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Description of Hellopet House

Enter the world of Hellopet House! Help Jane collect pets and transform a rundown old home into a beautiful mansion. Step in and begin your journey with new friends, neighbours and your very first pet!

Rush to complete special cooking, gardening and crafting tasks in time to help renovate and decorate the space in your mansion. Restore every corner of your home for your cats and dogs as you master your skills as a chef, gardener and carpenter. The exciting world of Hellopet House is free to play and cute fluffy pets await you, so just get right to it!

■ Decorate and choose the design of your perfect DREAM HOME

■ ADOPT a huge collection of adorable cats and dogs

■ Addictive GAMEPLAY with cooking, gardening and crafting

■ BOND with your pets by bathing, feeding and playing with them

■ Meet interesting characters that tell a compelling STORY

■ Hundreds of FUN levels to play and complete

■ Collect unique DECORS to place all over your mansion

■ Powerful BOOSTERS to help you through challenges

■ Obtain keys to UNLOCK new areas around the mansion

Hellopet House transforms the wildly popular virtual pet simulator Hellopet into a free casual game that everyone can enjoy. Make new friends who will help you find adorable pets, restore the mansion and reveal the mysteries of the manor!

If you face any technical issues on your device, please contact us and we will try to address the issue as soon as possible.

Support Email : support@appxplore.com

For latest news, updates, and events, follow us on:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HellopetHouseGlobal

Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/appxplore

Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/appxplore

Twitter : http://twitter.com/appxplore

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More Information Of Hellopet House

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:3.6.4 Publish Date:2021-05-06 Developer:Appxplore (iCandy)

User Reviews


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lesson underdogs\' 2021-02-15

I like this game. Graphics is fairly attractive, easy to play in early stages. Good for casual players. I stopped playing this game because of my daily life for a while and I return to the game. Happy, wonderful game! But I have a bit forgotten how to play the mini game, so I\'m searching for help menu ( how can I fill water cans? ). Hope the tutorial mode.
Lena Summers 2020-11-19

It\'s the perfect combo of my two favorite app types! Super fun and the pets are cute, I just wish there was slower build-up for the levels because the difficulty suddenly spikes, and at times it\'s a bit slow to load. A small nitpick as well but the red ! by certain things should disappear once you look at them, not once you do the thing. Super fun though, and I can\'t wait to see it grow!
Fish Woman Gaming 2021-02-04

This game is A M A Z I N G ! The pets are so cute and I have some ideas. (I recently installed this game so if this is already in the game just tell me) 1. Custamize Jane(?) 2. Choose your characters gender 3. Have multiple houses to go to and every new house you get, Another floor it gets. I don\'t know if it\'s in the game but.. I just wanted to say my ideas for the game. Love the game by the way! 5 stars 💗💓💕💖💞💟💝
Christa Leigh Morales 2020-11-20

Well, I pre-registered on this game because I think it\'s cute & the stuff posted about the game is quite interesting. It\'s not your normal design game and I\'m really loving it. Almost every home design game has matching games to collect money and gems and this has none. It has several mini games & I love it. It was not that difficult to me tho in some levels I really spend gems to buy power-ups to finish the level. I already cleared all the levels up to 160. Rated four stars for improvements.
Xander Simbulan 2020-11-17

Its a well made game.. Realy someting new to this kind off games.by how you get the stars,its a little hard but i did not mind and its cute and fun. In short Am happy on what i got and i recommend this game if u want someting new and i hope the creator/s of this game keep up the good work and i hope if they ever make an add for this game that they will show what the game have to give and not like one of thos adds in youtube.
Emily DeCaire 2020-11-21

Update: Although in my original entry I gave this game 4 stars, but this game gets tiring after a while, it\'s the same thing after a while and the furniture options are bland. The time limit games are ridiculous, and gem spending is over the top, you pay gems and more gems. And even the, the pets are so expensive, who has time to collect 500 candies?? So of course you have to buy them. There is always payment in free-to-play games but I have never seen this level of payment needed.
Amber Ford 2020-11-20

My biggest problem is that there is almost no story line. In most games like homescapes, the tasks are replace this, replace that, this game isnt like that. You\'ll just get the most random tasks, like feed the pet. These tasks don\'t progress the story at all, when this should be a story-based game. Aside from that there are other problems. When you move into the kitchen area, you dont get a kitchen based game part. You get a garden? Still, I do really like this game.
da cc 2020-11-22

I feel the game is very well made. I can see a lot of people struggling to get past levels after 17ish but I am past 30 without any issues. I am generally pretty good with games so that must be it. I found my friend who is not too good at games struggling to proceed to 20s. Maybe need to address this issue to make it easier for all to play.
Bianca Ricafrente 2020-12-11

I love it. I pre-register for this game and it\'s worth the wait! It\'s so cute and easy to play. Ps. I edit my review cause after i update the game there some bugs where I lost my Bombay cat and my Chihuahua. Their names already back to what type of breed they are. As far as I remember, I rename all of them. Please fix this as soon as possible. I want my pets back. PS. My problem has been fixed thank you so much for the coupon codes for adopting Bombay and giving back my Chihuahua.
Afrah Aazeen 2020-11-17

this game is just awesome. I love the games of renovating house like mansion blast or home scapes e.t.c but this game is different and the most fun . I don\'t like those games much cuz they need match 3 lvls to get a star and renovate but here we can play like food serving. first when I saw this game(when it was early accessed) I thought It would be great and I didn\'t wanted to lose it so I pre-registered it and I got my REWARD--BOMBAY CAT thanks for making such a nice game