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Description of HealtheLife

HealtheLife helps individuals and families stay informed, educated and take a more active role in their health.

Through the HealtheLife app, you have real-time and easy access to your health care organization's online portal. This portal shows your latest health care information and provides services needed to plan, understand and engage in your care.

You must first be granted access by your health care organization to use their online portal. Once you have an account, simply sign into the HealtheLife app with your Cerner Health username and password. If you have access to portals from multiple health care organizations, you can view all participating portals through the app.

Each participating organization's portal is unique but most portals allow you to connect with your care team by:

• Securely messaging your provider

• Scheduling and managing upcoming appointments

• Accessing medical information including allergies, laboratory results, health issues, immunizations, medications and other health documents

If you need assistance accessing your existing account, visit your health care organization's website for support options. Contact your provider directly regarding questions about your health record. Personal health inquiries or concerns posted as comments in the Play Store cannot be addressed.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:102.0.11 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Cerner Corporation

User Reviews


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Perfect In Perfections 2019-12-12

I enjoy having my health info available to me instantly.
Peter Souter 2019-03-21

I really like it I can see when my appointments are. a my doctor can send me messages from test results to advise on how to take my medications and to make myself healthier. and I can get answers to medical questions from my doctor, Dr. Scott.
Cilla Jae 2020-09-08

This app is not user friendly. When trying to reschedule an appointment you shouldn\'t have to \"select recipient\" the app should direct it to the right place when you click \"reschedule appoint.\" And you should be able to cancel your appointment at any time. You shouldn\'t have to jump through hoops. I literally hate this app. UI is 0 out of 5 stars. I only use it for the medicine list, since nothing else works.
Rayven 2020-08-05

It keeps saying system error. I loved this app. Now I have to keep uninstalling and redownloading it just so it will work. Edit: 8/4/20 The last 3 weeks it barely works. I\'ve been having to use my browser instead. This app had really came in handy. However recently I\'ve just been using my browser. It\'s a waste of time.
Daisy Pearce 2020-03-13

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I normally log in to the patient portal throught Google Chrome, but last time I did, it kept saying that I need to install a plug-in. At that point, I downloaded the app to see if it would work any better.....same thing happened. Install plug-in so I click to install, then it says downloading install and that it was installed succesfully, but nothing changed...PLEASE FIX!
Chris Elder 2020-05-28

This app is good but also junk. For days now it doesn\'t send notifications. It constantly says page 404 error when you hit the back button on a message. This app is all kinds of buggy. Given the fact it is a health app it really needs to be more reliable
Amber Roberts 2018-01-29

The app was only loading about 30% of the time before the most recent update, now it won\'t load at all. Also, the search feature for finding the correct email address for your doctor does not work properly. If you try to look up \"Dr. David xxxxx\" the app will not recognize the name or any variation of the name that makes any sense. But if you start typing the first few letters of his nurse\'s name, it recognizes the\"vi\" from the middle of \"David.\" I was only able to find my doctors name by accident, even though he was clearly on their list of providers.
Max Myzer 2020-02-04

It was great when it worked, but I get: \"The webpage at com.cerner.iris.play://app/auth?refresh_token= [insert private token here] could not be loaded because net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME This is a pain. The website works fine but the app does not. Based on some Google searches, it\'s a problem with how Android Webview handles URLs, having to do with the https and other prefixes. Some people say clearing Webview cache fixed it, but not for me.
Nick Corduan 2019-06-20

Our healtchare provider used to use FollowMyHealth. From a user standpoint, HealtheLife is inferior. It keeps losing the ability for me to sign in with my fingerprint. A lot of the menus are poorly constructed. There is a lot more reliance on you as a user to type and search to find your particular provider, for instance. There is also not an easy way to request a refill through the app. This is such a disappointing downgrade.
Randy Taylor 2019-06-22

Provides helpful, detailed review of all relevant documents of your medical care. Great for sharing with doctors and specialists in your continuing care.