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Description of Grocery Tracker Shopping List

Grocery Tracker

Not just another shopping app,

It's a complete grocery management system!

GT is an easy to use app that can be used to create Shopping lists for use at the store.

But it doesn't stop there. GT provides many powerful features to handle most power-users needs.

You can manage your groceries (or anything) from purchase, to knowing what's on hand, to building recipes and menus.

In fact, many small business's use it to manage their business inventory.


- Create multiple shopping lists with custom categories and user defined Sorting per List.

- Track your inventory, shopping history, item prices, and coupons.

- Create recipes and weekly menus and link to your products.

- Always available "Reorder List" shows just what you need.

- Display individual product costs and total shopping list price, including coupon discounts and taxes.

- Share shopping lists, inventory and your product catalog between devices.

Take the time to learn it, it's worth it!


Important Note Regarding Permissions

Please note that the Grocery-Tracker app requires access to the following services to operate properly:

* Camera: This permission is for scanning bar codes with your camera and taking product pictures..

* Storage: This permission is required to allow database back-ups and storage of pictures.

* Network Access: This permission is required to access online database of products and allow sharing of data.


Please visit:


for help and instructions!

Questions: support@grocery-tracker.com

*** Please contact developer directly with any feature requests or issues found. Issues left in the Android Play Store do not allow me to respond and resolve them for you.

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More Information Of Grocery Tracker Shopping List

lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:11.91 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:easicorp

User Reviews


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Joe Robinson 2017-02-05

This is a excellent easy to use tool for any chef that need to inventory a whole resteraunt while keeping tabs on all refrigerators freezes and walk-in coolers and dry storage areas plus expiration dates. I\'ve explored numerous apps and so far this is the best. IF they ever add recipe food costing, this will be the number one app for inventory and stock. No more spreadsheets hip hip hooray!!!
Mark Page 2016-03-20

Ugly but great The UI on this app is awful, and the setup is huge, but it is hands down the best thought out, most functional, most usable grocery / meal planning app in the store. If you use this, please donate to the dev(s), they\'re very responsive and definitely on the right track. Need the ability backup and sync data via Dropbox or Google.
Frank Orlowicz 2019-02-04

Tried a number of other grocery apps none did what I wanted. This one is great. It has a scanner that gets many items, entry of items not found is easy. Locations and categoeies easy to edit and add. Shopping list is great, can create list and shop by store. Great app.
MasterA 2019-02-17

Disappointed. This app sounded appealing & powerful so I gave it a try. I\'m no novice but I found it so unintuitive that I quickly became frustrated. I found a tutorial on YouTube but it\'s 8 years old & so outdated that it wasn\'t helpful. It was far too short anyway. I Googled a textual guide with pictures that is also outdated and too abbreviated. Help inside the app is cryptic. In summary, this app has signs of being a neglected orphan, at least in helping new users. Too bad.
Lowell Gilbert 2016-07-15

Has to be the best out there, very powerful, new problem have new phone and when going to restore does not find my product entres from old phone
A Google user 2017-02-16

This app is excellent. It\'s the only grocery app that I know of that allows you to receive items into inventory once they\'re purchased. My only complaint (keeping me from giving it 5 stars) is that the bar code reader is horrible. Other bar code readers will work in most lighting conditions and in portrait mode. Using this one is hit or miss--mostly miss. Please fix it. I\'m using a Samsung 7 Edge with a high quality camera and other bar code scanners work just fine. Revised 2/14--I installed one of the recommended scanners and it works great now. Updated to 5 stars. My only request now would be to allow export of inventory and shopping data into Excel or CSV formats for analysis.
Jessica A 2016-06-03

Brilliant app I\'ve been using this for a while. Had one minor issue that was sorted asap. I have found the app to be very stable. It is a learn curve because this is not just some bog standard list app like most, this is a full on shopping/meal manager and a really good one at that. I do agree the ui is on the ugly side but overall I prefer productivity over look plus what you get for free is amazing, you are not limited like many are. Excellent app.
Carol G 2017-12-10

Everytime I try to scan something into inventory, it said it wasn\'t found and made me manually input all the data. So what\'s the point of the app?
A Google user 2016-09-12

My favorite grocery list maker I love that you can input your favorite stores and make different lists. Also, you can enter in coupons you have and link the to items in your lists.
Heather Chakan 2016-05-01

Need updated video I am excited to use this app based on a family members review but the you tube video needs updating to the newer version. I will have to wait until I am with my sister to figure it out.