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Description of Habit Hunter: RPG goal tracker

Habit Hunter (Originally Goal Hunter) is a free app that helps you build a habit of creating and managing your goal logically and effectively. Set personal goals, break down goals into tasks (or to-do list), track your progress, and motivate yourself to achieve new heights!

What can you do with the Habit Hunter app?

Habit Hunter uses a special technique, called Gamification, which will turn your goal, habit, and task to an RPG game. In the game, you'll become a hero finding ways to win monsters and save people. The more task you complete in your real life, the stronger the hero will be.

Furthermore, Habit hunter lets you:

- Plan your goals/habits/task with an easy-to-use interface

- Break down goals into smaller todo list/milestones

- Set smart reminders for each task

- View daily habit, todo list

- Complete task and gain reward like coins, skills, armors, weapons

- Level up the hero in the game

- Fight monsters and unlock items

Why should you download the Habit Hunter app?


The clear and beautiful interface is intuitive and easy to use and will help you stay focused and determined to build new habits and reach new goals.


The app gives you a feeling of playing an RPG game, in which, each time you complete a task, you’ll get rewarded.


Easily to set reminders, repeated reminders for your goals/tasks. This will let you easily build habits


The app can run offline, no need internet

Now! You'll become a hero in the game. You'll create a goal (of course this game will guide you on how to create a smart goal, which is achievable, trackable, and enjoyable), then complete each part of the goal to continuously defeat monsters and challenges inside the game. Each time you win a monster, you'll get rewards to level up your self!

Finally, we hope this game will help you improve yourself as much as you wish.

Let’s enjoy

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User Reviews


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Jacob Smith 2019-06-10

I really liked it until it started popping up an ad constantly, and then forced me to do a review. Seriously would ask me to review the app after every task I clicked. so here\'s your forced review hope you\'re happy with it. I will be uninstalling.
Lucian Mot 2019-06-14

can you introduce a history section, so i can see tasks and goals i have completed already? This app is *f*ing amazing!!!! :) I\'d like to see the calendar, when you select reminder date or deadline date cause i dont know when the monday in 2 weeks is gonna be.
Jacey Hulsey 2020-01-19

To be honest as great as the format is, I\'m not as engaged as I would be if there were character customization. If I can\'t build my character, I enjoy a game far less. There are some exceptions, but this is not one. That said, it is still a great format for goal building and checking things off.
Gerald barangay 2019-05-02

The Game is Motivating Please Provide an Increase It Makes Us To be More Progressive, & it Gives us A Good Healthy Life Habit. Good For Missionaries. Romans 10: 9 Jesus is LORD And God had Raise him from the Dead, Amen :)
kiki m 2019-05-09

its a simple strategy. i like the trail and feeling like im going somewhere. im encouraged to add tasks to feel rewarded. i wish there was more on the map in terms of achievements. maybe challenges.
John Timmons 2021-02-22

I\'ve downloaded a few of this LifeRPG type apps. I like the freedom of creating your to do list and the ability to set some as habits so that they instantly recreate themselves for the next day. I like that as you progress so to does your character. The ability to customise character would be good as in gender, hair, ect. However I have noticed that if you write a lot for your \"quests\" it tends to cut it so you cannot read the whole thing. A solid 4 stars from me.
Kaleigh C 2021-02-26

So far this is one of the best competitors to the big boi Habitica that I\'ve found. I really like that it is an adventure RPG that even has a loose kind of story to it. My only real gripe is there\'s no real character customization. Would be nice to customize the look of our hero a little bit. One suggestion for a feature I walkways wanted in Habitica but they never added it some kind of flex Habit. Something that you do say once a week but has no set day it has to be done, and repeats.
Amy Demuth 2020-12-31

This is a fun way to keep track of tasks or habits you want to keep track of, as well as long term goals. The only thing I wish was different is some customization to the hero. Maybe consider making it possible to have a choice between a male or female hero, and maybe minor customizations such as hair color and eye color. Props if you can add in different hair styles. Other then that, I\'m enjoying using this app so far.
Rin Chadwell 2021-02-04

You can set goals and put smaller tasks under them, but you dont have a choice that they get added next to your daily tasks, you also can\'t reorder them, it gets messy. In the intro, the speech is too fast before it auto dissappears. I cant set a specific time for the daily tasks to reset, it\'s very annoying for a person who works nights not days. There is something wrong with how strong you make the first boss, it would take weeks to achieve anything. zero motivation.
Catherine Priestley 2019-04-26

Cool app, however, it needs an option to set a daily goal without having to make it a reminder.