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Description of Gungun Online: Shooting game

Looking for a multiplayer online game?

Looking for platform shooting game?

Looking for strategy turn based shooting game?


Gungun Online: Shooting game is simple and easy to start. Just drag and shoot! Follow tutorials, raise your skills and items, and become the ultimate Gunguner!

Gungun Online: Shooting game is a very fun online game. Explore Campaign, PvP Online, Ranking matches, Clan Wars, and more!

Gungun Online: Shooting game has a lot of strategy. Mobiles have special abilities. Avatars with unique Ultimate. Items that increase your winning chance. Choose your combination to win the game!

Gungun Online: Shooting game has many fabulous skins: normal, rare, super rare, legendary. Choose your skins collection!

Gungun Online: Shooting game is a strategy team game! Join hands to fight boss, build clan, and complete quests!

Gungun Online: Shooting game will definitely bring you fun and endless enjoyment.


🔥 Real-time multiplayer with PvP Online, 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, Ranking matches, Clan Wars, Boss Fight. Enjoy competing with friends and other players

🔥 Campaign mode: Explore the GunGun Online worlds to gather ingredients to progress to next level.

🔥 Ingame chat system: Chat with your teammates!

🔥 Clan: Build your Clan and participate in Clan Wars ranking.

🔥 Boss fight: Join hands with others defeat the boss!

🔥 Strategic mobiles: Legendary mobiles with unique strategy.

🔥 Avatar system: Each with special stats and Ultimate skill.

🔥 Skins collection: Become fashionista! A lot of Skins to choose from.

🔥 World leaderboard: Best players will be honored with utmost titles and rarest rewards!

🔥 No registration required to play! Play with your Google, Facebook account directly!


⚔ Select a mobile to join a battle in arena (PvP Online) or campaign mode to fight with another players or monsters.

⚔ You will gain points and be awarded medals as you progress. Climb the leaderboard and become the ultimate Dragon!

⚔ There are 4 kinds of mobiles: physic, magic, boom, light. Each kind of mobile has different advantage to different kind of mobiles. Make sure to use this strategy in your games.

⚔ There are many different avatars to choose from. Each avatar have an unique ultimate skill. Using avatar skill at the right moment may turn the tide of the match.

⚔ Collect keys to unlock skins for your collection.

⚔ There are various items to use during the match: dual, heal, teleport, shield. Use these wisely to win the game.

⚔ Shuffle through from different room mode to have a more interesting match: avatar on, avatar off, wind enabled, no wind, 1vs1, 2vs2 score, 2vs2 death match, sudden death.

🌟 Join us now and enjoy Gungun Online!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gungunonline

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GungunOnline

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🔔 Permission notice:

- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions are required to save your login data on your external storage for auto login feature.

- GET_ACCOUNTS is required to manage google accounts in case the device has more than one accounts.

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More Information Of Gungun Online: Shooting game

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:3.9.5 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:VGames Pte. Ltd.

User Reviews


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Loren Chang 2017-01-14

Not sure why, but hangs at VGames loading screen. Would love to play! EDIT: Now working, I think it was hanging on permissions, left it on the screen for a few min and finally popup appeared. -1 star for when it reloads up, I get a screen that looks super glitchy, but eventually fixes itself. Game is really fun! Reminds me of old gunbound (obviously) but timer to perform my turn (20 seconds?) seems to go very quickly.
A Google user 2018-10-22

Didn\'t care for the poor controls, or the long distances and obstacles it throws at you from the start as a beginner. Whats worse, once you commit to attacking and find the angle is bad, you can\'t stop the attack to reposition yourself. The angle should have been fine. Not well implemented, didn\'t like this aspect. Uninstalled.
Cinnebun 2017-02-18

I\'m so happy, I nearly cried! So glad that you guys recreated one of my favorite online games of all time! Sadly enough Gunbound had been ruined and unplayable, but this just made my day! I immediately notified all my friends that played it, to download this app!
Ryan Hurry 2017-01-13

Great game but... Great game but it\'s a total copy cat of a pc game called gunbound even replica character and mobile models almost like you\'ve got some of the assets from the game it\'s self. But still it\'s an amazing reproduction and perfectly made for mobile devices. Needed it add something additional randomly when launching the appyou get a sheet of all the assets used all over the screen or just random gibberish code.
Loh HK 2017-05-04

Please improve when player stand near border of map still able to drag the power bar beyond board, this is so annoying when you cannot stretch further due to player standing near boarder of map.
Fachry Diyo Alsela 2017-01-12

Fair I have reached VIP 6..but i think this game sometime is unfair.. So many stronger player.. but i was spent so many money for this game but still not enough to be number one on the leaderboard.. please change the gameplay and the way of picking player in ranked match maybe you should make an player tier. thankyou. I love this game but please fix it...
Edward Chong 2017-03-14

CONTROLS ARE HORRIBLE... It\'s pretty hard to play arena when the match system doesnt filter based on skill/exp. You can never find a balanced room. So its hard for newbies to get into the game. You can only stick with campaigns which are boring. Energy required for the campaigns are ridiculous. You can play one round every few hours.
TAPPGIC 2017-05-05

It brings back the memories of the game gunbound when GB is very popular on my highschool days and now it is in a portable play as gungun but it is mostly pay to win.. Gunbound is still operating.
MYRON GOTH 2019-01-04

This game is fun. I really enjoy it. The controls are easy to work with. But the fragments needs to be easier to receive.
LancerZ 420 2017-05-06

Another fake game that steals your information. It doesn\'t work, just steals your data. Vietnamese should not be allowed to have their games on the store. They are just Chinese knock offs.