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Description of Happy Canvas™: Color by Number

You like fun painting games? Would you like to relax and unwind? It’s high time to enjoy fun coloring games and color art games with Happy Canvas art painting app - adults coloring books by number. Tap to start this adventure into art coloring by number: paint by numbers for adults!

Happy Canvas is one of the top color by number apps that helps you to relax and calm after a stressful day at work and kill time on the road with easy art color by number! Enjoy a new top art colouring game with calm coloring by numbers, simply choose a picture & paint it. In this color by number for adults you will see pictures with numbers each of them corresponds to a fun color.

Use hints if you cannot find and paint over a tiny cell. Painting art by numbers from the palette create happy paint artworks that can be shared with friends or printed.

About this Happy Paint by Number:

• These fun coloring games have 5000+ free colorful pics!

• The collection of pictures is updated every day!

• Painting by numbers and creating art is the best way to relieve stress and calm!

• Fun painting games on different themes - nature, flowers, pattern, mosaic color by number for adults, birds color by number, animals, horse, dinosaur coloring, princess coloring, blend - oil painting color by number, art, god coloring games, bible, people, unicorn coloring book, house, cars coloring book, fairy tales, halloween, christmas, fantasy, people, interior, holidays, mandala coloring and other! You won't notice how time flies by with this art painting app!

• Happy Canvas is a unique travel coloring book! Gain sightseeing experience by paint by number coloring from different attractions, learn about different countries with this antistress coloring book for adults! Start sightseeing at home!

• There is also a travel section with pictures of the US! Gather the collection of the all US states art!

• In this paint by number you can create Bookmarks to do not lose a pic and paint it later! Try it, it's very convenient!

• You can play everywhere: on the go, in the park, at work, at home!

• Different levels of complexity of the pictures.

• The app interface is simple for everyone.

• If you were searching for the relax color by number games for sleeping, you found it! Calm and color some beautiful pics before going to bed!

• Share your drawing & coloring with a friendly Happy Canvas Community, make friends and get Bonus pics! Click to join our coloring games community and enjoy couloring in with numbers https://www.facebook.com/happycanvascolorbynumber/

Remember a pic is worth a thousand words. Try mandala coloring and see how cool these coloring games!

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:2.5.0 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:PLAYCIDITY - adults coloring books by number

User Reviews


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Liberty Orr 2020-12-31

Takes FOREVER to load and not all the pictures load! Getting tired of trying. UPDATE! WON\'T LOAD AGAIN! It\'s sad because I really like the pictures in this app.😔 APP WON\'T LOAD! Tried uninstall reinstall still won\'t load in brand new phone! UPDATE! App developer contacted me and already fixed app! It works and I really like it so far. I especially like the types of pictures offered. UPDATE! WORKS GREAT NOW!
Glenda Ard 2020-10-04

Been coloring on this app for a few weeks . I think its great. Tons of pictures to color, I have absolutely come to really enjoy color by number apps. Yours seems to one of the good ones. Only wrong I can see is to many ads. But that\'s pretty much how the rest are making their profit. I will be on this the most. Lots of stress lately, but this helps lower the stress l am dealing with if only for a couple hours. Glenda B
Jodie Rock Chick 2021-02-06

This app has some pros & cons. Pros: lots of cool looking pictures added on a regular basis & stuff to color. Cons: super ads heavy. If U downsize app to check a text then bring it up again or want a hint or ur browsing photos to pick something to color there\'s an AD & u pick a picture U start coloring a couple spots & interrupts mid color. I get why there\'s ads but it\'s just there\'s too much. Also the app has been very glitchy lately the last couple weeks & it closes suddenly on a regular basis
Herschel Hughes 2020-10-16

Very user friendly layout. Can be completed in most cases while still being able to see the whole picture (unlike some paint programs that you must magnify so much to find tiny pieces that you have no sense of the whole picture). My one dislike about this game is the excessive fondness for purple, pink, orange and yellow. I would rather have blue skies and other objects that look like they truly are. That to me is more beautiful than the artistic? desire to create something new and startling.
Cynthia Rodriguez 2021-02-25

I am a paint by number freak. Absolutely love them, and I\'ve downloaded and tried all of them. The best painting app is Happy Color, and this app is just like that as far as the images go. Whoever creates the images knows color theory, which most painting app creators don\'t know, and they\'re detailed and unique. If you\'re one of the millions of people that love Happy Color, you will like this!!! Great app, and it can only get better.
Nancy Stallings 2020-10-13

The pics I can get into are very interesting and lovely to color. Each day a new pic arrives to download, and I\'ve had no difficulties with those. But there are others that arrive which invite us to \"Open\", that I have not been able to get into. I reported the problem and was sent a link to download the ones I mentioned, but the problem still persists. I\'m hoping this problem can be corrected. It would certainly earn five stars, if so.
Felicia Jones 2020-10-24

I use three color apps and this is by far my favorite. Developers have had an extraordinary response to bugs and acted quickly to remedy any problems including adding and changing functions. They implemented several features I love. Preview of pic before watching ad and not running animation immediately after completion let\'s one admire pic. Adding the ability to turn off auto color advance made me very happy. Thank you for making a fantastic app!!
Donna M 2020-09-11

Update: recent update added support for the stylus on my Samsung Tab S6. That was the only thing holding it back from being equal to, or better than Happy Color. Now, they are both my Number 1 favorites. Color from both, each day. 9/10/20 Fantastic app! Lots of great pictures, and multiple categories. I have downloaded 23 apps of this sort, and this one is in the top two, in my estimation. Can\'t pick a #1 between the two. I suggest that you try it, before you try 15 or more of the others.
Sheilah Wood 2021-02-17

The touch screen response is better but could be improved upon. If you are considering additional features, it would also be really nice to be able to shade an area by press-and-hold instead of tapping. Otherwise, thank you for such a creative and awesome app with more variety and detailed pictures than I have seen elsewhere. (I especially appreciate the Steampunk, Industrial and Cyberpunk material.) It\'s easy to get lost in imagined backstories while tapping away!
Janet 2021-02-03

Decent color by number. Vivid colors and not too many ads. Not intrusive while completing a picture. Touch isn\'t great. Very hard to get cells filled. Using other painting apps and they are much better with touch. Don\'t know if I will keep this one much longer. Probably not, annoying and a pain repeating touching over and over again.