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Description of Haywire Hospital

From the makers of Naughty Kitties

Welcome to Mewrth’s Haywire Hospital (= ̄ω ̄=) !

Are you a fan of putting in none of the effort but reaping all of the rewards? How about being surrounded by a horde of whacky patients and feeling that perhaps you have finally found a home for yourself? All this, and more, can be yours as Chief Administrator of Haywire Hospital!

As Chief Administrator of Haywire Hospital, you’ll need to hire the galaxy’s best doctors to cure the galaxy’s wildest illnesses! On top of that, you’ll be rolling in coins, butter and sardines. How marvelous!

In addition, we’ll help you find the love of your dreams and achieve your life’s greatest goals!

(Just kidding)

You’ll be charged with:

- Discovering and treating new patients such as Selfie Sally, Pack Animal, and Buck-and-Wing

- Gathering the Archives, a collection of hidden fragments of stories from a bygone era

- Expanding your hospital and crushing Hospital Royale and other infuriating rivals across the galaxy

- Flirting with the hospital staff

Contact us:

If you run into any issues or want to share your feedback while playing the game, please contact us through the following methods:

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/CoconutIslandStudio

Twitter:@Coconut_Island http://twitter.com/coconut_island

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More Information Of Haywire Hospital

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:2.6.5 Publish Date:2021-05-31 Developer:Coconut Island Games

User Reviews


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A Google user 2016-08-06

Nice graphic but it is laggy and crashes really often. The game is a little too messy. There should be a proper introduction: What butter and sardines are etc.
A Google user 2016-08-05

Fun! It\'s a fun, sort of fast paced game. But I\'ve spotted a few bugs here and there
Blackened Veins 2016-08-10

Can\'t even play. I open it and the game freezes about 3,4,5 times and then it crashes on me. Fix?
Zai Gal 2016-08-14

Keep$ Crashing!!! Very good game. Will give 5 stars if u fix the problem. Will crash every single time it tries to load google play games or whenever it feels like it.
Kimberly Secrest 2016-08-07

Love it BUT.. Crashes way too much and way too many bugs still. I can hardly play five minutes before it crashes. Fix the issues and I think it would be a 4 maybe even a 5 star game!!!!!
Wendee Uy 2016-08-06

The game is nice but crashes sometimes and very laggy.. Nad I hope it\'s like the game of theme hospital (pc game) to be more interesting
Rei 2016-08-05

Can\'t even save the game! Progressed on but when I next logged in, it restarted everything!
Caysi Kirby 2016-08-07

I got lost into a white screen
Zone Tan 2016-08-05

Constantly crashes It\'s allways crashing and lagging really hard. My tab is well over the requirements and fresh installing didn\'t fix the crashing.
Putri Amelia 2016-08-24

Why does it crashing alot??? Can you do something about these?