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Grid games (crossword & sudoku puzzles) APK

Grid games (crossword & sudoku puzzles)



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Description of Grid games (crossword & sudoku puzzles)

Solve arrowword, crossword, sudoku and takuzu puzzles right on your smartphone or tablet.


- crosswords, takuzu, sudoku in the same app!

- auto-save

- get a hint or the complete solution when you want

- check for errors

- save multiple states of a puzzle to try different possibilities

- pencil marks (sudoku)

- pinch to zoom (or double tap)

- search a word on the Internet

- multiple difficulty levels

Many puzzles are regularly added.

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More Information Of Grid games (crossword & sudoku puzzles)

lable: Word - Games Current Version:2.5.5 Publish Date:2022-06-02 Developer:NGHS.fr

User Reviews


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Quillan Geddes 2019-07-29

I enjoy this app. Graphics are decent, nothing flashy but that\'s fine. It took a little while to master navigating the puzzle and keyboard but once figured out, it\'s pretty simple. Challeng level is good for me. I\'m still on easy!
Vincent Laporte 2018-01-27

Un bon travail rend cette application facile et agréable à utiliser. Je déplore cependant les erreurs régulières qui font que l\'on perd les mots que l\'on a entré dans la grille. Cela arrive souvent lorsque l\'on met l\'application en arrière plan et qu\'on y revient plus tard.
Nellan Bear 2016-12-11

Clear text, good format Trying to do a crossword, clicking the next clue button bugs the clues, they randomly switch from across to down, dont go in order and then get stuck cycling through the same 4 clues. Its quite aggravating and definitely lessens the enjoyment, but otherwise its got a good selection of puzzles and is a pretty decent app.
jackie pringle 2016-09-09

Girds crossword puzzles Its suduko,tacuzi,and crossword all in one app
Jennifer Merzigian 2020-08-31

Clearly British, big difference from American English- not only in the word usage, but the spelling. Very frustrating.
A Google user 2012-10-21

Cowboy Great app. I tried 1 of each puzzle and immediately spent the $0.99. Ignore those people who give a one star rating because they can\'t figure out how to get the puzzles in english it\'s not a problem. Besides, it takes an IQ over 50 to even try grid puzzles.
wendy skoglund 2019-11-20

So many different puzzles to play! It was great learning something new like tazuku too. I literally am addicted to this game!!
Jefrey Gelicame 2016-08-22

We love it My mom and I love this game since she love playing sudoku... Its like our bonding time together when she return home from work...
A Google user 2012-08-19

Enfin des mots croisés sur android !
Lela Cunningham 2019-06-16

A wide variety of puzzles in one app. Crossword, sudoku, anagrams, taziki, and arrowwood puzzles. I try others hut keep coming back to this one