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Description of Healing Sounds & Sound Therapy

Heal your mind and soul with transcendent sounds waves with healing frequency in our Sound Therapy app. Listen to binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, meditation sounds, and more. If you’ve never heard about healing sound therapy, this is the perfect place to try. We have popular relaxing sounds such as nature sounds or music for yoga. We also have more specialized sound waves for therapy such as solfeggio frequencies, Tibetan Signing Bowl, Ohm Meditation Mantra, Binaural Beats and so much more!

What are the benefits of sound therapy? Aside from the well-known effects such as anti-stress, anti-anxiety, relaxation, and sleep aid, there are many more benefits that you will get from meditating and listening to certain sounds and waves. These sounds improve your cognitive functions such as learning, creativity, and concentration. Transcendent sounds like Ohm Meditation Mantra, Tibetan Singing bowl, music for Yoga, and Solfeggio frequencies will boost your spirituality, intuition, and bring you positive energy. You can even feel the direct effect on your body such as increased energy & stronger immune system. Simply open our app and choose the effect you need and we will play the healing sound waves for you.


• Huge collection of sounds with healing frequency for various purpose

• Five types of Sound Categories.

• Enroll in Sound Therapy Courses to increase your knowledge

• Great interface and app design.

• Easy browsing. Simply select the category & effect you desire.

Healing Sound Waves Categories:

1. Binaural beats: Theta Beats, Delta Beats, Alpha Beats, Beta Beats, Gamma Beats

2. Solfeggio Frequencies: Chakras, Healing, Cosmic Octave, and Angelic Scale

3. Instrumental Sounds: Tibetan Singing Bowl, Chimes, Melodic Drums, Kalimba, & more.

4. Noise Therapy: Nature Sounds, Urban Sounds, Wildlife Sounds.

5. Meditation Sound: Ohm Meditation Mantra, Music for Yoga, Relaxation, Guided Meditation.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Healing Sounds, Binaural Beats, & Sound Therapy now. Listen to the sounds with healing frequency and heal your mind, body, and soul.


Please help us reach a wider audience. Share this beneficial app to your friends and family so they can also enjoy the benefits of therapeutic sounds for wellness. Rate and review Healing Sounds on the Playstore!

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User Reviews


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Jason Collier 2021-01-02

What happened to app developers that thought ahead? My main complaint is this shuts off other audio when running. We should be able to run this in the background not listening this only. Don\'t get me wrong this is a good app and it has a lot of cool stuff. Fix the one thing and it would have 10 stars
BonBon 2021-02-15

Very easy to use and I love how much I am able to personalize with additional music or sounds. The premium version does cost money but not much. Just the basic sounds that are free are good though and still adaptable.
Haty Mow 2020-12-26

I like this app, it helps me to relax, has many great healing and meditation sounds in it. 😁
Lloyd Boone 2021-01-15

Might be a nice app if it did not continually freeze up when trying to navigate through it. Needs a lot more work! Update: Ok, 3 for now, more when problem fixed.
jans schultz 2021-03-15

It\'s a very nice app with a lot of meditations for free (some only to buy, but I think it\'s understandable) and music and nature sounds that can be combined with each other. 👍 The only thing that I see what you can dobetter is that in my opinion is the music too fast to relax and maybe it can be a little more several tones that they\'re playing. 😊
V K 2020-12-26

Thank you guys, i use this app to meditate this healing sounds actually work. Great app.😍💗
Philip Atinga 2021-02-24

Very good app but try and improve on it such that you can play it on the background thank.
Boris Mak 2021-01-14

Fun and Easy to use
Bansidhar Sahu 2020-12-08

Great app. Thanks sir. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Paul Fenton 2020-12-02

Absolutely amazing app