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Description of Guess Famous People: Quiz Game

This quiz will be very interesting and very useful for people of all ages — thanks to it you will learn many new faces and names and you will spend time very fun when you will play this quiz. The game principle is simple — you look at photo of the person and you must collect his name using letters which placed on the screen.

In the game there are 40 LEVELS with photographs of famous people — actors, directors, musicians (including music bands), composers, athletes, writers and artists, politicians and rulers, businessmen, scientists, etc. Each level contains one definite profession. Collect coins, use them for taking hints and complete the game 100%!

In addition to the main levels, the application contains thematic packages with questions. Among them: Presidents of the USA, Old Hollywood Actors, Old Hollywood Actresses, Rappers, Spanish Footballers, Basketball players, Rock bands, German footballers, Guitarists, YouTubers, Poets, Hollywood actors in childhood, Tennis players, Streamers, Indian actors, Television presenters, French footballers, DJs, Models, Directors, French monarchs, Singers, Stand-up comedians.

Besides the main game mode there are several additional modes:

• Arcade — in this mode you must guess the person on the picture by opening the photo by parts. Open less parts of the image and receive more points.

• Guess the person — make the choice from several answers and guess who is at the photo.

• True or False — a gamer looks at the photo and at the person’s name and he must answer “is this correct name or not?”.

Features of the application “Guess Famous People — Quiz and Game”:

• 600 famous people of different professions.

• 40 interesting game levels.

• Famous people are presented in 9 categories: actors, musicians, athletes, directors, writers, artists, scientists, politicians, businessmen.

• Daily bonuses for the playing.

• Hints which will help to guess questions in difficult moments.

• Don’t you know who is the person in front of you and what he is famous for? You can learn more about him by using the special button “Information” in the game.

• Game statistics on each stage of the quiz. Check your progress and try to achieve 100% value in each level and in the whole game.

• Players online rating in “Competitive game mode”. Sign in Google Play Games for compete with your friends and other players.

• This application does NOT require any permissions. We don’t need to know your location, read your contacts and messages.

• You can play this quiz even if you don’t have access to the Internet.

• Full optimization for Android smartphones and tablets of most models.

• Simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:6.35 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Beeks — Quizzes, Games, Tests

User Reviews


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Suzanne Lindsey 2020-04-24

Really challenging levels mixed with easier ones. Lots of different categories. Keeps me engaged for a long time. Also feels like learning.
Julianna Elmore 2020-06-10

Very nice game. Well made. Challenging but not to hard to beat. I like that there is different hint options that are very helpful if you are stuck on a level.
Stephen Foster 2020-01-04

It is difficult and challenging, but fun. However, as far as the sections of actors and musicians, there should be some that go back to the 1930\'s, so as to get some of the oldest celebrities known to man.
Laone Tholego Machaka 2020-04-27

It\'s fun, showed me that i know them but not their names, its challenging ,other game are absolutely FUN the problem of course will the ads popping everywhere but i have to admit it\'s not that bad
Cedric Brown 2020-05-10

It\'s a fun game, and a challenge. Familiar faces that you have to work out the names to.
G Px 2020-08-17

I\'m sorry, after 18 levels I\'m really bored... I can\'t find any motivation to go on... really I can\'t. Uninstalling. An advice... write just a word about the person... for example... Spielberg... Jaws. Then it\'s possible to find a reason to continue playing, otherwise why should I? Gimme a reason.
Shyam Sunder 2020-03-07

Love it. I used to play this kind of recognizing famous personality using flash cards with friends growing up. Nostalgic.
Mandy Kirby 2020-04-02

Fun. Lots of people to name. Sports category could be a little more broad. There are a ton of soccer players. Actors category is great!
Paul Winstone 2020-01-14

A mostly enjoyable quiz whereby you have to know/guess who\'s picture it is you\'re looking at. It\'s free & playable but not perfect. The headings of Athletes, should be Sports. A chess champ is not an athlete & neither is Elizabeth 2 a politician. Worst though is Musicians with too many \'here today, gone tomorrow\' bands & rap artists. Very few past soul or reggae stars. What about the punk, synth, mod & new romantic era? Not much there - Rock n roll or 70\'s rock either! Needs more balance.
Darla Williamson 2021-02-03

I like that there are different categories it makes it more interesting. Just not sure how to receive daily bonuses .