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Description of Hearts - Card Game Classic

Enjoy the essence of the classic Hearts game, specially conceived for you. This will be your best ever experience on a Hearts game!

With big and beautiful cards, a clear interface, hand picked sounds and an amazing Artificial Intelligence, Hearts, the Classic Card Game, offers you an experience like no other before.


♥ Big, easy to read cards

♥ Opponents that self adjust to your playing level

♥ Beautiful and easy to use interface

♥ Complete scoreboard and statistics

♥ Jack of Diamonds option available

♥ Change themes option

♥ You can change the score target

♥ Auto game saving, just in case

Stick your opponents with as many hearts as possible and try to avoid the hearts suit. Beware of the Queen of Spades.

Install it NOW - !!

- Sharpen your brain;

- Relax and have fun!

This the best Hearts card game on the app store. And it is free! Download and play it right now!

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.1.3 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:FIOGONIA LIMITED

User Reviews


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McGruff The Crime Dog 2020-12-20

Like other people have noted, the game is stacked against you. The bot players will hold on to the queen and hearts until they can dump them on you. Don\'t plan on winning unless you can run the board at least once, usually takes twice a game. I\'ve seen the board ran three out of four hands many times. I\'ve played with mathematicians and statistician that can\'t do that. Not realistic at all. Why do developers do this? Just drives customers away.
Juan Lopez 2020-12-04

Good, but the game sets you up whenever you are doing well, so that you WILL take alot of points. Often it is absurd. For example, you may start a hand with only 1 diamond, but when diamonds are first played you are hit with the queen (meaning they had 0 diamonds). I\'ll let you work out the math, but suffice to say that the chances of this happening are very low. Also, when you have shot the moon you should have the option to subtract 26 from your own score vs. adding to everyone else\'s.
Tim Meyer 2021-02-09

It always seems sketchy to me when you start winning in a game of hearts and suddenly when you dump all you have in a suit you get the three highest of that suit back. Especially when it happens 3 games in a row. Game is rigged. I played about 50 hands using different styles of play. The only way to win seems to be to shoot the moon, as the bots will always stop you from being short a suit. Also in one game, the bot I sent the Ace of spades was not the bot who played it.
Irene Monneaux 2021-01-20

Enjoyable game, but there are multiple mistakes in scoring. I finished round without taking any of the point cards, but 26 points that should have appeared in the opponents score erroneously appeared in mine. Another time, I put down the lower point card of the suite requested than my opponent, but at the end of the hand the l points got allocated to me.
A Google user 2019-07-19

I enjoyed this hearts game very much, made me think more than the first game of hearts that I downloaded .I liked the older version better, but I\'m sure I\'ll get used to this one, and enjoy it almost as much. I have found that I like the current version as well, actually better than the first version, I\'m not young, by any standards and playing HEARTS I keep my mind sharp, so thanks!!
PLC in LV 2020-10-21

It\'s a lot of fun to play. BUT ads freeze A LOT and now the game is freezing up too. Fix this and you\'ve got a winner! My frustrations are almost sending me in search of another Hearts game to play.
Larry Castee 2020-12-17

This game is awesome. Helps pass the time whether at the doctor\'s office or while watching your favorite show w/commercials! Certainly, a great time saver! Thank you to all involved! I\'m back again w/reviews; I get prompted almost daily to rate! I truly enjoy the game but, am tired of the annoying from the programmers.
Jennifer Lord 2020-11-02

Well the gameplay itself is good, there is an ad every other hand and after every game. I might be able to get past the games, except that when you ex out of the games it brings you to the play store nearly every time. Find another hearts app unless you enjoy constant ads and fighting with links to the play store.
Jacob Gehman 2019-08-11

Mostly disappointing. The claim that the AI adjusts to your level is tough to gauge--I never felt like it reached an appropriate difficulty--but is ultimately inferior to bring able to select an AI skill level. The UI is slow and clunky. The ability to select different backgrounds and card designs is a nice touch, but locked behind in-game currency that can only be earned by watching ads. Speaking of ads, you\'ll typically see 30 seconds of them between every hand--and they\'re tricky to X out of.
Mo York 2020-10-16

Ads are too intrusive. Computer generated opponents do not play as you would. An example, opponent failing to play a heart on a trick to prevent shooting moon by another computer player. Over all not challenging and not well programmed heart game.