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Description of Heart's Medicine - Season One

Go back to the beginning of Allison Heart's epic story to become a doctor

Assist med school student Allison Heart as she starts her career as a doctor in a hospital in small-town America! A game that follow the story of a girl who becomes an unwitting hero.

Sharpen your medical skills in Heart’s Medicine – Season One, the prequel to the exciting hospital game Heart’s Medicine - Time to Heal. Work alongside Doctor Heart as she goes from inexperienced girl to expert surgeon at Little Creek Hospital. Feel the adrenaline rush as you try to diagnose, treat, operate on and cure all patients in time. Can you keep up with this fast-paced time management story game?

As a little girl, Allison watched her father die. Then, a few years ago, Allison assisted at the scene of a horrible accident. That’s when she realized she had to go to medical school. Now she’s back at Little Creek Hospital, a hometown girl ready to start her dream job as a doctor. But then the dream meets the reality of hospital life…

Not all patients are easy to handle, not all diseases are treatable and not all dreams come true. What’s crucial is that Allison learns to accept her duties as a doctor. She will need to concentrate on the injuries and health of her patients, doing what she can to ease their suffering. Luckily, she has a lifeline in the form of great colleagues, who are more than willing to help her on her way.

Besides the emergencies she faces as an intern, Allison will also need to navigate the choppy waters of the romance game. Not one, but TWO handsome doctors vie for her attentions. Will this lead to complications?

⚕️ Complete the amazing Heart’s Medicine series on your mobile device!

⚕️ Get to know the talented doctors of Little Creek Hospital

⚕️ Heal patients through 60 levels and an extra 30 challenge levels

⚕️ Play exciting interactive mini games

⚕️ Enjoy a riveting story full of love, friendship and drama

⚕️ Be part of a story game that over 10 million girls have loved

Try the first few levels for free! Then choose to unlock the full game with an in-app purchase, or subscribe for a free trial of our subscription plan!

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:2.0.4 Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:GameHouse Original Stories

User Reviews


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Tauaeseese Fiso 2020-06-16

I love this game because it feels well, almost realistic and I love it cause it\'s almost like being an actual doctor but, on technology and i- i-i just luv this game it\'s the best game I have ever played in my whole life. I really love the person or game company who made this amazing game I just love this game and I am never going to install this game. Heart\'s medicne is my most favorite game, which is why I\'m going to play this every single day of my life I\'m so, happy I just wanna scream.🥰🥰
Lea Martinez 2019-05-21

I\'ve always loved all the Gamehouse original stories. The more I play as Allison Heart, the more I feel connected to the game and her world. The controls can be a tiny bit glitchy at times but other than that the story is fun and I always enjoy helping it unfold. Thank you Gamehouse for yet another heartwarming story to help make a dull day a little brighter.
Rania Anis 2020-06-30

I loved this game at the beginning it was so realistic and fun to play but when i reached level 12 it wont let me play it said no advertisement come back later and from past a week its the same i have been trying to play but its useless. And I would love to play this game if the problem is gone.
noni 2019-05-04

Im really disappointed with THIS new hearts medicine game, Im giving just one star for 3 reasons. First is that the game crashes alot and not letting me to play, second is that we have to buy the whole game, C\'mon I dont mind to watch ads before playin!! Third and the most important part is that I thought this game is supposing to be the continue of hearts medicine doctors oath and havin some flashbacks of first season!!!! Who\'s REaLlY intrested to know what has happend in the past?!!!

the game is really intresting but i hate it because its says its offline but all the time its ask for internet connection. that\'s horrible why would they lie about their game. I\'m uninstalling it now it\'s just so annoying, at first i thougth that i have found the perfect doctor, and love triangle games but no its as worse as every other online games. Game play don\'t know how to lie
Andrea 2020-12-01

I absolutely love this game it has great storyline, great characters. You absolutely just get lost in the story it\'s really for everyone of all ages and they really mean it. I absolutely can\'t wait to find out what happens in the next week one. It has a bit of everything, Please Come Out with More Seasons, I LOVE THE GAME SOOOO MUCH !!!!! I already made it to the third season Hospital Heat I can\'t wait to start playing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brendon Wolf 2020-03-07

Really nice to see an updated version of the original game, but it has performance issues that make no sense. Any time it splashes a notification or plays the diamond sound, the game lags like it\'s an intensive task. Meanwhile, Amber\'s Airline runs smooth as silk and has 3D models. I don\'t get it. If it ran smoothly, I would be happy to pay for this. Playing on an S8+
David Dilworth 2020-12-26

Fun game. Some levels I wasmt able to play. This may have just been my phone. It would just freeze up and I couldn\'t play them. I\'d close the app and pull it back up and the level after that was available but the one before it I couldn\'t play. Again, ot may have been my phone, not sure. But it is a fun game.
HAPPY GIRL 2019-10-16

Amazing game. Realistic. True. Unbelievable. Unbeatable super graphics. A mix of emotions feelings happiness sad news heartbreak where u want to play more and more levels as you learn about every department in a hospital and manage a hospital and deal with realistic pribkems. Thumbs up for the team who design such an amazing game. Please make more sequels to this amazing game. 60 levels isn\'t enough.
suciani niarsih arta 2020-05-26

I love GH games but to me, the gameplay is so slow in this game and there\'s no option to call the next patient. Also when doing combo check out, all the stars just have to merged altogether instead of checking out each and every guest star individually.