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Description of Groundwire: VoIP SIP Softphone

Make voice and video calls, send messages, and more with our military-grade encrypted B2B SIP softphone app. Groundwire is designed for business users looking for more out of their SIP softphone.

Groundwire is preconfigured to support many of the most popular providers. Download Groundwire today to enjoy a more secure B2B experience for all essential business communications. Groundwire delivers high-quality communications, best-in-class security, and a feature-rich, enterprise-like experience for individual users.

Help your business get online and adjusted to remote work with Groundwire without sacrificing on security and accessibility.

What can Groundwire do for you?

- High-quality audio. Experience crystal clear communications. We support Opus, G.722, G.729, G.711, iLBC, and GSM audio formats.

- HD-quality video. Communicate in up to 720p HD. Our app supports both H.264 and VP8.

SMS and rich messaging.

- Let your employees quickly send SMS and rich messages through an intuitive UI.

- Call transfers and conferencing. Keep your essential operations going with built-in call transfers and conferencing.

- Integrated voicemail. Miss an important call? Groundwire comes with a reliable voicemail feature.

- Military-grade encryption. We use a powerful encryption stack that uses SRTP, TLS, and ZRTP (free for incoming calls - paid add-on for outgoing calls) to keep your company's data safe.

- Reduce your battery drain. Leverage the power of push notifications to stay notified and reduce your battery drain.

- Seamless call transition. Make calls using WiFi or your data plan. Groundwire offers seamless transition during the critical handover stage.

- Customize your experience. Groundwire is highly customizable. Customize your SIP settings, the UI, ringtones, and more.

- 5G-friendly. Take advantage of all the benefits 5G has to offer with an SIP softphone that’s built for 5G.

- Multi-device compatibility. Groundwire is compatible with any modern mobile operating system.

- No hidden fees. Don’t worry about hidden fees or subscriptions. Your one time fee provides you with a lifetime license.

- Lifetime support and updates. Each Groundwire license comes complete with lifetime support and unlimited updates.

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:5.5.0 Publish Date:2021-10-18 Developer:Acrobits, s.r.o.

User Reviews


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Christian Herrig 2021-01-27

hi there. I love that I can finally receive calls. But I am searching for a way to block incoming calls. This is much needed
Aubrey 2021-01-16

App keeps getting stuck in Ready mode when changing from Wifi to Mobile Network. This bug is not consistent. When in Ready mode, my account is not registered and cannot receive calls. Update (2021-01-16): I had Draw Over Other Apps disabled. Turn back on and after it goes into Ready for a few seconds, it gets registered. Would be nice to have this permission enabled and not have the Groundwire logo button come up.
Mark Fisher 2020-06-25

******* DO NO PURCHASE THIS APP ******* As soon as I open this app I cannot receive calls via cell and they are sent immediately to VM, even after exiting and force closing Groundwire. I must reboot my device to receive cell calls again! (Galaxy Note 8) Please fix this as Groundwire is useless in it\'s current state! Update: devs are unresponsive. I\'ve uninstalled and moved on to a mire reliable SIP app.
Xuetian Zhang 2020-12-24

No answer/deny button pop-up when receiving a call, only have a notification.
Jonathan Bitran 2019-05-05

Fantastic integration with the native Android dialer. This is the ONLY sip app that fully integrates with the NATIVE android dialer for seamless call handling. Keep up the good work!
Rory Nicol 2020-10-13

Great app, worth the upgrade from a free softphone software. The settings section is a bit messily organized, but once I got things sorted, the app works perfectly with phone calls and SMS. I\'m using a Note 9 with VoIP.ms.
Dominic Li 2019-05-11

used to work perfectly, but suddenly, i lost the ability to make all outing calls. I\'m not sure what is the problem, tried troubleshooting w their website, delete any number rewriting, no caller ID on the custom girls, outgoing calls enabled, etc... sad, and i paid money for an app that doesn\'t work.
S. Rosenberg 2019-08-31

I used to love the app, but recently at times after using the app my phone still thinks I\'m in middle of a call even after closing the app, therefore the phone won\'t ring and when I try to leave a VN in WhatsApp it tells me I can\'t record a VN during a call, even though there is no active call, it\'s just that Hroundwire didn\'t update the OS that the call has been hung up
Henry Chang 2018-11-18

I use this app with VoIP.ms, works well so far and sms messeging works without problem as well. Used to have csimple but it was no longer supported with outdated looks. This app is great with many modern features including recording and push service for incoming calls that can save you battery.
Care Taker 2021-01-03

Bought to test, as there is no trial. Refund was rejected. Support won\'t respond to my ticket to resolve this. 0/10