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Fast connection to Smart Bluetooth hardware equipment, comprehensive access to personal health data, visualization analysis and comparison of health data, secured space to protect personal health data

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.8.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Shenzhen Unique Scales Co., Ltd.

User Reviews


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James Ismail 2020-04-13

Got to be the worst app iv ever used. Doesnt even come close to doing what its supposed to do. Every time the scales are on, the app shuts down. Scales go off and app opens again
Charmeon Smith 2020-07-08

This app doesn\'t work with the new scale I just bought. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ I downloaded Google health, because it doesn\'t work with my Samsung health. Google health don\'t work either so I\'m going to delete all of it. You guys need to make a better app that works with every phone.
Debi Howell 2020-08-03

Can\'t get it to connect with my Samsung android no matter what I do. Makes all the features I wanted with this scale pointless.
Matt25618 12567 2020-03-29

Randomly crashes when trying to weigh myself. Worst app I\'ve used.
Liam Keeney 2020-08-26

The good: it pairs to the scale easily and quickly, tracks numbers and metrics and puts them in readable graphs.. The bad: the things outside of weight that it tracks are pretty wonky. Resistance bands and a rower 4x a week will not bestow 10 lbs of muscle in 1 week for example, despite the apps claims of my accomplishments. The information outside of weight should be treated as broad strokes and taken with a grain of salt.
Sanchita Ochani 2021-01-20

Why does this app need access to storage and files on the phone? I don\'t see any logical reason for why there\'s read and write permissions required and the app is unusable if you deny those permissions. Really?
Joaquin Ortiz 2019-11-16

It\'s been 15 days of tracking every morning, now it just stopped pairing. Even though the scale still syncs on OpenScale. It\'s stacked with grammatical errors. \"Target Weight\" won\'t even be a consistent number; it gets reduced by 0.2 for some stupid reason (e.g. 170 -> 169.8). And going back to the main interface settings resets the entire page!
Jonathan McClure 2020-07-04

Why does this app need access to my location? Seems very dodgy
Keaton Grant 2020-04-12

App works fine no issues with set up. Gives a thorough break down of all aspects of the bodies health ratings and advises ways to improve areas that are undesirable. £25 for the scales and your good to go. Deffo reccomend.
Mr Moody 2018-12-27

Good app, the only problem with it is it won\'t actually connect to another application.