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Hanji - Korean conjugations and definitions



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Description of Hanji - Korean conjugations and definitions

Hanji is a Korean-English dictionary that also provides conjugations for verbs and adjectives! It provides Korean conjugations with detailed breakdowns of how each conjugation is formed, so it’s great for learning Korean grammar. Hanji can even handle irregular forms and honorifics! Hanji is perfect for Korean language learners. Whether you’re just starting to learn Korean, or you’re an expert.

Don’t know the infinitive form? No problem! Hanji automatically detects and converts Korean verbs and adjectives into their infinitive form, so all you need to do is start searching!

Confused by a conjugation? Hanji’s got you covered! Simply click on a conjugation to get a step by step breakdown, so you can see how the conjugation is formed. Hanji also provides romanizations and pronunciations so you can pronounce a conjugation like a native speaker.

Looking for the right word? Hanji is here to help! You can use Hanji like a dictionary and search English definitions for over 20,000 Korean words, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for! Plus, some words have antonyms, synonyms, and example sentences to help you better understand a word’s meaning.


- Detailed conjugations for Korean verbs and adjectives. Hanji has conjugations for

Declarative, Imperative, Inquisitive, Propositive, Connective If, Connective And, and

- Nominal forms.

- Honorific forms for all of the above conjugations

- Details breakdowns of how each conjugation is formed

- Romanization and pronunciation for every conjugation

- Automatically converts conjugated verbs/adjectives into their infinitive form.

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User Reviews


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Cori Tymoszek 2019-02-05

Great app, particularly the fact that I can search the conjugated form. Please create a pro version or paid upgrade for a few dollars to get rid of ads!
Bridget 2020-10-14

Wow! This app is absolutely amazing. Easy to use, really clean interface, free version is supported by ads but they don\'t interfere with the use of the app. I just went ad-free for $1.99 just to support the app, it is not neccessary at all for utilizing the apps features. I also like the \"word of the day\" feature. This has become my go-to app for looking up verbs.
Mary 2019-11-06

Thank you very much for this wonderfully helpful application! It has helped me greatly in my Korean studies. It is very simple and easy to use. I really recommend it if you need a quick way to find the conjugations to Korean verbs depending on the tense and level of formality. Thanks a lot, keep up the great job!
C.B. Pratt 2021-01-30

Very useful when you need a translation fast. Also helpful when at a loss for the ideal conjugation.
Vicky E 2020-09-20

I love when I have a functional app and suddenly they update it and it gets better in a way I wouldn\'t have imagined. This update looks neat, thank you 😊 Four stars because I think the interface may improve, and there are too many ads (although they\'re not annoying), but everything else works fine 👍
Simplicio Priete 2019-02-13

this app wont work.. uninstall
Sherzod Shamsutdinov 2020-10-15

App is great! However something should be added. It would be very great if it was offline. I\'m looking forward to seeing this in the future update)
Salma Hamza 2020-04-19

This application is a great invention ❤ I am studying Korean through the Duolingo app and it\'s good and I love it. However I usually need to know the infinitive of the verb or other conjugations. I tried searching an app where I can find all conjugation forms easily. And recently I found this app \"Hanji\". I am really happy because I have it now ❤ it\'s easy to use and provides what I need. Now everytime I read a sentence but I don\'t know the verb I go to check Hanji ❤ happy learning everybody.
Firdaus Juzup 2020-04-17

This app is very useful to me. Forget verbix, this is THE app that you need if you just started learning Korean. It can help you to progress further. Good job to the developer.
Katherine Cajamarca 2021-02-27

It is good but i want that in the app... i could save the verbs that i already know or put in favorites.. something like... thanks... but is really good here show me the times and the verbs in the Basic form... 😍❤고마워!!!