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Description of Hatch Dinosaur Eggs - Jurassic

Hatch Dinosaur Eggs! Collect dinosaurs in this jurassic park game! There are a lot of dino types available! Are you able to hatch the legendary dragons? Try it out!

Dive into a deep and incredible jurassic world made into a clicker & collection game. Many creatures inhabit this place, from common ones to their most epic evolutions and never seen before creatures! And as we all know, a dino is born when an egg hatches so… get ready for the fun and to have an incredible collection of creatures!

As you progress in this clicker game, you will obtain different creatures, and maybe you'll find a legendary egg! And who knows, rumor has it that there are mythic creatures at the end of this adventure...


More than 50 dino egg to hatch in this clicker game and add to your collection

Each egg you hatch contains a different jurassic dino. Don't worry because you will not get two exact same dino, we want you to enjoy this game to the fullest!

Common, rare, epic, legendary and maybe a mythical egg to hatch into an amazing dino!

You may hatch an egg and find one of the 4 legendary dragons, each one of a different element: water, air, fire and earth, do not stay without them!

Gallery to take a look at any dino creatures you hatch whenever you want!

Clicker games are one of the most easy path learning games. These kind of games are very addicting, so prepare yourselves to tap the screen of your device hundreds of times!

In this particular game, the faster you tap, the faster you will hatch an egg to discover new creatures to make your collection larger! So remember! Click, tap and make a collection! That is the anthem of Dino Egg Hatch Clicker Game!

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.0.10 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Noxfall Studios

User Reviews


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alona gonzales 2020-09-01

This game kicked me out because it lags but the graphics looks so nice and very slow when hatching the egg but very nice!
Luna Wolf 2019-12-31

hey I have some suggestions you should add if you update this game, 1.You should add in game currancy so people don\'t have to waste all of there money on power ups but if they run out of in game currancy they will have to pay real money, 2.More dinos because people will stop playing when they get all the dinos, 3.Breeding it will allow you to get crossbreed dinos. love the designs and sorry for making something this long
Simaholic63 2020-09-08

The main reason I installed this game, was the ability to evolve the dinosaurs. I have yet to figure out how to do that. So far, it just appears to be \"tap on the egg to hatch it\" game. I can\'t even upgrade the tapping so I can get more then 1 click per tap. For someone with arthritis or any pain disorder, it can actually be painful trying to hatch an egg, only to get a card with a picture on it as a reward. I don\'t even get to see the dino\'s walking around. Not for me, sorry....uninstalled
Ny Gentry 2019-02-17

it would be better if you had a enclosure and you could battle with them so far I think it is good
Dat Oneguy 2019-04-10

After 3 eggs you have the rating pop up every egg after. Not even far enough into the game yet my opinion is being forced.
Raymond Williamson 2020-09-04

Refund me please bought this add free for my toddler. It then constantly asks for money to power up definitely not good for kids. Who I assumed such a game was designed for.
Godzilla Chocolate 2020-05-30

i like it because it has dinosaurs and me and my brother like dinosaurs also add could please any other dinosuar you don\'t have
Noah Cruz 2020-05-26

This game is so fun and interesting I just started playing get on Monday on the last day of April 2020 I love it
C W 2020-03-10

I like this game but each egg you get you have to tap more for an epic or other kind of dinosaur you get
Steve Holloway 2021-01-04

I remember playing this a few months ago and loving it alot! But there\'s just one problem I\'d give it 5 stars if it didn\'t lock me out every few seconds I get on the loahing screen it says \"dino hatch not responding\" I\'ll try to reinstall it later if it works again or not