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Description of Gumslinger

🏆 Winner of Google Play's Indie Games Festival 2021 🏆

Welcome to Gumslinger. A gummy candy world of intense shootouts, amazing skillshots and crazy fun gunplay missions.

- Duel Gumslingers around the world in PvPb tournaments, 64 players but only one winner.

- A wide variation of skillshot missions

- Amazing soft-body physics fun

- Many widely different guns to unlock

- Style your guns with amazing gun skins

- Fight tough bosses

- A lot of fantastic Gumslingers to collect

- Send out your posse of Gumslingers to bounty hunt for you

- Loads of different levels and environments

- Great achievements and rewards to collect

- Climb the ranking system to the top

Gumslinger is a unique combination of skill, competition, physics, mouthwatering gummy candy and great fun!


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More Information Of Gumslinger

lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.2.1 Publish Date:2021-10-29 Developer:Itatake

User Reviews


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Joe Boulanger 2020-12-23

I\'m absolutely in love with this title. I understand that the world is being forced to swallow DLC currencies these days but it\'s stupid. That being said, this game is the #1 short session game of the decade! Need to drop a log after lunch?? Gumslinger. Need to wait in line at Walmart two days before Christmas? You guessed it. But wait... there\'s more. Weddings, funerals, traffic stops, bank heists, Church, work... The list goes on and on. You pay for the whole seat but you only need the edge!!!
Kenny 2020-06-04

I love this game so much, its just 2 things, when the enemy has the shotgun, after one hit they become bugged, and start to shoot upward. My second thing is that i would love if you could actually play other real people. I think this would make the game a lot more fun. ( mabey it could mix in bots with real players too). But otherwise, this game is great and it is very fun.
giles horner 2020-08-28

Simple great game, little bit difficult at times, good visual humour easy to pick up and play at any time, can\'t remember seeing any adverts, after 4 days playing, got to be a good thing in itself. Recommended. NEW update makes it even better, extends the playability, new types of tournaments. Really enjoying the game. P.S. I\'m in my late 60s. Even newer update, just screamed through that update, got to wait till October for next levels, which is a drag, but these levels don\'t grow on trees!
Meme Addict420 2020-05-28

This game is amazing! the graphics are great, the gameplay is smooth, but I would rate 5 stars if you added a little bit more content, and it would be better to play with guns other than the revolver without having to go pro or watch an ad. But all in all, I would very much reccomend! (P.S. I think it would be cool to have like a sandbox option where you had a few of the beginning guns and unarmed A.I. spawned and you could shoot them for practice and stuff. But nonetheless, the team did great!)
Bradley Koelper 2020-12-10

Its really a good game, the guns are fun to use, the skillshot challenges are fun and the game does not feel pay to win at all. Edit: I have played a lot more of the game and some parts are more annoying, such as being really hard to hit enemies when they jump. I do enjoy this game a lot and hope to see more cool guns!
DaneonTurtle 99 2021-01-21

I really love this game, not just for it\'s simplicity but for its infinite playability, I also enjoy the art style and the splatter effect for the pro version (because it was worth the purchase) every now and then there will be a match that doesn\'t make sense and costs me a tournament, but the game is quite polished and it\'s hard to get mad at. I\'ve also got a few of my friends into this game, but unfortunately there is no versus mode to play against them (but it would be a welcome addition)
Beau Galaher 2021-01-02

Really fun time killer and good incentives! Controls are a bit clunky, but that makes it fun. I\'d say the only downside to this game is that the random-rng doesn\'t seem to affect the AI as much. I shouldn\'t get headshot by an AI that\'s literally flying through the air with any sort of regularity. Also, I\'d really like to see someone\'s rank after they kill me. Lastly, I\'d like to see my statistics and how well my AI do when I\'m offline to incentivize me to get better and faster!
G Walker 2020-11-19

Great game, really fun. There are ads but they are spaced out very well. You can play 3 to 4 tournaments before seeing one. A couple of ideas for the developers; instant replay. Some of the animations are really cool but because your thumbs are in the way and your focused on your shots. That\'s the other thing, because of where your opponent comes out, sometimes your aiming thumb is in the way. Other than that, I be slangin gum just for fun.
Colton Vallee 2021-01-06

Awesome game, I love the gummy physics and simple, wonky controls. My only complaint is that sometimes on the levels with a ledge, you start the duel falling and my guy falls straight off the platform. I dont even get a chance to pick myself up before I slide off the edge. Besides that one, occasional problem. Its a great game to play when you\'ve got a minute or two to kill.
Jacob Skarda 2020-05-18

Good style and lots of charm, and the gameplay is okay but a little shallow. But this game is a lie. It is not a multiplayer game. It directly lies to the player and deceives them If I play \"online\" and then turn on airplane mode, nothing happens. The game keeps going like nothing ever happened. Heck, you can even switch to another app and come back to this one right where you left off. Fake multiplayer is a burden on the mobile gaming market and needs to stop. It is deceiving and dishonest.