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Description of Hangouts

Use Hangouts to keep in touch. Message contacts, start free video or voice calls, and hop on a conversation with one person or a group.

• Include all your contacts with group chats for up to 150 people.

• Say more with status messages, photos, videos, maps, emoji, stickers, and animated GIFs.

• Turn any conversation into a free group video call with up to 10 contacts.

• Call any phone number in the world (and all calls to other Hangouts users are free!).

• Connect your Google Voice account for phone calling, SMS texting, and voicemail integration.

• Keep in touch with contacts across Android, iOS, and the web, and sync chats across all your devices.

• Message contacts anytime, even if they’re offline.

Notes: Mobile carrier and ISP charges may apply. Calls to Hangouts users are free, but other calls might be charged. View our calling rates at https://www.google.com/hangouts/rates

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-11-05 Developer:Google LLC

User Reviews


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SteelWarrior 2021-01-27

Note: Won\'t let me open at all, and keeps saying it\'s not working. Previous: I love this app! Very upset that it\'ll go away in 2021, I\'ve used it for SO long, and it\'s very useful, especially with chatting when texting on your phone isn\'t available. We are supposed to migrate to Google Chat, but the reviews there say that the app is too buggy, and that it barely works. Although Google will probably not see this, in the rare chance you do, please just fix the bugs and keep using Hangouts!
Abigail Garner 2020-12-09

My experience has been great. I\'m in a long distance relationship of 3 years and this app has saved us. Movie dates, calls, ALMOST everything is covered. I\'m an epileptic, and the white screen and green tends to hurt my head. Some phones do not have the invert option (white screens to black, vice versa) and it\'s a hassle to download them. Can you please add a night themed option as well as the option to change the color scheme and text bubbles???? It would be so beneficial!!!!!!!
RL 2021-01-10

This is the only way me and most of my friends can all text, because some of us have phones while others have kindles or laptops. I do really enjoy using it, but there\'s a problem. When sending invites to join a private or group chat, it takes forever for the other person to see it. Sometimes they never see it at all. And when I get a chat on my second kindle it never shows up. I dont get the notifications for it and I have to individually check each chat. Please fix this!!
Sun Lee 2020-12-02

This new Meets update has made it a hassle to video chat with my partner, and it\'s frustrating having to send a link all the time. Frustrating is only a nicer word to say about this update. I couldn\'t even SEE my partner when we tested this out! Waste of time and energy, all because Google wanted 15 minutes of fame and tried to copy Zoom. What\'s the point of video chatting if you can\'t even see the person you want to video chat with?? Pathetic. If zero stars was available, I\'d do that.
꧁KawaiiAshleyChan //Itz Me Ashley //ッシジンゾリ꧂ 2020-12-31

UGH! Google, hear me out. When i first started Hangouts, it was working perfectly, like a miracle. It was like that for days untli one day where it wouldn\'s stop stopping. I still get notifications, but it wouldn\'t let me enter the actual mobile app! FIX THIS NOW! NO, THIS ISN\'T A JOKE! I\'M TELLING YOU! FIX IT! Sorry if i was offensive, but still.

I\'ve been using this for years, connected with the family, and a special shared page that we update with all of our little ones pics. As of 2/16/21. I\'m in able to open the app, and I\'ve got loads off messages I want to see. But the app won\'t open for me. Google chat doesn\'t see all my conversation either. This is absolutely the most frustrating thing I\'ve ever experienced in the days of smart phone life. Will this be fixed, or am I out of luck?
Tome S 2021-02-02

Have seen a slow regression with this app. It seems like developers have been focusing more on Google Chat which is supposed to replace Hangouts at some point. They also took away the integration with Google Voice so that has affected myself and others in a negative manner. Lately, for me, it has been very buggy. When attaching photos and videos to messages, it acts like they didn\'t attach. I end up sending multiple copies in the end. Clearing cache, storage and reinstalling doesn\'t help.
Dishika Aggarwal 2021-01-19

I loved this app before the Google hangouts call disappeared!! I mean seriously you can\'t even call your friends now and wait for them to see the link for Google meet. It\'s really disappointing!! I wish it could come back. I would have given 5 star if it wasn\'t for this! I don\'t have whatsapp or any other app in my this phone from which I can contact with others, this is the only one, but now I can\'t call 😔😔😭
David Dean 2020-12-05

It used to work well. I started a group and we have been meeting regularly. Now I cannot contact them as I used to. I tried sending the link which Google in their wisdom give me instead of just letting me hit the camera button which invites everyone in. No-one responded. They are all in their 70\'s or 80\'s (as I am) and would like things just to stay the same and still work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cløck Wørk 2021-02-16

I left this app a 4 star rating, but now I\'m changing it to 3 and here\'s why: When I (or any of my friends) create a new chat (maybe just for fun) I try to send a message but it says \'tap to try again\'. I don\'t know what to do, I just can\'t send any messages. It doesn\'t happen often but when it does, it\'s really frustrating because I just want to text my friends. It\'s not just me either. It happened to some of my other friends. I have to delete the app, then re install and when the issue still persists, I have to re install the app at least a day later. It\'s annoying and I\'ve never liked a texting app better than Hangouts. Please fix this. Also, can you make it so dark mode can work on this? It hurts my eyes to keep staring at the default white and green... Other than that, this app is wonderful!