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Description of Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker helps you create and maintain good habits, allowing you to achieve your long-term goals. Detailed graphs and statistics show you how your habits improved over time. The app is completely ad-free and open source.

Simple, beautiful and modern interface

Habit Tracker has a minimalistic interface that is easy to use and follows the material design guidelines.

Habit score

In addition to showing your current streak, Habit Tracker has an advanced formula for calculating the strength of your habits. Every repetition makes your habit stronger, and every missed day makes it weaker. A few missed days after a long streak, however, will not completely destroy your entire progress.

Detailed graphs and statistics

Clearly see how your habits improved over time with beautiful and detailed graphs. Scroll back to see the complete history of your habits.

Flexible schedules

Supports both daily habits and habits with more complex schedules, such as 3 times every week; one time every other week; or every other day.


Create an individual reminder for each habit, at a chosen hour of the day. Easily check, dismiss or snooze your habit directly from the notification, without opening the app.

Optimized for smartwatches

Reminders can be checked, snoozed or dismissed directly from your Android Wear watch.

Completely ad-free and open source

There are absolutely no advertisements, annoying notifications or intrusive permissions in this app, and there will never be. The complete source code is available under the GPLv3.

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More Information Of Habit Tracker

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.0.7 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Dongfu He

User Reviews


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Htoo Htet Aung 2020-08-22

This dev changed the icon of \"Loop Habit Tracker\" by Àllison Xavier and copied the whole app. Pls uninstall this and install Loop to support the real developer.
Binto Varghese Parambel 2019-09-10

It\'s a straightaway **rip off** of another app **Loop - Habit Tracker** Everything.
A Google user 2019-01-04

Did tou really publish an already existing app? What\'s the difference between this one Loop - habit app
Allan 2021-01-07

Exact replica of Loop Habit Tracker. This is a copycat app, but the source code was intentionally made to be open. This developer is not doing anything wrong. It\'s just awkward as to why this would get published...
Kim 2019-04-06

Copycat app of Loop - Habit Tracker. And I wonder how tf people install this app instead of the original? What\'s wrong with you people? When you search for habit apps, you will see the original first don\'t you..? Whatever.
Neerajana Ghosh 2020-07-26

Best habit tracker Have all the features like unlimited tracking, performance, colour coding etc and graphs etc so far the best one I have found!!!!! The developer has made it free, to be honest I would just like to donate something as it has really helped me. Thanks a lot!!
Robert Vulic 2019-11-17

Copycat app
Fearless F6 2020-01-06

I had a very good experience with this app. But its missing something very important. Which is the duration. I am tracking some for a specific oeriod of time. It has to end at some point. EX. I want to drink a glass of water in the morning for 1 month. So it should be like 1 occurrence per day for only 1 month. After 1 month (selectable amount of time such as 30 days / 40 days etc) it should expire/ complete. No matter what the result is. Hope the dev will get the point.
A Google user 2018-09-18

Simply amazing! I [[SUGGEST]] adding common habits that people frequently want to build like working out, reading, ... etc. And adding motives for these ones alongside adding custom habits that everybody can tune for themselves.
Selena Barton 2020-10-28

This is my habit tracker of choice. I\'ve tried others and always come back to this one. Clean and simple interface. Easy to go back and mark if a day got missed. Colors to help categorize habits for faster marking.