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Description of Habit360: Mood & Habit Tracker

Are you looking for new habit challenges?

Want to break bad habits and embrace new good habits?

Want to track your mood and journal your days?

Well, you have that ALL in Habit360 – Habit and Mood Tracker! Create and maintain good habits and break bad habits while also tracking your mood and journaling your days. From achieving your long-term goals to maintaining good mental health, Habit360 can help you live a better, more fulfilling life.

Our good and bad habit tracker features simple and beautiful charts and stats to monitor your life effortlessly.

Change the way you organize and motivate yourself with the most complete mood and habit tracker app. AD-FREE


As a loop habit tracker that allows you to build good habits and routines, we knew that we needed to create a smooth daily habit tracker UI. That’s why now you can enjoy a beautiful interface, build customized habits lists, based on our handy habit presets.

Create your habits and organize your daily routines. Habits are visualized in cards & you can customize habit colors, icons, schedules, and reminders. Building good habits is easy with Habit360.


See how your habits improved over time with the charts and stats on our simple habit tracker, hygiene tracker, and routine app. Use the characteristics and charts in our today habit tracker to know your strong and weak sides. This data in our habit builder will help you break bad habits.


Up for 21 or 7 day challenge habits? Well, you can build habits using our customizable habit planner and habit calendar.

Habit360 Supports 4 types of habits:

1. Daily habits: Create daily habits you need to do every day or select specific days in a week you want to do that habit.

2. Weekly habits: Select these kinds of habits if you want to do a habit at the same count every week without specifying days in the week.

3. Monthly habits: similar to weekly habits but monthly.

4. Lastly you can create a one-time task (non-repetitive) that occurs on a particular day.


Habit360 mood and habit tracker groups your habits by times of the day: morning, afternoon, evening, or any time. You can customize the part of the day for each habit to organize your schedule better.


Track & maintain loop habit streaks to stay motivated. This is why our habit track is one of the best habit apps for students, as well as a family habit tracker!


Looking for new habits for your morning routine or a long-term goal? Habit360 - habit tracker contains more than 100 habits such as to be more productive, that you can add with just 1 tap! Also, get rid of bad habits like quit smoking or stop eating junk food.


Create individual habit reminders for each habit, at a chosen time of the day. Set general habit reminders to get information about the habits you need to do during the day. Also, set a reminder at the end of each day to show your daily achievements.


Our habit and goal tracker comes with three beautiful habit routine organizer planner themes. 


We care about your sensitive data! Keep your habits and your progress away from curious eyes with a passcode lock.


This simple habit tracker also features a simple mood tracker that allows you to log your moods. This helps you understand mood patterns and triggers, and can help with your overall mental health.

✅ Get Habit360 now for free!

Contact: support@habit360.app

Privacy policy: https://habit360.app/privacy_policy

Terms of use: https://habit360.app/terms_of_use

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More Information Of Habit360: Mood & Habit Tracker

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.3.5 Publish Date:2021-12-16 Developer:Habit360

User Reviews


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Najmul Islam 2021-01-02

Very Gorgeous looking app.... 💟 But, widgets and achievement/rewards (when complete the task and deduction on fail) features are missing!
Eljon Sathwe 2021-01-24

App is ONLY useful as premium. Every single time you check how much it is for upgrade it is a different cost applied. Its very cheap trick that supposed to rush me into paying. I cannot even express how much I despise such a manipulations. For such a simple and really straightforward app it should be one and rather low cost.
Kasia R 2021-02-21

Really solid app. I\'ve been searching for a good habit tracker for a long time and this is hands down the most enjoyable one. I like how simple it is but at the same time has almost everything I need. One this that is missing in my opinion is the option to create repeating habits, so I could get a reminder every x days/weeks/months.
Daniel Charvát 2021-02-06

I\'ve wanted to acquire several habits for a while (learn a bit of German daily, do yoga couple of times a week) and this app helps me to track my habits easily and clearly. I love it! The best feature is that you can set which habits you\'d like to have reminded daily, or which weekly or monthly. And on top of it a clear interface. Perfect
알 수 없는 2021-01-01

It\'s a good app but it has limits and you need to be premium so you can add more plans
Aya Hadil 2021-02-07

I would call it a perfect habit tracker if the freemium version was a little bit more generous . Nevertheless , amazing features with a great user interface , the team did an awesome job . But please reconsider adding more habits to the free version ( 5 habits would be sufficient ) , because the users will not pay for an app unless they like every aspect of it . Cheers .
Amaris Wisteria 2021-03-10

The app is really great! I love it, and even signed up for the premium option. The only thing is that if I\'m paying for premium I want widgets for my screen. And I would LIKE to see a \"for life\" price sometime soon or in the future. I\'ve already contacted the email that y\'all have provided about this. I have high expectations, and I can\'t wait to see where the app goes in the future.
Chrissy Barcellona 2021-02-19

Beautiful interface and lots of functionality with the subscription plan. I would prefer to pay a one time fee for apps but I understand maintaining and improving apps takes time and work.
Sp 2021-01-11

Very nice app. I couldn\'t find any good app which can track my habits.
Yajurwa Priyadarshee 2020-12-19

Best app