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Description of Gun Gang

Get ready for this epic gang runner race! Remember - TOGETHER WE STAND!

Start running by yourself, shoot 3D obstactles and collect other shooters on your way, grow your crowd and get a massive shooting gang! No rush! Move forward and lead your Gun Gang through the obstacle course. Plan your strategy on the run and clash as many as possible!

Gun Gang 3D is the best survival game; gun shooting, running, fighting all excitement in one game. Show your friends how far you've gone in this epic survival game! Dodge wrecking balls, trash containers, sand piles, and all kinds of obstacles, and be sure to cross the finish line with a huuuuge gang!


Get your shooters in line, they use their snipers to help you reach the end gate. Now it’s time to pull the trigger! For the survival of your people, shoot down the robbers in the ultimate battle, and don't let them escape with the helicopter!


◉ CLASH friends as then join you

◉ SHOOT obstacles in the crowd

◉ CRUSH gold bars

◉ LOAD your guns

◉ FIGHT against robbers

◉ SHOOT 'em all!


◉ Free and easy to play

◉ Gang warfare free city game

◉ Incredible amount of unique levels

◉ Dangerous obstacles and full of roadblocks

◉ Aesthetically pleasing 3D games graphics

◉ Smooth as butter game controls

◉ Sniper 3D experience, Joyful bullet hell and explosions and gun shotting

◉ Lots of rewards and gifts

Do you have crazy sniper 3D tactics and the courage to make your gang win all the races and battles?!

Download Gun Gang now and show them how you rule the city!

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More Information Of Gun Gang

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.88.0 Publish Date:2021-10-22 Developer:Zynga

User Reviews


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Chris Carew 2021-02-19

Big time ads that get longer as you play. The whole game is basically watching ads. It was very easy so I didnt level up for a long time and just collected coins. The game didn\'t get harder so I decided to level up a bunch. Then magically the game got harder, but was the same difficulty in relation to my upgrade level. Plus it killed my battery. For such a simple game I worry what it might have been doing in the background to use so much battery life. Do not play. Scam.
Ria Thrift 2021-01-09

Ads the game. You have the \"option\" to watch a 30 second ad for triple coin, but not doing so gave a 20 second ad anyway. Every time. Which is still double or more the time it took to complete the level. It looked like a simple and relaxing game, but the ads make it annoying and no fun. Longer levels would at least make the ads less annoying... Side note, it does appear you can pay for \"no ads\". The game play did not seem worth it to me, so I am moving on.
Zachariah Diller 2020-11-21

Look. I really like this game. Its fun. It\'s simple. There are no notifications. But the ads are killer. Do you want to multiply your rewards and watch a video? No... OK we will make you watch and ad anyway. Come one. And then you give a gift? Do you know what a gift is? You give it freely, thats a gift. Why give me a gift and force me to watch an ad to receive it?
Hawkeye Ace 2021-02-01

Too many ads...There is so much that they can do with the game... it\'s a good game to waist some time. Very easy bland boring game..repetitive... Special Boss lvl once completed will stay that way, so don\'t get excited when it pops up again because you will not be able to do it again. Completed it once and since then it always says that its completed.
Mick Bird 2021-02-11

Started out OK, not brilliant. Then just gets very repetitive. Another overload of ads. You have to watch ads to progress. Special levels are an ad fest. You can only play after watching an ad, and the further you get with the special levels, the more ads per level you\'re forced to watch. I\'m afraid this is another one for the uninstall bin.
RaptorRed Delta 2020-10-29

Way too many ads. Interstitial ads, banner ads, you have to wait to get rewards each stage until you look at the ad bonus option, this game is kinda fun but I can\'t enjoy it because it seems like it\'s just a vehicle for advertising. It\'s so in the way that there is no way the developers didn\'t notice how overbearing and intrusive they are. This is shameless. It overrides any other redeeming qualities of the game, it is, so bad.
Silas Johansen 2020-11-02

Too many ads. Very laggy and in need of major change to the graphics and smooth game play. Why they would add skins before making the game playable past level 4 is beyond me. Good concept though, if they made the ads less annoying and had significantly more quality of life updates it would be good. I will keep the game for a few months, if I see no visible game play improvements I will delete and find a new game.
Christopher da Silva 2020-07-30

I like the uniqueness and simplicity of the game. It is really enjoyable to play and quite addictive however the game lacks clear goals, objectives and a home screen interface. Once you have passed the first level the rest of the game is pretty much the same and repetitive. The constant bombardement of advertisements also makes the game annoying.
Mathew Wilkins 2021-02-28

A good game if it wasn\'t just a platform to shove ads in your face, doesn\'t help that the difficulty curve is a brick wall at some points. Cheaply made just to make money, don\'t waste your time. Edit: barely deserves the one star I gave it, I\'ve got to about level 75 and the game has given up with new levels, play the same 2 about 10 times now....STAY AWAY
Faith Webster 2020-12-03

Look, its pretty good gameplay BUT the ads are super annoying. When you don\'t multiply your rewards by watching an ad, it plays one anyway. (By the way you can\'t skip the ads.) Its kinda fun and simple too. I said the gameplay is pretty good because really all you do is run around in a strait line shooting barrels. I give it a 4 out of 10. This is obviosly a cash grab. I hear that when you pay for the no ads, it plays ads anyway, but personaly i have not got it yet so i can not confirm it.