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Description of Grubhub for Drivers

Become a Grubhub Driver and deliver customers the food they love from their favorite restaurants. With the largest restaurant and diner network, Grubhub offers more opportunities to make money on your own schedule.

Why drive with Grubhub?


Earn competitive money and keep 100% of your tips as a Grubhub delivery person.


Work part time, full time or in your spare time. You can schedule your hours in advance or have the flexibility to deliver on short notice. Create a schedule that works for you!


Grubhub for Drivers is built to help you earn — make deliveries, track your hours, see how much you’ve made and manage your schedule.


Whether you’re a driver, biker or delivering on your moped, the Grubhub for Drivers app was built to help you succeed.


Download the Grubhub for Drivers app and sign up to work at driver.grubhub.com. We’ll walk you through each step along the way.


Grubhub has the largest restaurant and diner network of any other food delivery platform.

Grubhub drivers are earning money in cities across the US, including: Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Bridgeport, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Sacramento, Tampa, Washington DC … and many more.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:4.27.1 Publish Date:2021-11-20 Developer:Grubhub

User Reviews


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R Riley 2020-10-26

For the most part I don\'t have any issues with the app. Updated: 10/25 GrubHub is getting worse and worse. Offers are getting lower and lower, less blocks available in delivery region. When I get a notification that more blocks are available, I instantly log in to find no blocks available. DoorDash or BiteSquad pays more per offer, usual 30-35 percent more. 7 dollars to go 15 miles is hardly worth anything.
M3 2021-01-15

DESPERATELY NEEDS A DARK MODE!! Also needs to fix the procedure for arriving at the restaurant when it is located incorrectly in the app. You cannot arrive in the app and even when you call Driver Care they cannot mark you as arrived. This means that even though you pick up the food and deliver it you will not get paid for the delivery. Even if you submit a photo and 100% proof of delivery, you will not get paid! This is real...this is my story...tell the world =/
Adam Kautz 2021-01-16

Great company to work for, but I have emailed many app suggestions/bugs, but received only one boiler plate, unhelpful response. Latest problem is data usage. It uses 3 to 4 times as much data as competitor\'s app. Also, restaurants and customers can rate drivers, but drivers can\'t rate anyone. And in Baltimore the mapping algorithm doesn\'t account for the Inner Harbor and commonly expects orders to be delivered or picked up via the $3 Fort McHenry tunnel. As you can see GH developers nvr respond
Grubhubcruze 2021-01-31

I have been driving for grubhub for over 3 years and they used to be much better but they now discourage customer tipping which make order payouts very low. I will stack to doordash, the payouts are much higher
K L.W. 2020-04-30

GHOST ORDERS are a real issue with this company. Lookup the lawsuit history. I\'ve been experiencing it firsthand and support puts all blame on my mobile carrier yet DoorDash and others don\'t have these issues. My mobile carrier denies any connection issues when testing my service with the app. Today I was unable to get ahold of anyone for over an hour about a current delivery in my queue that was undeliverable. This made me appear unavailable for other orders and cost me a lot of money.
Jared Davis 2020-12-16

I really hate the new \"feature\" that kicks you off a delivery if you don\'t immediately start heading toward the restaurant. I\'ve been doing this for over a year, I know how long it takes to make an order. The app also constantly logs me out for no reason, even when it\'s not open. Sometimes it\'ll decide to disconnect from the internet until I reboot my phone. Pretty inconvenient when you\'re on a delivery.
Aaron Griego 2020-05-09

1st off this app desperately needs a night mode for drivers. 2nd and most importantly is the fact that the latest update now causes the app to not alert you to an offer with the bell until after the offer has expired causing you to be penalized. Or better yet yesterday I had an offer heard the bell never saw the offer on the app or on the phone until it decided to tell me I missed the offer and knock down my acceptance rate. These apps need to be able to work for the drivers.
Josh Schoolcraft 2019-06-15

Grubhub was great, until the app issues came. I havent been able to schedule blocks for 2 months now. I missed a few blocks, and I got dropped to \"Partner\". I was able to get a few blocks to bring my attendance back up, but my attendance and acceptance rate keeps dropping, even though I\'m not missing anything. I\'ve emailed support a few times and I am getting no replies. wouldnt be an issue if there were more orders in my area. I\'m getting last pick on orders, which leaves me very little.
Charles Hill 2020-03-14

It\'s pretty good, but cannot detect when you have arrived or are leaving the restaurant. \"Delivered\" button is easy to acvidentally tap when arriving at the diner\'s location or gathering everything to take to the door. Should be a swipe or second tap to confirm. It takes days to switch bank cards/accounts. Maps should be better integrated. It doesn\'t calculate distances or ETAs to the pick up and drop off to help the driver judge if he can make the pickup or delivery on time.
Royce Edwards 2020-05-08

I love this platform but sometimes the app Windows pop-up blank when I order comes in. And sometimes there\'s no chime. And many times when you don\'t have a signal at that moment the app doesn\'t recognize that and you end up getting messages that you\'ve missed an order. Especially when you\'re in a hospital building where there is no signal.