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Description of Hammer Bomb - Creepy Dungeons!

Are you ready to enter dark mazes and dungeons - full of monster hordes and traps?

Then brave the dungeon, Sir Hammer Bomb. Rescue your soldiers and find the treasure!

Hammer Bomb is a new twist on dungeon style arcade games.

Easy controls for anyone to play, but only a few will master!

Drop bombs to open secret areas to find the best treasures!

Go on quests looking for various types of treats. Cake, Pizza, Hot Dogs,

Soda, and more!

Level up and collect all 50 perks to enhance your gameplaying abilities.

Use various weapons, bows, swords, magic, and the almighty hammer!

Battle Ginormous bosses in each of the biomes.


-An endless amount of mind bending mazes to escape

-Great voxel style graphics

-Easy to play, simple controls for anyone to play.

-Various weapons to use and master

-50 perks to upgrade your playing skills

-Quests to find in each maze - yummy treats!

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More Information Of Hammer Bomb - Creepy Dungeons!

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.12 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:Crescent Moon Games

User Reviews


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Matt Rose 2016-05-24

Used to be great Used to be fantastic, but now the lag has just made the game unplayable above about level 20. Can\'t turn. Can\'t hit, can\'t do anything but die. Used to run much much smoother, what happened?
Ben DiLorenzo 2016-04-17

Hammer Bomb Savage Hammer Bomb is a pacman like game going through an undiscovered maze and you need to find chests and find crystals to gain xp. Keep adding updates. GO CRESCENT MOON GAMES!!!!!
Jeremy Kuehnau 2016-05-27

Retarded Stupid on-rails dungeon game. Have to find your weapon every stage and it has limited uses. Imagine Eye of the Beholder but really retarded. Waste of time.
nate half 2017-11-10

Suggest: add a bestiary for monsters found. I\'m not a fan of endless games but this is the exception as it\'s got a lot going for it. The references, though few, are cool too, see if you get it, (killer rabbit, the gremlins). Such a great game with great incentives to keep you playing and coming back. I was addicted for a long time and will keep this in my library to come back to
James Hoag 2016-04-16

Really fun! I almost didn\'t download this but I\'m happy I did. Looks simple at first, but is pretty hard sometimes. The random monsters wandering about the stage are surprisingly fun. Well worth the download.
iamaglassoftea 2016-06-10

Charming in many ways. You jaunt about through caves to the beat of an excellently catchy and diverse soundtrack, collecting coins and such while fighting monsters. It\'s simplistic with a charming visual style, that separates itself from the rest of retro style games on here. Colors are used effectively while the music and visuals play off eachother brilliantly.
Xavier Ruiz 2017-04-02

I like this game and I want to like it more, but unfortunately the experience is marred by very stiff and sometimes unresponsive controls. Several times I\'ve attempted to turn or turn around just to waste weapons or even not move at all. This game has potential and if the developers could polish this diamond in the rough it could truly shine. Not to mention the frame rate drops and lag, which can also dampen the already nearly unusable controls.
Trollencio Martinez 2016-12-07

Not bad. Could be much better. Graphics are good. Music is good. The gameplay... its not that bad. But of course, if you die, you either watch an ad to resurrect, or if you have gold you have to spend all of it to resurrect. And the enemies are very hard to hit and dodge. Sometimes they just jump at you from an intersection, and you dont even see them coming. Its just an OK game. Also it froze.
Alex Homa 2019-12-14

Superb game in all aspects. One hand play at it\'s best, nice progress, great retrp graphics, compeling music. My favorite for a long time. Devs need to update it for newer screens, mine is 2340x1080, 19.5:9 ratio. If I choose \"use fullscreen\" in my device settings, left and right sides get cut off, and I can\'t browse and buy upgrades in the game. Edit: if anyone\'s reading, your game loads an ad from some site, that doesn\'t have a closing button, thus making it impossible to continue the game.
Joseph Garcia 2016-04-15

This game is somehow realy good but I still don\'t know how.