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Description of Heads Up!

It’s the game The New York Times called a “Sensation,” and Cosmopolitan said “will be the best dollar you’ve spent.” Heads Up! is the fun and hilarious game by Ellen DeGeneres that she plays on the Ellen show, and is one of the best fun games to play with friends!

Love playing charades games? Looking to play games on Zoom with friends? Heads Up is one of the best word guessing games you’ll ever play! From naming celebrities, to singing, to silly accents - it’s a perfect house party game and a fun charades app to play at your next family game night. Just guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out!

Guess the word in one of our popular categories, including fun game decks like Harry Potter, Friends, and Marvel, or create a category all your own!

How to play Heads Up:

Pick a card deck category - check! One player holds the phone to their glorious forehead like a headband, and 3, 2, 1! Go! Try to guess the words with friends excitedly shouting clues! Got an answer right? Ding! Tilt your head down and keep on ruling this guessing game, you genius! Can’t guess what it is? Don’t stress! Just tilt your head up and skip to a new catch phrase. So get your head on straight, and enjoy one of the best party games!

Looking for guessing word games to play with friends? Play Heads Up and enjoy this hilarious charades game, your favorite humans shouting clues your way as you enter 60 seconds of guessing glory!

Stuck at home and looking for some fun quarantine games to play with your kids? Heads up free app is a game for all ages and it’s the best charades app online for your next houseparty!

Cool Game Features:

🙌 A Nonstop fun games to play with friends at the next dinner party and at family game night (dad jokes welcomed)

🙌 Draw a new game card simply by tilting your phone & head up!

🙌 Guess what! You can keep videos of your hilarious game play for your own amusement, or share them right to Facebook! Keep those hilarious family game night memories forever

🙌 Want to play games on Zoom with friends? Take it online and enjoy some fun quarantine games with friends or with hundreds of players at once!

🙌 Diverse categories let you challenge your smartypants friends and entertain your kids for hours, all from one app

Who am I? Guess! Ok, I’ll tell you. I’m your house party game that all your friends will love! Raise your hands up in the air, tighten your headbands, guess the words with friends and let the houseparty begin!

It’s time for some dinner party games with 40+ themed decks so the fun games never have to stop!

Card Decks include:

👩‍🎤 How well do you think you know Celebrities and Superstars? Try guessing Icon Legends & Stars

🎬 Movie fan? Try guessing some Blockbuster Movies

🎧 Hey Mr. DJ! Turn the music up and guess the song!

🦊 Heard what the fox said? Come guess the Animals gone WILD deck!

💃 Hablas español? Come guess the gibberish in Accents and Impressions deck!

🎭 Want some no-volume fun? Mimic it your way in Act it Out deck!

🤳 Feeling Trendy? Check out Pop Culture and stay flashy

🙌 And lots more!

From the talented developers that brought you multiple Warner Bros fun games such as Psych! and Game of Games - Heads Up! will get EVERYONE excited for family games! Other party games won’t stand a chance once you and your friends start playing these ridiculously fun word guessing games!

Seriously, we mean it. Get your headbands on, stretch your head up, head down, and side to side. Now you’re ready to play! Guess the word and WIN!

✨ Game night fans, your new favorite charades app is here! ✨

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More Information Of Heads Up!

lable: Word - Games Current Version:4.7.16 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Warner Bros. International Enterprises

User Reviews


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lavonda satterfield 2019-04-01

We absolutely loved this game for our family game night. We dont have alot of money and I am truly grateful to have this to bring us all together. We laughed our \"Heads\" off. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU!
Steve Dunn 2019-05-27

not functioning properly, whenever I attempt to purchase a deck, it tells me that there\'s no account associated even though I\'ve just purchased a set of decks. it\'s not correctly attached to my Google play account apparently, and I\'m not sure what I\'m supposed to do about it.
Iain Rogers 2019-03-12

Does not load on Galaxy S10e (Exynos). The game just sits on the splash screen and does nothing, tried uninstalling, rebooting. Nothing fixes it. Edit: Seems changing the Screen Zoom to low may have finally got the game to work. Might be a coincidence as the game is very glitchy.
Jamie Milliken 2020-06-22

I\'ll change this rating if the crashing issue is fixed. It\'s been too long and too many people with the same issue that it feels \'ignored\'. Like others, I try opening, it crashes. Reinstall, crashes. Clear cache, crashes. Pretty pointless to have this app take up space, and a little disappointing that I spent $ on packs I can\'t use. Family sitting together - \"hey, let\'s play that Heads Up! game\"... \"Sure! Oh, no, wait, it\'s still broken\". Please fix!
Todd Halling 2020-03-08

The experience is extremely buggy. Loading the game takes a ridiculous amount of time, when it even loads. It registers input when playing about half of the time, often requiring you to tilt your phone multiple times before the game will move on. There is a problem on Android that doesn\'t allow you to access your purchased decks. I purchased decks and still do not have access to them. I was told that the developers were working on a fix, but it still doesn\'t work and they won\'t refund me.
Meg B 2020-03-02

I have had this game for quite a few years now. I love to play it with my oldest daughter. Unfortunately, it has begun slower and slower over time. Their seem to be a lot of issues with the game and no resolution. I have played many different games on my phone and never had an issue. The reviews all say the app crashes, mine included. I hope the developers put some effort into it and fix the bugs, instead of just releasing new decks. Until then, it\'s useless.
Dawneisha Hill 2020-12-11

I had the game on my phone for almost 2 years. It was awesome when first downloaded... BUT It has not been working since Fall 2019. At first, it would freeze or close out, now it does not go past the loading screen. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. It loads like it going start then completely closes when reaches 100%. I\'m uninstalling the app. It\'s worthless.
Kirk Iseli 2020-07-25

I have bought almost every deck in this game, and it worked perfectly fine until about 3 months ago. Then, out of nowhere, the app stopped opening on my phone. I have sent no less than 2 emails to the developers of this app (which I honestly love) with ZERO response. All I would like to do is play this, with ALL of my purchased decks again.
mark dexter 2019-09-20

I think heads up is a great game to play because if you are with your family then you can play it with them and its really fun to play . I would definitely reccoment getting it because it is such a fun , amazing game to play . It is so much better and fun to play it with more then two people. I love heads up and i am sure you will as well !!!!!!
Derrick Ramsey 2019-11-30

Have downloaded and re-installed multiple times on my andriod device but once installed and trying to open the game app it acts like it\'s loading/opening and about 90% loading the app crashes and closes down on itself. Would be nice to be able to play a game that has been uninstalled/downloaded/ installed multiple times to see if the original install didn\'t install right the first time but that clearly isn\'t the problem nor fix this app has issues.