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Description of H&R Block Tax Prep

Do your taxes anywhere, any time, on any device. Have questions along the way? We’ve got you. Our tax experts are here to help online or in person. Get started now for free.

Easy W-2 importing through your payroll provider or by taking a quick pic. Real-time refund results and the maximum refund possible, guaranteed.

Students and investors will love the fast, easy-to-use features that seamlessly get you from start to file. Parents and retirees will get the education and details they need when it comes to the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Credit and Retirement Income.

Use a different preparer last year? No problem! We’ll help you quickly and easily switch to H&R Block. You’ll also get access to an H&R Block tax expert, enrolled agent, or CPA when you need one.

With more than 60 years of tax preparation experience on your side, with H&R Block help is here.


• Our H&R Block Free Online tax preparation includes credits and deductions other tax prep services might make you pay for, including student loan interest, tuition and fees, Social Security income, and unemployment income.

• Prepare your return, get help, and use all app features without paying a dime upfront.


• Find the product that meets your needs. We’ve got you covered with Free Online, Deluxe Online, Premium Online, and Self-Employed Online tax products without ever leaving the app.

• Tax prep is even easier with H&R Block Online Assist. Our online on-demand tax help option means tax experts, enrolled agents, and CPAs can offer unlimited help.


• Take pics and upload PDFs of your tax docs. Import docs important to you (like last year’s 2021 return, your W-2, or 1099) during tax prep to jump-start your taxes and make filling out forms quick and easy.

• If you’re a returning H&R Block client, sign in with your existing account to make things easier. New to Block? Create an account, easily import your last return, and save all your work as you go.


• Our Help Center is stocked with answers, advice, and assistance if you prefer self-guided support

• With Tax Pro Review, a tax pro conducts a line-by-line review of your return, then signs and e-files for you. All tax forms are included, so you’ll be able to file for even the most complex credits and deductions.

Your privacy, security, and guarantees are important to us.

Please visit hrblock.com to learn more.

Privacy Policy: https://www.hrblock.com/universal/digital-online-mobile-privacy-principles.html

Service Agreement: https://idp.hrblock.com/idp/Authn/OnlineServiceAgreement.html

Data Security: https://www.hrblock.com/data-security/

Guarantees: https://www.hrblock.com/guarantees/

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User Reviews


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Devin Payne 2021-01-05

I\'ve compared next to other e-filing services; H&R really does find the most money for you - even before you add any extra credits/deductions! The app mirrors their stellar customer care with its friendly interface & easy to follow instructions. My daughter was born in 4/20, so I didn\'t think she qualified for the last census check. H&R is making sure she gets that money (which helps a single mother give her child a 1st birthday). Thank you, H&R! You\'ve made this pandemic a little bit brighter.
Matthew Dwelly 2021-02-23

The app is very buggy. I owed money and tried to pay through the app as it said I could. Everytime I would pay it would start me over and make me hit the pay button again and again and again in order to move on. It was glitching. I have not seen any money come out of my bank account, which worries me if the app actually works to pay my state and federal taxes. Now I am in limbo. My girlfriend used turbotax, she loved it. I\'m extremely disappointed.
Nicole Neylon 2021-02-15

Update 2021: it worked great this year. No freezing or issues. Quick and easy. I love all the options for looking into other things we may need. Glad I stuck with them again. Pretty convenient app to use since I prefer doing things from my phone. At times it froze. If I closed the app and opened again it would get me back to where I left off, but the freezing was annoying. Otherwise it was easy to use and had helpful info along the way
Danielle Cownie 2021-02-09

I use this app every year to file. Usually it\'s great! This year I start and choose the free option and the screen goes blank. This has been happening since I updated it 2 weeks ago. App owner needs to fix this ASAP or you\'re going to lose a ton of clients Update didn\'t fix the issue.This is an obvious issue due to the other reviews saying the same thing
Austimous Prime 2021-01-26

Too soon to tell (until I get my return back), but this app addresses the one issue as to why I will never use turbotax again. Yes, they try to get you to pay for extra services, BUT they don\'t try to disguise it in the shady ways that Turbotax does. They are upfront about it and there is no way you could accidentally pay for a service you won\'t need!
Ant Man 2021-02-01

Pros: it was 100% free for both state and federal, including e-file. Cons: on my first attempt I selected Premium (49.99) to cover my 1099G. Turned out i didnt need it though, but was unable to remove it from my cart when I got to the end. So i had to call and have them downgrade me to Free. But then i had to completely redo everything from the start. Should be more clear at the beginning exactly what forms are covered by each service. Or allow you to remove unneeded services when your done.
Walkingon Sunshine 2021-02-18

It was great until it starts forcing you to buy things you don\'t need. They save you a \"savers credit\" of $25 but you need to pay for the DELUXE version of $44.99, PLUS A $40 FEE for using your tax return to pay (last year it was free to pay using your tax return) LMFAO. You have NO way to remove savers credit and once you add something to your cart its stuck until you go online and navigate the HARDAF website. Tax companies are PURPOSELY doing so to steal MORE money from unsuspecting people.
Joe A Beane 2021-01-10

Just got started and I\'m very impressed I\'ve used HR Block for ten+ years now and each year they just get better I have two suggestions at this early stage: 1) The numeric keypad should be the means of data input when the field requires numerals; 2) The app should offer biometric sign-in ability I\'m looking forward to completing my return again this year with Block---I know they look out for me, in terms of the highest refund AND the process (and results!) have always been straightforward!!!!
Colton Anderson 2021-02-19

I had my return from California rejected because the app failed to send in the 3853 form I had already completed. When I went to fix the issue all of the stuff I had entered before, was already entered in. So I submitted it and was sent to the next page. Yet at the end of my return the same error message popped up saying I hadn\'t filled out the form. I tried to contact help, and it takes you to some phony chat bot that asks you questions, Only to be slapped in the face and told to upgrade.
West Altenburg 2021-02-14

I used this last year no problem, but I can\'t use it anymore because it won\'t let me sign in. I keep resending the verification codes to my email and phone but they will not accept the codes I put in, even though they are exactly the same! When I tried to answer their personal questions to log in, one of them was asking me to choose a street that was close to my address, but I\'ve never heard of any of the listed streets and I\'ve lived there for my whole life. I dont know what to do!