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Description of Healthy Spine&Straight Posture

As we get older, it's very common to experience increased neck and back pain. Due to sedentary lifestyle for most of us, poor posture and tension in the back muscles can cause back pain. And staying active is a very important part of preventing neck or back pain.

Maintaining a healthy spine is really important. Damage to to this area, back of the body, spine muscles can lead to significant pain, loss of mobility and lack of performing daily activities.

This best back exercises app helps you improve the strength and agility of your spine and prevent and relieve the pain of neck and back injuries. Exercise for a few minutes a day, stretch your hips and lumbar spine muscles, stretch your neck, chest, back and shoulders to keep a healthy spine for life.

Having a straight posture and flexibility is the key for a healthy lifestyle. Stretching exercises improve flexibility. Better flexibility improve your performance in physical activities, decrease your risk of injuries, enable your muscles to work most efficiently. A more flexible spine reduces overall back pain, helps you sleep, and strenghtening your posture.

In this back workout app "Healthy Spine&Straight Posture" by Nexoft Mobile, we provide you stretching exercises, back stretches, neck stretches, stretching exercises for hamstrings, stretching exercises for your chest, stretching exercises for your arms and legs, stretches for lower back and upper back stretches. And yoga poses for core muscles for strengthening the core. You can find out the best exercises for a healthy spine, how to use your core muscles and how you can become pain-free with some really easy movements.

Stretching can keep your low back flexible. Hamstring stretching exercises help you decrease tension in the back of your leg and low back. These neck flexibility exercises strengthen your neck muscles and helps you maintain better posture.

You don't need to go to the gym and you don't any equipment for these exercises. Take a few minutes a day, use your bodyweight to do these exercises to strengthen lower back and correct posture at home, at work, anywhere you want!

All exercises for lower back and upper back stretches are designed by a professional trainer. Everyone can do these best posture correctors, women, men, young and old. We provide you different exercises for both advanced and beginner. You can find the best exercises for your level and customize your own workout routine.

Practice these quick, easy and effective bodyweight exercises, full body stretching exercises, flexibility exercises, dynamic stretching for all the body muscles with a trainer coaching you through video instructions. Burn calories while stretching your muscles and track your burned calories. Daily reminder will keep you motivated to workout!

Download now "Healthy Spine&Straight Posture" the best workout app for a healthy lifestyle by Nexoft Mobile and try the best lower back and upper back exercises %100 FREE!

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User Reviews


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Conni Dawson 2020-12-17

The interface is intuitive and easy to use. I like that you can run your own music and it doesn\'t cut out when the instructor speaks. Good variety of stretches and exercises and you can tailor it to your own needs nicely.
Marta Dorszewska 2021-01-06

I really enjoy the soundtrack (it\'s not the usual boring melodies you get in the excercise apps). Also there are some excercises I\'ve never done before, so this is quite interesting.
Phoebe J 2020-12-05

I had terrible upper back pain and thought I\'d try this. I did one session and instantly my felt miles better.
Fabrizio Bianchi 2020-12-12

Graphics are unclear and some simply don\'t mirror the instructions. Also, on the first routine I got served the last exercise twice.
Deborah Yibeltal 2021-01-08

I think it is good if you want to be taller than U are now(that you work this experiences) and I recommend this app.
Chris Jones 2021-02-03

It could use a little better illustrations.. Good all around though. I like the music. I was looking for a job.. IG Tripplecee702
Ilias Voridis 2021-03-08

First day trying it. Seems very promising. As a physiotherapist - trainer I have searched a lot of similar apps. Until now it\'s very nice, easy and effective. Good job!
bang vmin 2020-11-28

I have Anterior pelvic tilt. And I try this app.
Maggie Lau 2020-12-16

It\'s a good app! I just finished my first day exercise and it feels good, my body has finally relieved
Honey Mohseni 2021-01-27

Everything is good but the movements are sometimes vague due to the quality of the pictures