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Description of Hearts

Hearts card game featuring:

- Really challenging computers

- Online multiplayer

- Statistics

- Jack of diamonds settings

- Passing rules settings

- Change names and avatars

- Change a color style of the game

- Choose between several decks

- Landscape and portrait support

- Fits phones, tablets and HD phones

It’s time to break some hearts!

And beware of computers – they don’t cheat, but they are evil and unforgiving!

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More Information Of Hearts

lable: Card - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:KARMAN Games

User Reviews


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Kris Soltes 2019-05-15

Overall good. Should change ranking system so that top rank is for the person who has won the most games in a row, not the person who most recently won. That would make ranking more accurate.
Matt Cyr 2020-10-15

Games are rigged, admins are full of it. Edit: My pic was a funny one satirizing Trump. It contained zero profanity or nudity, was just a harmless joke. I was notified that not only was my picture removed but I am now unable to use any of my own pictures in the future. The admins clearly punish anyone who is not a far right bigot like they are.
Paul_n_Jodi B 2019-07-12

So much better than other apps. Love that you can go back and see the hand that was just played. Fun extras that allow you to choose the players and their names, and change the background colors and card styles. They also make a great euchre app.
Carrington Peacocke 2021-02-19

Definitely biased card dealing. 24 hands out of 25 over 75% of all cards are 10 or higher - almost no low cards but can\'t shoot the moon as passed a low heart or missing a certain picture card. Queen of Spades in West over 75% of the time - if I don\'t have it which is over 50% of my starting hands. Get dealt only the Queen of Spades on random hands and no other spades. Been to 62 pts & then down to 6pts. Something badly wrong.
A Google user 2019-01-24

How anyone can describe this game as not fixed is beyond me. The amount of times you get dealt bear queen of spades or just the ace king of spades on no pass is unreal. It\'s a total farce, don\'t waste your time.
Cordner Peacocke 2020-04-09

Cards are not random. I get Q, K, A of Spades over 90% of the time either 1, 2 or the 3 of them and regularly a single Q Spades especially if I get Shoot the Moon - I\'ve been to 52pts and then down to <10pts due to appalling card allocations. The cards are not random. I also find that in games 2 players have < 10pts and the other 2 over 75 - definitely bias in cards Update: since this review, I\'ve gone from 50pts to 0.7pts.. Rigged game Update: this morning 5 hands in a row with the top three♤
John Hazekamp 2020-12-12

Anomaly hiccups where cards change before your eyes..? REPLY: It happens if your Internet connection got stuck and server had to make a play for you. You just see a result of that play when connection recovers. REPLY TO REPLY: NO. I\'ve experienced that , too, and understand how that happens. BUT on several occasions now, I\'ll play a card, then BLINK, the card played returns to you hand and another is randomly played.
butch bargeron 2019-01-18

Good game but should be able to subtract 26 from your score OR add 26 to your opponents after shooting the moon. As game stands all you can do is add 26 to opponents. Great for passing time.
Tony Kobine 2020-05-15

The speed of play is awesome. Nothing slows play. No unnecessary \'triumphal\' animations, no scoreboard update distractions. You actually see a running score during the round. A hand will stop when the result is known from cards remaining. This is they way Hearts should be played! I wouldn\'t complain if the graphics were less clunky but I would never want it to be at the expense of speed of play.
Perry Coate 2020-01-01

Nice interface. A great way to get a game of Hearts in whenever you feel like it. I play this as well as several of the other card games created by the same developer. They are my go to card game apps on my phone.