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Description of Guns Master

Guns Master is the number 1 shooting game of the year!

Refine your sharp-shooting skills at the gun range, shooting one target after another.


shooting close range targets

shooting medium range targets

and shooting targets at impossible distances

— master each challenge and max out your shooting skills!

Master all sorts of guns and select your sharp-shooting weapon of choice.

Guns Master weapons include:

Small guns

Sniper rifles (marksman approved!)

Medium guns

Hand guns

Massive guns

There’s a right gun for every Guns Master challenge!

And your shooting range is full of challenges.

Have a blast shooting all sorts of targets. Your sharp-shooting challenges range from:


standard shooting range targets

gingerbread men

and even apples off someone’s head!

A master marksman can hit them all. (You are a master marksman, right?)

Learn to hone more subtle marksman skills. For a true sharp-shooting sniper:

Concentration is a weapon

Deadly aim is a weapon

Mastering your breathing is a weapon

Focus is a weapon

A true sniper becomes a weapon.

Become a true sniper. Download Guns Master now, and MASTER some GUNS!

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lable: Sports - Games Current Version:2.1.10 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:BoomBit Games

User Reviews


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Michael 2020-09-25

This game is not that great to begin with. Certainly not worth playing 15 seconds and watching two sets of adds at 30 seconds after each play. Just stupid and over bearing to think people want to waste that much time waiting to play a not so great game. I\'d like to give it a lower score just for wasting my time. Played for about 10 minutes before deciding to uninstall. I don\'t know what the adds pay you but you focus is on the money not the game booooo.
Todd Henderson 2020-09-29

Fun game with a better scope than most others. And quick access to cool guns. Only problem I don\'t like is the ENDLESS ADS.... You do well, you win your prize. Why do I have to sit through ads in order to collect said prize???? There\'s got to be a way to produce a good game without chasing players away with advertising !!!!!
Max Yates 2020-12-11

I\'ll admit the game isnt the best thing on earth but it is still entertaining. I did pay to take the ads off cause they were annoying. Even more annoying, however, is that the levels loop back, and dont offer any more challenge after beating the game. The most infuriating thing, however, is that level 8 can not be completed with 3 stars. There are only 54 points availble from targets, and 55 points needed to get 3 stars.
John Garcia 2020-09-26

I\'ve downloaded lots of similar games but even though the game is fun and entertaining, the fact that after each play, it ends up with a 15sec ad & after that a 2nd 15sec follow up of the same ad or just one long 30sec ad, this takes away all the pleasure. Why can\'t you be normal like other games & allow to by pass most ads after the first 5sec. Everyone else does it. I would have given 5 stars for the game but your game is not worth it & would NEVER RECOMMEND it. I\'m deleting it unless changed.
Ian Merrit 2021-01-02

Way way way way too many ADS!!!! MORE ADS THAN ACTUAL PLAYTIME! That\'s not very fun. The game would be awesome, but the amount of Ads is just PURE GREED at this point! I\'m good! Uninstalling right now! To bad! Maybe I\'ll try back in a month or 2 and see if you guys pulled your head out of you know what!!?
Jimmy Irons 2020-10-23

Oh okay,this is actually an ad game,disguised as a shooting game.Lets think about this for a moment, less ads + more shooting time = less people deleting game,and more people staying with game,thus seeing more ads in the long run,which means more $ for you guys .Does this make sense? But I\'ll give you 2 stars for graphics and guns.
Dirk Diggler 2020-10-06

Unfortunately, the games\' theme has been done a million times already, and, there are better games of this nature available. Few things that are bothersome, are the amount of ads, even when skipping the option of watching an ad for extra coins, you slam us with an ad before allowing the next level to continue. The gun shop cant be accessed, it\'s only offered once, at the beginning, when you have no coin to buy anything. And, the sorting bullets or assembly of a gun is pointless, no rewards.
Joe Dude 2020-12-03

Waaaay to many ads. 10 seconds of game play then 30 seconds of ads every round. See how my review is common with others. The devs just got greedy with the frequency and length of the ads. In the long run you won\'t make as much money because people will just uninstall app. Scale back the number and length of ads and you retain players for your game.
Justin Williams 2020-10-15

Completely objective driven cannot deviate in any way. Even the bonus levels where you shoot the apple out of the person\'s hand or off their head you cannot actually shoot the person. This makes the need for accuracy irrelevant as you cannot cause harm if you fail.
Tim Wells 2020-09-29

Excessive ads and misleading functions has ruined this game. If you click to get the higher payout then you get an expected ad. If you click for standard payout, it forces you to view an ads and doesn\'t pay you for viewing it. This game/company would do so much better if they were not so greedy. Don\'t be a fool by downloading this game. Let us die.