to all!!!!
Christina Bella 2021-02-26

So so CUTE, the cats are SO SO CUTE and the outfits you can get for them are ADORABLE. I wish there was a little more to do with the cute kitties though. GRIPE : Not able to purchase any gem packs, if keeps telling me to check my connection, purchase failed...but I am connected just fine?! I\'ve tried doing it over wifi and turning wifi off and using cellular network but still says same thing. Super frustrating! I really want the sailor costume package.
hid aziz 2020-12-09

Its way too cute. I love the outfits. The food too. When im lazy and tired, I will play this game. Pikpok, this is the BEST game. The coins are cute too. The shape of it is like a cat! EVERYTHING is perfect in this lovely, awesome and cute game!!! Try this game out. Some times, the food gets me hungry.🤣 Awesome game! 5 stars for me!!!😍😍😍😍😍
Alireah Greenberg 2021-02-25

There was a bug with the event rewards and there is no way to report it. I have the rewards ( there is a little check mark on them.) for before and after the one I wanted. When you go to the customer support page it lists every game but this one. I really like this game but it is a little frustrating.
Nadine Villarin Estañero 2020-11-27

SO cute! I love the pink cat so much! I love the clothes and accecories! I gained money so fast! To cute! I always win at the eating fight my cat is so fast to eat the food! But it always leta me update my fans buta its ok CUZ ITS TO CUTE!!!!!
Dina Nariyyah 2020-11-30

I love that the team is bout food competition we just tap anywhere on screen then the cat will eat and u could challenge how fast ur fingers can tap and u could upgrade your fans that is supporting u everytime u challenge!!!
Sree v 2021-03-07

Great game, adorable, I love the concept, just a really cute idea but...I think that when you craft outfits, it\'s not really that worth it. I think that you should use the clothing to craft items you can only craft, not level it up. Otherwise, it\'s a wonderful game and I would definitely recommend it to a friend. 😊
Straw 2021-02-24

Ok I preordered this game cuz it looked sooo cute, and this is a really cute game! It\'s quite easy though. It came out yesterday, I know, but if there could be more of a challenge it would be great. Overall amazing game and I would recommend to about anyone.
Lunaria _Ocean 2020-12-29

I LOVE THIS GAME ITS SUPER DUPER FUN!Th e gameplay of execution is only 5% of lower dictation and semetrical sentence is great in the tapping zone which is a traditional Japanese gaming experience that sets a good example for a work out with your fingers that makes you Way more Stronger in you feeling bones