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Guess the Movie from Picture or Poster — Quiz Game



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Description of Guess the Movie from Picture or Poster — Quiz Game

Do you remember posters of your favorite movies? Will you guess what the film is in front of you by the actors on the poster? Will you remember the name of the cartoon character on the image?

This quiz is a real catch for any cinephile! 750 movies, cartoons and TV series, 50 interesting levels, classic movies and current movies of different genres and countries of production — all are in one application.

Do you want to be known as a real film expert? Complete this game 100%: earn coins, go to the app every day for taking bonuses, spend them on hints, unlock new levels and guess all the movies.

In addition to the main levels, the application contains thematic packages with questions. Among them: Horror movies, French movies, Comedies, Detective Movies, Action movies, Cartoons, Fantasy movies, War movies, Sci-Fi Movies, Soviet movies, TV Shows, Superhero movies, Movies of 2019-2020, Biography Movies, Sports Movies, Christmas movies, Movies of the '60s.

Are you tired of the main game mode or have you passed it completely? Then play additional mini-games and compete with other gamers:

▸ Arcade. In this game you need to open the poster by parts. As quickly as possible guess what the film is hidden behind the squares. The fewer pieces you will unlock, the more points you will get.

▸ Guess the Movie. The game shows a poster and several answers. You have to choose the right one.

▸ True or False. On the screen you can see the name of the movie. You need to answer whether the poster matches this film or not.

🎥 Movie quiz features 🎥

★ 750 films, series and cartoons of various genres, countries and years of release.

★ 50 interesting levels.

★ Main mode + 3 mini-games. In the application you will always have something to do.

★ If you want to know more about the guessed movie or if you found some movie whose poster you are interested, and you want to watch it, the application has a button which will open you IMDB with information about the movie, where you can learn more about it.

★ Earn coins by guessing movies and levels and visiting the app every day. Via coins you can buy hints that will help in difficult situations.

★ Do you want to compete with a friend or other players? Earn the most number of points in mini-games and get the first place!

★ Game statistics. You will always know how many percent of the game you have passed, and how many movies you have to guess.

★ The app is available in 10 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese.

★ Intuitive, simple and beautiful interface.

★ The application works on smartphones and tablets.

This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

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User Reviews


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Kevin Hall 2020-06-04

Very good and challenging game, with a good mix of popular and more obscure films. Personally I\'m okay with films I haven\'t heard of being included; the game is trying to reach a wide level of players, and that\'s fine. Regarding the TV shows, if they are included it would be better to either have them bundled together in one or more groups, or labeled as a TV show in the puzzle. Since the game is called \"Guess the Movie\", I automatically think films when playing.
Paul Winstone 2020-05-06

There are still too many obscure recent movies & not much beyond the 80\'s since last reviewing the game. It also has TV questions - in a movie quiz?! Why not do a separate TV one & have more older movies here? There are a wealth of titles going back easily to the 1920\'s to choose from. Since my first review there are added game packs. These can be bought with in-game coins, (although some pictures are repeated). Initially there was a charge but this has thankfully been removed!
Brandon Fiscus 2020-08-30

For an app where you have to guess the movies, there are an awful lot of TV shows mixed in. The description and name of the app needs to updated or they shows need to be removed. Also, there needs to be some formatting done so there aren\'t as many words that are split onto 2 lines.
Andy Bacon 2020-06-14

Nice mixture of decades/film types which makes for some tricky ones if not a fan of that genre. Sometimes get a curveball as uses a TV show and not a movie. Only real \'negative\' (and I\'m not sure if its because of the model phone I\'m using - P30 Pro) but the answers aren\'t split up/formatted clearly, e.g if the answer would be Gangs Of New York, it would show as: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Which just makes it slightly confusing sometimes. And TBH, that\'s the only reason not 5 stars.
maisara 2020-08-23

addicted to this game and played it consecutively for hours in 3 days ! imo, the ads were tolerable so i am thankful for that ( it doesnt last that long tbh ) and fr new users, pro tip : just google the actors\' name if you know them or describe the subjects in th clue ( it might come in handy like \"sunshine\" ) 🙈
Industrial Revolution 2019-12-10

Brilliant time waster game, very wide variety of movies, so anyone has a good chance of beating this game, would give it 5 stars but they also put in tv shows, which aren\'t movies, obviously
Mike Mullin 2020-04-29

This is great,fun to play. Really tests your knowledge. Even movies are up to date new ones.🙂
Clark Savage 2021-01-18

You have an ad that will not shut down. It doesn\'t have a timer like the other ads. It just keeps running even if you exit the game the audio from the ad keeps playing and the only solution is to restart the phone. This causes me to lose my tokens and that is unacceptable. Fix the problem!
Venny Rien 2020-04-12

Interesting, addicted, good for brain exercise to remember movies. But pls added more movies in each level , also control for pick letters less smooth so I hv to tap i/o touch letter. Would glad if there\'s option for Solved if we stuck n give more coins in every we open apps.
Hiten 2020-12-22

Decent game with standard picture and letter questions. The issue is that the layout makes it annoying when it\'s a long word split over 2 lines and is a little confusing. The bigger issue is that this is meant to be a Movies quiz, so it shouldn\'t include TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Lost, House of Cards and Rick and Morty - all of which are questions in this game. Aside from those errors, it\'s a pretty straightforward game.