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Description of Guardian Soul

A fusion RPG game that combines real-time strategy (RTS) and collectible action RPG

Summon Guardians to join the wars of commanders around the world

- Game Features -

- Strategic battle system using tap & drag

- Special skills for each guardian

- Auto battle play support

- Guardian growth system consisting of evolution, promotion, refinement, enhancement, skin, etc.

- Buff system acquired according to guardian collection and deck combination

- Story mode with a total of 15 chapters

- Real-time network PvP and raid system

- Guild boss raid system that hunts bosses together with guild members

- Permissions Guide -

In order to use the game smoothly, the following access rights are required.

Storage space permission (required access permission)

- Permission used to save or load game data in the storage space.

If you are using a device with Android OS 6.0 or higher, use the method below

You can use the game smoothly.

1. When the permission popup for the use of the permission is displayed at the time of first execution

Allow [Device photo, media, file access] permission

2. In the device's configuration menu,

Application Management > Guardian Soul > Permissions > Apply 'Storage' permission to Allow

- How to revoke permission -

1. Android OS 6.0 or higher

- Settings > Application Manager > Guardian Soul > Permissions > 'Storage' permission can be withdrawn

2. Under Android OS 6.0

- It is impossible to revoke permission in an environment under Android OS 6.0, so it can be withdrawn when the app is deleted

- caution -

1. The product includes partially paid items and

Game money payment function is included.

When paying for partially paid items and game money

Please note that actual charges will occur.

2. Digital goods purchased in the game are

'Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.'

Subscription withdrawal may be possible or limited depending on







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More Information Of Guardian Soul

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.5.6 Publish Date:2022-02-03 Developer:mobirix

User Reviews


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M O 2019-09-12

As previous reviews state, game freezes up not even 5 minutes after logging in.. use to play issue free but now Can\'t even play without the game freezing and having to restart game for it to happen again and again and again..
Sylvy Dash 2019-08-03

A very nice and addictive game :). would really love some more information added to its wiki thought so we can make some ideas on what to focus on upgreiding, evolving and making team comps with. Also would love to see more synergy between more guardians
Sheila Ludwig 2019-02-04

fast paced love to play this game. keeps my interest and my time before I know it several hours have passed by.☺Thank you this game is good medicine for those of us with chronic brain problems. It keeps me alert
A Google user 2019-03-30

Didn\'t hold my attention, Art style was generic characters were meh. Aside from being able to tap enemies and Allie\'s to damage or heal this game doesn\'t do anything special. pay to win and just disturbing character costumes.
A Google user 2019-04-02

If you like having your game interrupted every other turn making you waste valuable materials on a worthless, low level character that you will never use because of a never-ending \'tutorial\', this is the game for you. I can see informing a player about new areas, do it in a popup with the option to go there, stop forcing players to stop what they are doing to go see what YOU think is important. Also, forcing the use of materials that cost money for a tutorial, really? Game Deleted...
BOMBS 2020-09-11

Screw this God damn crappy game. The developers, programmers and game managers can go inhale covid and die! This game cheats all day everyday!
tran anh tuan 2019-09-16

Simply, easy, shine, nice looking. I appreciate your considering to make the game becomes comfortable with player. Good job !
Shane O\'Malley 2019-08-03

It gets super slow to progress when you get to a high level and its really a grind to save up the crystals to get your characters to a high star rank. Game also doesnt run smooth again since last update. Graphics are skippy and interface isnt as responsive as it used to be from the June 19\' update.
A Google user 2019-04-01

best of its kind so far for me and i have played lots
Kayleigh Drew 2020-01-26

Giving me 10 minutes to cough up the money for a guaranteed 6 star hero with a 10 summon doesn\'t make me want to spend money, it makes me want to tell you to go screw yourselves. Nice touch making me feel bad about being poor. Completely P2W, no chance of doing events etc. it all revolves around money.