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Healthy Spine & Straight Posture - Back exercises



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Description of Healthy Spine & Straight Posture - Back exercises

⭐ As it is said, "Human is as young and healthy as flexible his spine." Nowadays, the problem of the lack of neck and back pain relieving exercises, lack flexibility and bad posture correction are very common.

🏆 To have a healthy spine is very important. Our back workout at home and flexibility training - is that thing what every busy person must do.

Let's do a simple experiment: stand up straight, keep legs straight, and try to touch the floor with your palms. Is it hard? If you can't touch the floor, if you have any tension or any kind of neck pain - you definitely should do yoga for spine health, which on is characterized by its flexibility, so pre-take care of your health, make stretches for back pain exercises and do posture correction exercise for women, spinal stim.

Application features:

✔️ 90 different types of back exercises for men at home with a detailed video, audio and text instructions for each scoliosis exercise;

✔️ 3 time - tested programs based on yoga for spine health principles – make a great back muscles workout at home;

✔️ The system of motivation and rewards – keep motivated and do spine exercises every day and create better posture;

✔️ Set reminders and notifications – now you will never forget to do yoga for neck pain;

✔️ Develop personal training programs and use scoliosis meter;

✔️ The system of statistics of your results - track spine flexibility every day.

Most people have a sedentary lifestyle. Modern life is forcing people to spend more time sitting - when you sit for a long time in the office, in a car or a bus, it causes great harm to the body. Most often there is no possibility to completely change the way of life, but there is always the opportunity to do healthy spine workout. Just do back pain relieving exercises to receive more energy in your life. Stooped, sharp shocks and prolonged compression loads can cause vertebrae to shift and pinch the nerves of the spinal disc. Everyone needs to improve bad posture!

That is why every person should do back flexibility stretches and just follow the straight posture app instructions for the spinal stim health.

In addition, a permanent job in the office and at the computer has a very negative impact on our posture, and hence there is a slouch (as a result - the lack of energy and general malaise, headache). The only way is to do stretches for back pain exercises. Therefore, posture correction exercise for men and neck pain are connected with each other.

The only thing you need to do is just follow our virtual instructor recommendations and do the back exercises for women & men. And the results will definitely come in a short time. Let us do an experiment. Try to do the first week in the yoga for better posture correction app & spine workout...

What is spinal scoliosis?

The Scoliosis is a fairly common disease, which is the companion of many people due to the characteristics of the modern lifestyle. Scoliosis exercise app will take care of this. Back flexibility training & workout will become a great assistant with it. The danger of the spinal cord injury is not only in the aesthetic imperfection of the figure. It leads to chest deformity, which causes cardiac muscle overvoltage and breathing problems. One of the effective measures of therapy is gymnastics in scoliosis app, and to do special back exercises for women at home. And you will fix your bad posture and spinal disc!

This app is for:

The main goal of this application is to create a stable habit of back flexibility stretches, strengthen them and make flexible. Finally, try to do spine exercises for at least a week, and you will definitely see results and will become more energetic. This app is developed for all age groups. Posture exercises are divided by difficulty and are suitable for both men, women, children, and elderly people and for everyone who needs spinal cord injury exercise.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.3.8 Publish Date:2022-05-17 Developer:mEL Studio

User Reviews


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Jazatavia Coleman 2020-04-03

I have used the app and it worked great to keep me motivated with short workouts that I was capable of completing in one sitting. The app keeps the users motivation high by providing positive reinforcement at the end of each workout and even tips on the best time of day to complete the workout. This app is a keeper. And it\'s free version works well without any disturbancesfrom ads. The ads don\'t interfere with the workout, instead ads pop up at the end of the workout and I can handle that.
James Dulaney 2020-05-17

This app is very middle of the road. I appreciate the structured workouts, and my back was definitely starting to feel better by the end of the free portion of the program. However, the animations are pretty much garbage, and the instructions aren\'t much more valuable. Definitely not worth buying. You can build your own workouts with the free version, and everything offered within premium can be found from other fitness apps for free.
Moath Melhem 2019-10-24

This is really one of the worst apps I tried...The app treats you like you are a professional trainer that know every back exercise, most of the exercises on the app are not for beginners who are trying to fix their back and posture at all, That\'s my review
Soo Elshiekh 2019-08-06

This app is absolutely amazing!! I used to have back pain whenever i stand for too long or walk some distance, my doctor advised me to do exercises and that when i downloaded this amazing app and it helped so much with my back, i really want to thank whoever made this app ❤️
Rasha Aya 2018-04-01

It was a perfect app until lately I used it again and the exercises became so rapide !I couldn\'t even keep up with her. Please help me how can I fix it ! Or is it permanent because of updates ?
Letitia Popa 2020-05-01

So I never rate apps. But this one is the first I actually buy after using it for free for a month. It\'s like only 4 Euro and the breathing directions it gives after you buy it totally transform your workout. I suffer from chiphosis (not so advanced) but relly after using it constanly it, my back pain stopped and my back is much more flexible than before, I have more strength in my arms and legs and I can finally touch my toes when I bend down. It uses some yoga asanas as well and you feel bliss
Ginny K. 2020-09-02

I have Scoliosis and this was my first day. It was definitely a challenge, but I will not quit. Hoping to get my back straight again, so I rated this app with 5 stars because I believe it will help me to reach my goal.
A A 2018-02-01

Why does this app ask to view my location and media files? And why is the woman demonstrating the exercises naked? It\'s disgusting and indecent, and I uninstalled the app because I couldn\'t stand looking at her. It\'s really disgusting, have some decency. You couldnt use a stick figure??
Nicole Ahmed 2018-04-24

Good range of exercises and degree of customisability, but the voice engine isn\'t great and talks too fast. Free version has a couple of free programmes
Lana Banana 2020-10-23

The workouts and easy and short enough to complete on a whim and avoid procrastination. And feel better from the first day. I\'ve been using it over one week and still enjoying it.