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Description of Handy Art Reference Tool

If you're an artist and ever wanted just quick and easy drawing reference for hands, heads, or even feet (IAP) without having to awkwardly pose your limbs in front of a mirror, this app is for you!

HANDY is an artist's reference tool, consisting of several rotatable 3D limbs with a variety of poses useful for drawing. You can also customize and edit your own poses for hands, feet, and skulls.

Fully adjustable 3-point lighting means you can get easy lighting reference when using any of the 10+ included 3D head busts. Handy if you’re painting and need to know what shadows the head casts from a certain angle!

Also available is the Animal Skulls pack. With over 10 different animal species, it's great for anatomical reference or creature design inspiration.

[Foot rigs and Animal Skull pack require additional purchase]

NEW in Handy v5: Edit the materials of models! Selectively turn off their textures, adjust their specularity, or tint them a certain color.

Perfect for comic book artists, painters, or just casual sketchers!

Featured in ImagineFX's Top 10 Must-Have Apps!

Check out the video demo:


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lable: Comics - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-09-22 Developer:Belief Engine

User Reviews


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Adam C 2020-05-30

Asked for a refund because even though I paid for the app you still have to pay for other features like animal skulls or feet models. Also something that I was expecting is that they isn\'t any models of the body. Some good features like rotation and saving and they\'re alot of references for hands and head, therefore this app is great for that. I just don\'t expect to pay for other features after paying for the app, the feet model are even on show in the pictures.
Bob Ward 2020-03-31

Could be very useful. Really needs the ability to lock the camera axis though. It\'s very frustrating to have the model spin about accidentally. If we could have the ability to just turn it along the x axis, it would be usable. For sculpting, its just too frustrating to turn the figure.
Savage McQueen The Mutagenic Sausage 2020-10-30

The app is nice and useful, I like the ability to fine tune lighting and camera, the quality and quantity of the paid collections seem more than reasonable. (Developer added the feature, review score updated!) [from previous review:]Only sticking point and something I would really love to see is the ability to toggle textures added. Wanting to study raw forms and lighting of hands and feet becomes a bit harder due to the visual noise added by the textures. Would happily give 5 stars if added.
harshit k 2019-05-20

how cheap is that you keep your price for 200 bucks and then you ask for more credit for unlocking the complete app. atleast show the specifics that the person is putting their money into. this app could have been real good but putting your money just to get a few face references is quite dumb.
Brian McLain 2019-04-05

All item are not available after purchase. I want my money back.
Tony Estep 2021-02-07

So much more than a hand reference. Pick a head, rotate it in 3d, move the lights, and you\'ve got a model who never gets impatient
Mareli Basson 2016-07-29

Needs more hand poses Great overall! Just missing something specific: There\'s a lot of female hand poses with the wrist straight or bending backwards. The few poses that bend forward have very strange finger placement. Just a few poses with basic finger placement and the wrist bending forward will be a great help.
Shubham Mehta 2020-09-30

Wow! This is one hell of an update. Thank you so much for all the extra stuff without any in app purchases! There is one issue though, the models are showing a white outline and lowers resolution whenever I try to turn them and then gets back to full resolution. Also the Gizmo has become much smaller which is a little bit difficult to interact with. I loved the fluidity and performance of the old version. If possible please bring those miniscule experiences back. I hope you guys are doing well!
Sky P 2020-10-01

I don\'t usually write reviews, but Handy absolutely earned it. With brand new (free!) features being added such as subsurface scattering, new high-resolution models, and ability to load multiple models in a scene, they\'ve established themselves as one of my essential tools for digital art. I recommend it to anyone who is starting out drawing or rendering and needs that solid anatomical/lighting foundation. Can\'t wait to see what features they will come out with in the future!
Rin Fraser 2020-06-07

Been using the app for years, as well as other similar ones- I bought this on Android, PC AND iOS. Easily the best app of its type, no other anatomy ref has this level of straightforward ease and doesnt have infuriating paywalls to use basic features like most competitors. THANK YOU, HANDY!