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Description of Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

Treat your life like a game to stay motivated and organized! Habitica makes it simple to have fun while accomplishing goals.

Input your Habits, your Daily goals, and your To-Do list, and then create a custom avatar. Check off tasks to level up your avatar and unlock features such as armor, pets, skills, and even quests! Fight monsters with friends to keep each other accountable, and use your gold on in-game rewards, like equipment, or custom awards, like watching an episode of your favorite TV show. Flexible, social, and fun, Habitica is the perfect way to motivate yourself to accomplish anything.

If you have any questions, feel free to send feedback to mobile@habitica.com! And if you enjoy our app, we would really appreciate it if you would leave us a review.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:HabitRPG, Inc.

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The Dess 2021-01-04

I hate the gem system. I absolutely love the app and I\'ve had a generally positive experience. I really think it\'s one of a kind and gamifying activities is the future. I\'ve been playing for a while and I\'m at a pretty high level now, but I can\'t help to notice that there isn\'t much left to do at the point that I am. Sure I can level up to infinity. Sure I can talk to people. But there is a lot of repetitiveness and I probably won\'t stick around for too long. It\'s too frustrating. The only thing left is to buy fun things with gems so that I can get gold, experience, and some cool rare items. So I decided to grind challenges. And I really did! Actual IRL GRINDING. The result - nothing at all. Why? Because Challenge rewards are luck based and/or rigged most of the time. Sure I did a lotta stuff IRL but not getting rewarded for it in-game kinda ruined it. I don\'t blame the devs for how Challenge rewards work at all, since rewarding depends on whoever creates the Challenges. But I do think there should be more ways to get gems without paying money. Paying IRL money becomes the only way to continue to have fun at a higher level. That\'s never a good thing if you want people to stick around. Here are some examples of instances where gem rewards can be implemented: when reaching a certain level, when completing difficult achievements, at a certain number of check-ins, through special in-game events (not RNG based events but events based on the actual effort that you put into tasks, for example). Rewarding the players\' efforts is the best way to make them stick around. A balanced relationship between the value of the currency in-game and how difficult it is to get will never stop people from buying it with real money. In many cases it does the opposite. BUT It will also motivate people to progress and continue playing. It\'s a win win. A lotta people on the app preach the \"it\'s all about enjoying and improving yourself\" mentality. Sure, but if the aesthetic goal is to \"gamify\" your daily tasks, the app needs to behave like a game, right? And good replayable games are not repetitive and always reward hard work. This might be a bad take and I might be alone on this one but regardless I hope my feedback is useful! and yes, I have no life
flower child 2021-01-12

Pretty good app overall. I don\'t have many complaints since I\'ve had it for just about a week. I have ADHD and can\'t just write stuff down because I lack the motivation to do something if there\'s no reward. With this, I can easily see what I need to do and get immediate rewards for doing something (woo hoo! dopamine boost!) which is good for my overall mental health (I have depression & anxiety as well). I do wish there was a timeline feature to see what I\'ve done, but this works great so far.
William Engman 2020-10-25

I love the layout, structure and simplicity of this app. But it has one critical failure There is no way to view stats except how many times you have done a thing. \"Make the bed\" 23 times. In what timeframe? A month? A year? What is the percentage of days it has been made/not made? The only thing I feel like I have to show for this is virtual items. If you would add satisfaction with good stats I would rate 5/5! Kindest regards William
Bianca Liebenberg 2021-01-05

I really like this app, however, could use a tweak: After the day is done, I want to see what\'s completed. It would be great if there were a timeline page which keeps score of all the completed tasks in a scroll down bar organised day by day. Sometimes I accidently click a task, it would be good to be able retrieve it and restore it from this logbook as well.
Ocean Breeze 2021-01-15

I really love the app, it\'s helped so much with my procrastination, especially on big projects. It\'s helping me to be more mindful about some bad habits and gradually making them weaker as well! However, I think that it\'s kinda annoying that some of my challenge related tasks turn bright red for not doing them... They\'re the feedback type that\'s due at the end of the month, so yes, I can\'t do them before hand.
Hannah D. Rojales 2020-10-14

I love it :D I met great and fun people and this is the only to-do apps that really makes me do it or else I\'ll die oof. I love the concept and all but i kinda wish that there\'ll be more default costumes like the hair that is free, or some that can be bought by coins if possible. And maybe the background too? Anyways overall I love it, it was really effective for me. Keep up the good work, I\'ll look forward on it
Asja Misner 2021-01-20

The idea behind the app is incredibly unique and exciting, and the retro graphics tap into the old-school cool factor. However, the \"game\" part is way too complicated because there are hundreds of parts and animals and food and potions and clothing and quests, and none of it is actually explained nor is there a clear path to follow. Because of that, it was off-putting so I tried for a week and decided that the original idea and purpose of the app is what I need, but not this one. 💙
Ramen, Literally Ramen 2020-10-22

It works, but it has issues... the thing is, compared to some other apps of it\'s kind, its not great. It could use some more customization, like custom items, and the tutorial is kinda annoying, especially with pre made tasks. But, it does what it says and well enough Edit: Thanks to the Habitica team for responding, some developers don\'t care, but it\'s good to know this app has a great community!
Rachel Riley 2020-12-29

I really love this app! Overall I\'ve found it really helpful and it kept me motivated to do tasks I needed to do. When it was working though, I wish there had been more options for customizing the avatar,l. Overall I\'ll miss this app since it doesn\'t like my phone anymore. Edit: I am no longer using a 5 year old phone and it works perfectly now! I\'d still like new hair styles but other than that it\'s a highly recommended app ☆
P M 2018-12-14

Really unique app that motivates me to get stuff done. Unfortunately, this app needs A LOT of work. I tried writing a message in a guild chat. Once it got long enough, the words disappeared behind my keyboard so I couldn\'t see what I was writing. When I put the keyboard down, the send button disappeared..as a result I couldn\'t send my message. Theres no search for trying to find a challenge that suits you. Theres no notifications when your party is chatting. There is also no search for guilds. I just started this app and so for these are the problems I\'ve noticed. Otherwise it is great and I hope it improves.