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Description of HelloHero AllStars:Idle League

Enjoy the evolution of 3D Idle RPGs with Hello Hero All Stars. Start a journey with the legendary heroes from Hello Hero, and completely new heroes. Help the heroes win the war against the enemies in a never-ending arena across the universe. It’s the clash of multiple universes!

Hello Hero All Stars is unlike any other idle RPG and clicker games. Detailed and full 3D cartoon graphics, with an all new navigation system will make you want to collect all as many heroes as you can to evolve.

Characters in Hello Hero All Stars are unlike those from any other RPG games. There are classic heroes such as knights and archers, and completely new heroes that fight with trumpets and donuts. Choose your favorite heroes and evolve them to make them even stronger!

Key Features:

• Fun and Easy Gameplay •

Don’t get stressed while playing! Enjoy an easy, yet fun idle RPG. Included is a hassle-free clicker content that requires a great combination of heroes and strategy.

• Collect All the Heroes •

Rescue the cutest heroes as you slay more bosses and run further along the arena. Each hero has different skills and abilities, so be sure to collect as many as you can to make the best team.

• Evolve Everything •

There is no strongest character in this game. Choose your favorite hero and use upgrades to evolve them. You can upgrade just about everything from skills to items.

• All New Coordinate System •

Hello Hero All Stars brings a unique coordinate system which allows you to use all the heroes you’ve collected. Get big rewards by hitting the perfect combination of coordinates. No heroes go to waste.

• Full 3D Cartoon Graphics •

You’ll be surprised at the heroes you find in this game. Some will remind you of your favorite cartoons and animations. The cutest heroes further add an element of fun in collecting even more heroes.


* A network connection is required to play

Languages Supported:




*Chinese Traditional

*Chinese Simplified


Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HelloHeroAllStars/

Chat with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/helloheroallstars

Watch us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/fincongames

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:2.14.2 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:SKYWALK

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Blue Samurai 2019-06-19

It is my first time to play an Idle Game. I like the graphics, characters, and the overall art work. I just want to suggest for a simpler tutorial in especailly for those like me that is new to this type of game. In this way, new players will easily understand the mechanics of the game. Good Job and looking forward to the future developments of the game.
Von Aguzar 2019-06-21

you cant progress unless you pay. no free summons, no free gears, even free boost is only for 10mins which wont even make a difference. you can get free B heroes in game thats it, while the highest is SSS. not to mention no free gems at all. achievement will give 1 or 2 but 1 summon cost 200 gems LOL greedy devs who wants to scam players that this is a hello hero game.
kRiM 2019-07-01

i was playing until i got disconnected and by the time i logged back in all my heroes are gone.. i tried to log back in still their gone.. hello heroes?? this game doesn\'t even deserve a star, im really disappointed
Cam 2019-07-08

This game is an absolute, unplayable wreck. The tutorial is long, slow, pointless, and overall broken. I had to force close the entire game just to get through the basics and even the game itself isnt any better. The \'drag\' system doesn\'t work, you practically have every hero from the start and the bugs, as a whole, make sure the game hardly works anyways. The deva just wanted something for a quick buck and they clearly didn\'t care about what they made.
CH Kum 2019-06-20

I take good review back, after recent update, clearly saw developers do not play the game, they nerfed skills so much to an already hard to progress. And why would you increase condition of boss trial so much? Waste of time. Not much game contents too.
Earlmon Elegado III. 2020-01-03

Decent game with good rewards I hope they put more events and do more changes. A game I can play while working =)
mark peña 2019-03-23

This must be the perfect hello hero game among the 3. But please don\'t leave it like the other 2. Keep updating the game, add more stuff and make it great please. I really loved this one i hope this is the game for my phone to stay for life.
An Nguyễn 2019-12-04

We pay a lot of effort to go across level 50k, but after that, every afk item will be reset which is even lower reward than when you are at a lower stage, which break the game and it has been over a month without fixing it. People stay in 49999 to take the advantage while people in 60k 70k get stuck for too long with less afk item. A 1 star is for your laziness and we expecting you to fix it soon
John Luise 2019-06-18

This is an idle, freemium, and fun to play game. It requires not so much effort to play, as it is an Idle RPG. Also, I have been playing this game for some time now or since beta phase, and now I am waiting for their global release and I can honestly say that I\'m still enjoying it. Btw, you can comfortably play this game w/out paying any penny.
Richard Tungol 2019-08-06

This game HAD a lot of potential. But the latest game changes were awful. Instead of adding more content, you opted to remove free items to force people into paying with premium currency. And to make matters worse, you also tweak down a lot of things that were working fine before. Clearly the direction now is more geared to P2W players. Good luck with that.