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Description of Grow Turret - Clicker Defense

PixelStar Games 4th grow series Grow Turret

Tap the screen to kill the enemies. (withe your tower)

Craft various turret!

[Game Features]

- Auto attack without touching the screen

- Build and collect various turrets

- Various skills

- Build battle car and fit more turret

- More powerful - Rune system

- Stronger steps to return to the stage

- Eliminate the powerful boss and get the turret. - Boss Reid.

- Stop zombies' attacks - Eradication battle

- Stronger with a collection of books

# This game that dont need wifi and play offline without internet.

# This game is pixelstar game's 2d retro clicker game.

# Not yet online(Real time Multi-play) mode

This version of the game is not a demo. it is a full edition

This is Pixelstar games's Clicker game 'Grow Turret'

[Samsung Galaxy Crash Issue] Android 12

- If a problem occurs, use the method below.


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More Information Of Grow Turret - Clicker Defense

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:7.8.2 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:PixelStar Games

User Reviews


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Brian Kolins 2019-07-15

game has to stay open, it isnt an idle clicker like usual in that when you do something else, it keeps slowly growing. if you are not actively watching this dumb game, it doesnt so anything... even when I\'ve tried leaving it playing overnight, it doesnt keep going once screen times out.
May Hartsdell 2019-12-12

To many ads they force you to watch ads every 5 minutes even if you don\'t agree to it.
Chaldean Alkemist 2020-03-11

game is decent but some turrets struggle to auto lock on enemies, can\'t fight hunts like this and when you come back it doesn\'t remember the stage you left off it starts you back at the beginning level. definitely not idle in this case. nothing earned while away from game, just a turret clicker with the same monsters walking around in a circle around you
Samantha Walker 2019-07-19

I love this game it is amazing and it is very recommended . you should play it it is a fun idle Clicker I love it and I think you would too
Rich Hannaford 2020-07-02

Best idle game ever! Playable offline. Super generous with the loot! No paywall! Adds only when i want them! Lots of graphics settings so no freezing! Would definitely recommend to friends ,and have! Would love to see the common idle feature that allows the normal levels to be progressed while I don\'t have the game open ,but no complaints whatsoever. Favorite feature is the Rapid AutoFire upgrade for 1000 Diamonds! Thanks for a Beautiful , retro-looking , Action-RPG! Please keep adding to it ❤️
Raihana Hussain 2020-12-02

This is GOOD! I love fighting games like these and this is COOL! VERY COOL!! I love it but try to make it more harder and challenging ok because i love it harder. So can you make it cooler? The graphics, the gameplay and the difficulty. Thats all i wanna say. Goodbye. WHY DOES IT FELL LIKE WE ARE TALKING IN PERSON!? Ok never mind byeeeee! ? Ok fine i have more to say that this is just the perfect game for me sooooooooooo again can you make this more challenging? I LOVE IT! And byeeeeeee!
Caden Reisinger 2019-12-21

Pretty good game but it\'s weird because some turrets don\'t shoot up, but it is still a good game! :)
Nathanial Hoge 2020-11-08

Decent game. Major issues: Can\'t extend range of towers, and every time I watch a video to double my.hunting reward, it plays ANOTHER one right after that. Both of these are reasonably big issues. The first renders most towers useless, the second feels like a slap in the face after I have already agreed to watch a video. And half the time it\'s the same one back to back. Positives: VERY grind heavy after the first day or two. This gives lots of playability. Overall: I recommend this game!
Ben Walker 2020-10-05

This is a promising game. It\'s a nice idea that is enjoyable enough to play. But it suffers heavily from the lack of any kind of offline progress. The gameplay requires a fair amount of grinding for gold that is made extremely frustrating because it can only be done while actively in the game.
YeahWhat 2021-02-04

Really happy to get my game back when switching phones! Game plays smooth, good graphics. Does take awhile to get going, but that\'s just part of the grind. 👍👍 Update from 5star: This update is junk, makes no sense to change to what it\'s like now from what the game was. 👎👎