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Description of Groovepad - music & beat maker

Become a DJ with Groovepad! Bring your musical dreams to life and make groovy, smooth-sounding music with ease!

Our beat making app will teach you to create your own songs and play different music tracks. Just choose your favorite genres and tap on the pads to make beats and create music! Experiment, mix styles, create incredible melodies and master your beat making skills step by step with Groovepad.

Groovepad is an easy-to-use music maker app that is guaranteed to bring out the artist in you. Some of its exceptional features include:

- An extensive library of unique and eccentric soundtracks, where you can search for your favorites to get started. Some of the most popular genres include Hip-hop, EDM, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Trap, Electronic, and more. Use Groovepad to create your own music or mixtapes.

- Use Live Loops to create first-rate music that blends all the sounds together seemlessly.

- With amazing FX effects such as filter, flanger, reverb, and delay, you can put life back into the party using only the music on your drum pad app.

- Share your creations and inspire and impress your friends and family with your DJing talents.

As a simple and functional app, Groovepad is a great tool for professional DJs, beat makers, music producers and music amateurs. Make beats and music anytime and anywhere!

Begin your musical journey with Groovepad!

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lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:1.11.0 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Easybrain

User Reviews


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Phoenix Dyllo 2020-11-27

This app is very cool. I would give it 5 stars if it didnt have soooo many adds. But its strategic. For money. Duh, skip the ads paying. No problems in the rest, I mean I LOVE the beats and the keys for the modern pop music. I want to be a trapper and this thing helped me a lot. I almost got 5 songs in one day using it. My parents also like the beat! Thanks for making it like this.
Marie Carey 2021-01-18

This app is sooooooo good! I love how you can make music with some sounds. I love listening to the music I create. I already wrote a review on this app before and I am sorry if I offended you with my complaint about the ads. But thanks for creating this app. Really good 👌😃
Max Vanderfin 2021-03-14

It\'s because of this app that I\'ve been able to make almost 5 albums and 2 EPs. There are some features I\'d like to be added, but I wouldn\'t have enough characters to list them all. I would like to see more LoFi and r&b, trip hop, and some ambient packs, as well cinematic orchestral packs. Other than that, amazing app. I would definitely recommend this to people who want to start making Music.
Erietta M 2021-01-01

I love this app and its very fun!You can make your own rokc & jazze songs and its not very bad whit adds.The adds are nice !I left ownli 5 stars fore the app.I sed its its fun and i loved the app and pycose i loved the app i showd it tou a DJ and he sed its the best Groovepad app he has evere seen!!!!!!!😁😂COOL APP!!!!!!!!(cool evrywon !!!)
Doomer 170 2021-01-23

It\'s a really great app. It, like all others, has flaws. This is a quick question to the developers, can y\'all please at an 8-bit soundboard? The flaws aren\'t all that bad, you need a subscription to get all sounds + no ads but I think most are fine without the subscription. It gets really laggy at times which can mess up your recording. The new update fixes some of the lag but it\'s still there. The new update added \"lessons\" which are nice but useless unless you\'re trying to find a start beat.
G0ld3n Rac3r 2020-11-27

The ads are frequent but not intrusive, which I like a lot. Also, the massive variations of \"soundboards\" you can choose from and the FX menu is the icing on the cake for me, allowing you to create a plethora of awesome songs that you can create for free. This is also really good for simply killing time as well. Definitely worth the install, if you ask me.
Dylan Dsouza 2020-12-24

Brilliant app. Music is amazing. The ads come at the end of me recording so I\'m okay with them. Really recommend it. By the way, I\'m using it for the first time.
post bapeebopabribrroskedooskibidibap 2021-01-11

This is the 2nd soundboard app that i have seen so far. I must say, it\'s pretty good. The tracks vary from chill and relaxing Hip-Hop, exciting Trap, groovy House and breathtaking Dubstep. The app is full of ads, but I can deal with it. And you can access the entire game for free. There are still many ways you can improve, I first of all suggest an option to Go Live and get fame.
Grant Middleton 2021-01-25

I really like it! I downloaded it back in October, then I uninstalled it in early December(I regret that now) and downloaded it again recently. There are so many genres to choose from! I like EDM and Techno the most. I think have gotten better with creating songs, at first I wasn\'t sure I was doing them \"right\". I like that there are lessons now. I can learn how to do each genre properly. This is a very cool app!
Vikas Balhara 2020-12-03

I really love this app. You can even gas primium music just by watching adds. You can create what every you imagine. A very good app for making music. And you can share your music with others and also add it as your ringtone. It also has different genres to choose from. I had a project and i had to create ancient Egyptian music. Oh it for onced I shared my piece everyone went crazy and loved it a lot. Plus it hardly takes any time to create a piece. I totally recomand this to yall. Pls download.