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Description of Group Sharing

Group Sharing app is installed on Samsung Galaxy devices as a basic app. It is an application that allows you to share a variety of content with your family and friends on Samsung’s basic apps such as Gallery, Samsung Note, Calendar, and Reminder by using the share groups of Samsung accounts.

You can also share profile photos with your friends on the Contacts app.

Group Sharing app provides a variety of features to share content, and is constantly improving its usability through continuous updates.

[Main features of Group Sharing]

• Create and manage share groups from the Samsung account’s Group Sharing menu

• Shared albums on the Gallery app

• Shared calendars on the Calendar app

• Shared notes on the Samsung Note app

• Shared reminders on the Reminder app

• Share profile photos on the Contacts App

• Share Auto Hospots with family

* If the Group Sharing app is not updated or deactivated, some features of Samsung apps may not operate properly.

** Information on access permissions

Access permission as follows is required to offer the service.

In the case of optional access permissions, basic features of the service can be used even if they are not granted.

[Required access permission]

• SMS: Used for sending an authentication text message at the sign-up stage and automatic entry of the authentication number

• Telephone: Used for checking the device that the user is logged into

• Address book: Used for updating profiles of friends in saved Contacts or selecting a recipient list

• Calendar: Read the Calendar schedule and details

• Storage: Used for transferring or saving photos, videos, or files to a device

[Optional Access Permissions]

• Camera: Used for taking photos for the share group cover photo

If your device's OS version is lower than Android 6.0, you cannot choose whether to allow access permissions or not. Please check if your OS can be updated, then update to Android 6.0 or above.

After updating the OS, previously allowed access permissions can be reset through the device’s Settings > Apps menu.


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More Information Of Group Sharing

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-08-11 Developer:Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

User Reviews


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Chuck Harris 2019-04-07

I have owned many Samsung Galaxy phones from the 1st up to the 8 plus, each model containing more useless bloatware applications that are pushed to the phone without my approval, this experience app being one of them. Since I cannot remove them nor block them, I have decided this will be my last Samsung phone. I bought the Pixel for my son and from what I can tell, it is a plain vanilla android phone without bloatware. I will also consider other options, but not a Samsung.
Florie Eaise 2020-05-25

DO NOT INSTALL OR USE APP. It literally hijacks your phone. Everyday I look at my phone theres something added or taken away. It drains my battery, interferes with other apps, constantly changes your preferences on other apps authorizing pop ups & notices even dropping security. I\'ve always been a loyal Samsung customer but this app is obviously nothing more than a way to hack your phone & get info. Save yourself ALOT of BS. DONT INSTALL OR USE!!! I\'ll NEVER buy Samsung or trust again!!
Rob Redmond 2018-11-07

Samsung\'s overlay for android isn\'t good. I would prefer they just ship plain android and then offer apps to help as options. Instead, I am forced to keep their apps on my phone. I want to get completely rid of their apps, the edge, bixby and have a plain experience without rooting that I build myself. I understand including these things, but why force me to have them?
B - Achatstuff 2019-09-09

Bloody app aggressively tries to force you use a Samsung account you don\'t need to get all your details and moves. I DON\'T want to use it, even less so when being forced. Sooo irritating! Impossible to get rid of the \"Tap here to use your Samsung Account\" loud notification, and it wakes you up at 3.30am if phone not on airplane mode. Uninstall, and it comes back... This cannot be legal, can we do a class action? You\'re just pushing people to try and tweak their phone to shut you up. Or hate you.
Pixel the Ragdoll 2020-11-05

I absolutely HATE pre-installed apps that won\'t let you uninstall them! They use up memory, storage, gather data that I don\'t want them to, and generally use up resources that I would rather use for apps that I chose myself. Samsung have got worse with doing this with every passing year. I am about to start looking for a new phone. It won\'t be a Samsung.
Reya Fae 2020-11-24

I would give this 0 stars if I could. It\'s a preinstalled app that does more hassle than good. Won\'t let me uninstall or disable, itself constantly running in the background, and using my data and battery. And virus apps have easy access to your phone settings, through this app. Terrible. Please let me remove this from my phone.
Misael M. 2020-07-04

Im basically gonna describe it as a bully app real pushy i had been avoiding signing unttil the app would not let medo anything else like forcing me to sign in. So i had to reboot . The notification is always on because to turn it off you would have to turn of basically everything single other app. I dont like it at all.
Robert L Jones 2020-05-27

Samsung internet is a maddening unwanted intrusion. Very consistently disruptive . I am about to change phones because of these nuisance Samsung mandatory updates. Even as I submit this report the bloody intrusion continues telling me if I want to continue using the Samsung internet I must sign in. This happens every 3\' 5 minutes if not sooner. I don\'t expect you will help me get rid of this intrusion. There are other phones which are actively being considered. Do you care?
Deycia Ten 2020-09-04

Can\'t turn off this annoying app. I dont use Samsung internet or have a Samsung account. I don\'t want one. But will not let me disable or turn off notifications. Which comes several times a day to login into a Samsung account that I dont have. When I tried to create an account to turn this darn thing off, it said my password was invalid!!. I just want it gone from phone. And why is this given a 4 star rating when the majority of the reviews I\'ve read dont want or like this app??
GP Raju 2019-04-30

I don\'t want to share my contacts and personal information with Samsung experience. I am not getting an option to opt out of this service. I am being forced to use this service. leave me alone. If this does not stop I will switch to a different phone. I did not download this app, Samsung phone automatically downloaded it. All the outrageous numbers of downloads for this app is not completely accurate. SAMSUNG MUST STOP Forcing people to share their contact information. 😡