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Description of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

Join in The Witcher universe’s favorite card game — available for free! Blending the CCG and TCG genres, GWENT sees you clash in fast-paced online PvP duels that combine bluffing, on-the-fly decision making and careful deck construction. Collect and command Geralt, Yennefer and other iconic Witcher-world heroes. Grow your collectible arsenal with spells and special abilities that dramatically turn the tide of battle. Use deception and clever tricks in your strategy to win the fight in classic, seasonal and Arena modes. Play GWENT: The Witcher Card Game for free now!

FREE TO PLAY THAT’S WORTH YOUR TIME — A fair and fun progression system turns the effort of building a competitive collection of cards into pure pleasure — simply collect new cards to build decks with as you play GWENT; no strings attached.

STUNNING, ALL ACROSS THE BOARD — Beautiful, hand-drawn art and mesmerizing visual effects breathe life into every card, battle and battlefield, making GWENT fun to play and every duel a joy to watch.

SKILL BEATS LUCK — Crush the enemy with brute strength or outsmart them with clever tricks — no matter your deck, GWENT’s unique round-based gameplay opens up a world of strategic possibilities to play with when fighting for victory.

MORE THAN ONE WAY TO PLAY — Whether it’s a quick online game against a friend, a highly competitive PvP challenge, or something new and wildly adventurous like the Arena, GWENT’s selection of game modes has got you covered.

EASILY SATISFYING, ANYTHING BUT EASY — Sling cards from your deck across two tactically distinct rows — melee and ranged. Gather more points in the duel against your opponent to win a round. Win two out of three rounds to win the battle. It won’t be easy, but no one said it should be.

NO HOLDING BACK, NO HOLDING HANDS — You start with 10 cards from your deck in hand, able to play each card right from the start. It’s up to you to open the game with your strongest unit, or save the best for later in the fight. How will your deck look and what will your strategy be?

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:10.5.0 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:CD PROJEKT S.A.

User Reviews


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Bryan Vincent Agbisit 2020-12-16

A care game unlike any other. Simple rules, yet complicated strategies. It\'s pretty subtle, and you really have to get to know your cards and synergerize them with your whole deck. It\'s pretty fast paced too. Its great for everyone, and highly recommend this if you\'ve played The Witcher 3. I do realize though that the tapping gets iffy at times, especially when your connection isn\'t good, as well as losing your connection while you multitask. Please take note of that.
Smith Lo 2020-12-02

The real F2P card game. Unlike others, GWENT is free and does not require an endless hour grind like some card games. Players can build the entire collection for free. I\'ve been playing since end of May 2020 and I have almost entire collection in Nov 2020. It\'s not only free but very fun and challenging. Since the game is free and I\'m very love it, therefore, I spent some money to support the Developer (for some cosmetics). It is truly amazing. I wish I\'ve known GWENT sooner. Thanks, CDPR.
Forest Wolf 2021-01-19

Last patch brought some severe glitches: the game suddenly ends the match telling me that was a connection issue on my side and automatically giving me a loss for that match. Extremely unpleasant, especially when you are leading. Tested on different networks, the same result. So I\'m sure it\'s not a network issue on my side. Restarted the game, restarted the device. Still the same glitch persists.
James Howlett 2020-12-17

I enjoy the game alot! The decks are constantly evolving, cards change and matches can often seem unbalanced. There is an element of luck however. My only real issue is the price of things. Everything is overpriced for a mobile game. Premium $10? Just for trinket and card back unlocks that you have to work hard for even then? I\'d spend money on some of these things if it weren\'t so outrageous. My opinion...
Luke Ferridge 2021-01-28

First impression is great. Its not so complex that it takes more than a few matches to understand all the rules. Diverse enough to be interesting, but short enough that losing doesnt feel bad. No ads, and although you can buy things like card packs, its not at all required. Those points alone are top tier mobile features these days. If you like strategy or card games, for sure give it a try, through at least the tutorial.
Firstname Lastname 2020-10-05

It\'s a good game that\'s recently been plagued by very poor balance decisions. Stay away from Nilfgaard and you should be good. It\'s still fun. Pros: Very good graphics for a card game. The cards are gorgeous. Unique gameplay. Pretty generous. You can make a meta deck in 2 days of play, if you focus on 1 faction in the beginning. Cons: Poor balance updates. A lot of powercrept archetypes.
Joseph Myers 2021-02-12

I love this game. The only thing I don\'t like is playing against players that milk the timer just to try and get people to quit or players that will sacrifice cards in their hand by \"waiting out\" to see if they need to play another card instead of passing. Can you guys start taking notice of these players and possibly have them play against each other, rather than the players that want to play without exploiting this feature?
Stephen 2020-11-18

Awesome card game. Fun to play and collect. Adding more features all the time. It is just getting started. The developers are what developers should be--engaged, enthusiastic, detailed, and hard working. All their games benefit from that. Worth a try, and can really be played for free, no paywall. You can buy more cards with actual currency or in game resources. Worth a try at least, and if you\'re a Witcher fan, it is a must play along with its single player version, Thronebreaker.
Lucas\' Angeiras 2021-02-28

If you are a fan of the original mini-game in The Witcher 3, you\'re certainly going to love this. It has all of it, and much better implemented. If you\'re not familiar, it\'s a card game where you\'ll play different factions, each with their unique trait and cards. Create a powerful deck, collect new cards, unlock rewards/characters/skins, etc and have fun!
first of all losers 2020-12-21

It\'s pretty good. You can be free to play and have fun. The only real problem is you don\'t get the same feeling you get when playing Gwent in the witcher. You just don\'t get that \"Gwent\" feeling from when someone\'s village has just been massacred and you then spend 6 hours playing Gwent before following the quest line.