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Description of GuideSafe

Use the GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification app to anonymously share a positive COVID-19 test result — and be anonymously notified of your own possible exposure to someone who later reports a positive COVID-19 test result — all without sharing anyone’s identity. The app protects your privacy while giving you the power to protect your health, your family’s and your community’s.

Using the app is easy:

Step one: Download the GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification app and enable Bluetooth.

Step two: If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you can choose to report it. Your test will be verified by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Step three: Those who may have been in close contact with you in the last 14 days will be notified they were near someone with a positive test, but they won’t know who or where. Your identity and location remain completely anonymous, and your personal information isn’t disclosed, no matter what.

Why it’s important

Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is essential to helping our communities, schools and businesses reopen and stay open. When someone tests positive for COVID-19, contact tracers with the Alabama Department of Public Health will help notify those the person has been near — but they won’t know every person’s close contacts. The more people who use the app, the better the ability to notify those who have been exposed.

How it works

When you are within about six feet of others, phones using the GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification app exchange encrypted, anonymous codes via low-energy Bluetooth. If you test positive for COVID-19, those with whom you came in close contact — defined as within six feet for at least 15 minutes over the last 14 days — will get an anonymous notification that they were exposed. The notification they get is completely anonymous — they will not know who tested positive, the time, or the location — only the date of the possible exposure.

Your privacy is our priority

The GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification app was developed by the Alabama Department of Public Health in cooperation with the University of Alabama at Birmingham and MotionMobs, using technology from a collaboration between Apple and Google. Users of the app exchange anonymous codes among their phones using Bluetooth — no location data is ever stored or exchanged, and your personal information is never shared.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.10.0 Publish Date:2022-06-01 Developer:Alabama Department of Public Health

User Reviews


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Michael Murphy 2020-09-13

Doesn\'t alert exposure accurately. My friend tested positive, she had the app, bluetooth on, and had exposure turned on in her iPhone\'s settings. We hung out at dinner for about an hour the day before she tested and put the positive result in the app and it\'s been 8 days since then and I have not received a notification of the positive result. My Bluetooth was on and I have had the app properly functioning as well. This is a big problem and the fault is not on me or my friend.
Ruthie Wilkerson 2020-09-03

Downloaded 4 days ago. My roommate downloaded app at the same time, but from the apple app store. Their app posts regular updates on how often it has checked for exposure, whilst mine still says \"never checked for exposure,\" despite having given app all permissions and keeping BT and location turned on. One of us reported a positive test, and the other was never notified of exposure, despite sharing a car and house. My sister was exposed from being on a family trip with us, yet no notification
Jacob Wilbanks 2020-09-13

As odd as this may sound but this app is causing my mobile Hotspot app from broadcasting but occasionally it will broadcast but by the time I try and connect it has \"disappeared.\" On my phone (Note 10 plus) it doesn\'t have any errors and looks normal but none of my electronics sees my wifi. I could not figure it out until I disabled this app and immediately I could see my wifi again. I can repeat this issue every time I enabled this app (Bluetooth). I don\'t use the Bluetooth wifi Hotspot so idk
Devon Suns 2020-12-05

Opened the app to report a positive test and found out it hasn\'t updated since Nov 26 (its currently Dec 4). All of my settings are correct, my Bluetooth and location stay on anyway. It took several tries over the course of a few minutes to get it to save my test input which is like, there is literally one thing this app is for. Why can it not just do the thing. I\'m asymptomatic but if I was sick sick I wouldn\'t have the energy to fight to get it to post.
Ronnie Morgan 2020-12-18

Doesn\'t seem to work. My wife and I both have this installed. She tested positive, I went through the process of telling the app she was positive. And I never received a notification that I had been exposed. I noticed that her bluetooth was off. I turned it back on, waited a couple of days and tried the notification process again and verified that her bluetooth was still on. I still didn\'t get an exposure notification. I\'ve been a big advocate for this technology... Why isn\'t it working?
Kathy TurtleToo Kent 2020-10-12

Giving a 3 star review now because I\'ve not used this app on an Android device. I have both Android and iPhone devices. Upon reading reviews of when using on Android devices, as opposed to iPhone devices, I know my iPhone works in real time notifications. Update was recently done on this application, so I\'m going to give it a try. He!l, in reality even it notifying a few days later is better than NOT BEING NOTIFIED AT ALL. I will update with a comparison review. Stay safe, do the right thing masks don\'t hurt ya, and vote. Truly, Your Fellow American
J Seth Massey 2020-11-19

Up front everything is bluetooth, bluetooth, bluetooth. Then after install the app demands location, too. Good privacy policy, but I can\'t leave both bluetooth and location on at all times or my phone would have to stay on the charger 24/7. Maybe my fault for having an old phone. I\'ll leave it installed and just enable everything as the Austin e demands.
David Sikes 2020-12-04

When trying to report test results, it only says \"Server Failure\" and won\'t allow them to be reported. Makes me very skeptical about others being able to report positive tests and alert others. This app has one very important function and it\'s failing to do its one job.
Lauren Smith 2020-08-31

Notification of exposure gave 0 information. Also, it notified me 6 DAYS AFTER EXPOSURE???? I had strongly supported this app in the beginning but now I\'m concerned why it seemed to \"lag\" on my notification time and also lack information such as distance from the person, time spent near them, etc. LIKE IT SHOWED IN PRESENTATIONS? What a disappointment
Katherine Jones 2020-08-18

No issues downloading. I agree with a previous review, it would be more useful if it was utilized by more people. But i do feel better that this tool is avaliable! Thanks.