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Description of Helium Hotspot

Helium is a secure, smartphone app wallet for onboarding Hotspots, managing your Helium balance, viewing token earnings, and sending Helium tokens quickly between friends.

An account that is completely yours. Helium accounts are generated with 12 unique words that only you know. This means you are in complete control of who can access your account.

Set up Hotspots in Minutes

Set up your Hotspot in minutes with Helium. Once you’ve created an account, simply pair your Hotspot with the Helium app, connect to Wi-Fi, and specify your Hotspot location.

Manage one or many Hotspots

With the Helium app it doesn’t matter if you need to manage one or many Hotspots, it can support dozens or even hundreds of Hotspots.

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More Information Of Helium Hotspot

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:3.11.0 Publish Date:2022-03-09 Developer:Helium Systems Inc

User Reviews


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Charles Jones 2021-03-09

New update is clunky and hard to use, the previous interface was MUCH better. Current version is less intuitive and is more prone to errors.
Tim Fagergren 2019-12-20

Been using for over a month now. Loving it. This is a completely new network, and building out of course has its growing pains. It\'s been getting more and more stable; the feedback from everyone I\'m sure is a huge factor. Impressive coverage and community. The applications being built out are even more impressive. This is what happens when the engineerds unite. Bravo
Paul Mcconville 2020-09-26

Very good app , brilliant technology for all keep a eye on helium
Eric Nans 2020-05-08

It\'s worth something now! I\'m stoked buying more hotspots!
Dave Lo 2020-01-16

Can\'t view coverage map without downloading the app... Can\'t view coverage map in app without creating an account first. Get real, this is a joke.
Donald Yip 2020-06-06

The Helium Hotspot is worth the investment. Happy to help build the helium network for Internet of Things in return for helium tokens. My only disappointment is I don\'t have another place with internet access to install more hotspots.
Baron Hall 2021-02-25

Terrible UI update. Looks cartoony now - annoying as that character in every Disney kids movie, who has just broken out into a song.
Jonathan Kuniholm 2021-03-16

Continues to switch back to dollar amounts instead of HNT, so it\'s impossible to tell what\'s really happening with mining. As others have pointed out, the new graphics are cartoony, and less informative. Try and channel Edward Tufte. At least the new app has links to explorer, although how hard would it be to serve these through the app instead of switching to web and forcing login again when you go back to app? Much more detail for troubleshooting would be helpful. Challenge transmitted?
Richard Chen 2020-12-26

App doesn\'t work. You\'ll see it up correctly and the light will turn green on the hotspot but you won\'t get credit
Brian McGlothing 2019-12-21

Easy set up. Had a minor issue connecting my second hotspot to the wifi but was able to work it out myself. Don\'t let the 1 stars fool you. You just need to be smarter than the app.😊