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Description of Hero

Stay close to your loved one's health using the Hero app. With this personalized health portal, you can set up the Hero device and help your loved ones manage their medication routines.

Customize medication schedules suited to Mom's needs, whether pills are taken daily, bi-weekly or as needed. Never run out of prescription meds, supplements and OTC's using Hero Fill. And set up notifications so that you can help Mom stay on track.

Caregiver Notifications When:

- A dose is missed

- An extra dose is taken

- Pills are running low

Loved One Notifications When:

- It's pill time

- They aren't at home

- Pills are running low

Together, you can explore the safe and secure data to track Mom's adherence over time and ensure she is taking what she needs, when she needs it.

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More Information Of Hero

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.20.1 Publish Date:2021-08-23 Developer:Hero Health, Inc.

User Reviews


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Paul Quinn 2018-10-14

The Hero medication dispenser has changed my life. The app is well designed and carefully walks you through adding medication. Subsequent use is easy and straightforward. I hope they add some more functionality but it covers all the bases right now.
Gary Bertagnolli 2020-08-11

10 bucks a month just so you can configure the machine. Not cool. and the machine was too expensive to begin with. I\'ve learned my lesson
Christopher Weir 2020-12-23

Hero has been a life line for a LO. It helps me make sure they get their medicine on time and helps resolve the \"did I take my medicine?...\" question. The app is easy to use and customer service has been on point. If I need a key (to get to the medicine) or a new medicine cup they send it immediately. I enjoy the professionalism and the genuine concern for theur medicine dispener. It updates frequently and the updates are thoughtful. Good job Hero!
Christina Worman 2019-08-29

The Hero is awesome and using it as a patient works fine. However I cannot for the life of me set up a caregiver. Hero support has not been helpful. So I can\'t use the app to its fullest possibilities. Edit: after the app update I reached out again to hero support and finally got the caregiver part working. Its AWESOME!! This device and app have been a lifesaver.
Krista Jo Leverett 2020-04-08

I\'ve been taking 10 or more prescriptions since 1977. I thought it was just my lot in life to be stuck filling 7 day pill holders, or 180 little pill bags every 3 months which took approximately 3-4 hours (a good movie), THEN I was enlightened by the Hero machine and its application!!!! Wow...I really did not realize the amount of energy and stress that would fall off my shoulders when I didn\'t have remember if I took my medication, what time I took my medication & if my refills were up to date.
S Markley 2021-01-28

The concept of the Hero pill manager is great, the app is not. The concept of organized pills, dispensed with audible reminders at specific times and settings for on demand controls is good, but there are so many things could be better. The update 1/27 just blocked the ability to screen capture, which is what I save and show the doctor. There is no reason for this at all! I am logged in as the primary, block caregivers if you must. I do not want to wait for the compliance emails which are 2 numbers and not a detailed list of each that would have any value at a doctor’s office. The app now only shows 4 weeks of history because there is no way to export the prior information. Even a $40 blood pressure machine can export to an excel file to take to the doctor. It used to show a longer timeline of compliance which was more useful. I use this to help care for my elderly father. I respect his independence, but this will not let 2 users change settings, so I must log in as the primary. The passcode does the opposite of what it should do - it locks out standard dispensing, instead of locking someone from manually overriding medication changes. Even though you can set a limit on each pill. I understand this is used by a variety of people- children, adults, some healthy and using for convenience or arthritis and some needing extreme monitoring, and many elderly living independently. There are settings that are tricky for non-technical people so I cannot image an elderly person setting this up on their own for the first time. Once it is set, it can run for about a month on its own (depending on the max pill size – we can get 40 in of the largest so far). The customer service is extremely lacking. Phone calls are filled with long wait time and the conversations are tedious as if they are not using the app, but a completely different interface and 99% of the time result in a call back ‘someday’ so I gave up and started emailing instead. It took OVER 2 MONTHS for them to respond to an email about a glitch where my father\'s name would not display 8/25-10/30, and after I emailed several times to remind them I was still waiting, which I found extremely disrespectful. There is no valid excuse at all for that timeframe. There was really no solution offered to me, but the app changed eventually. The setup guide is nowhere near enough information. There should be a detailed video of every step from the company (look at Ring). It took hours to set it up and I wished I had done it alphabetically. Pills only display as the generic and should always also show the name brand for familiarity. It would be extremely useful to be able to add notes to each pill -what they are for if and if it is medically or personally preferred at a certain time of day. The compliance numbers need the ability to reset as we decide. Sometimes there is a hospital stay and then a full reset is needed. There are so many more options that would benefit users and make this worth the money. While I like the concept of this system, it is not for everyone. I feel as though the $30/ month is now going towards changes that no one asked for and they are not listening to anyone actually using the product. Unless they start getting feedback from different users regularly, programmers who have not been in these situations do not know what is needed and are just changing things to keep their jobs. This should really be browser based! We need to be able to work on these settings and view on screen. We need to be able to print, type things in, update, EXPORT, etc. There is no need for an app. There is no need for the app to keep logging us out every time there is any update anywhere. I have been a project manager of multi-million-dollar projects for 25 years. Managing the Hero is not the way it should be as of now. Though I am disappointed in many things, it is one of the only choices and we will keep it for now.
James Shufelt 2020-05-06

The ap needs some more features like taking meds while away from machine and telling the machine that you took the meds. Giving you meds for the day if you are going to be out for the day would be nice. Getting randomly logged out really sucks also as this is supposed to remind me to take my meds. Needs improvement but has great potential.
falcobird 2021-02-23

The monthly fee is actually a year long subscription that you can\'t get out of. I would much rather pay twice the price without the subscription fee. Customer support told me basically they my device was a brick and to return it if you can\'t afford it.
The Drummer 2020-11-22

HELD HOSTAGE BY THE APP FOR MONEY I purchased the unit in cash in full using the \"Legacy Limited Free Plan\" when you released it, now the app won\'t even give me access to my medications at all, even when I choose the \"Free\" option on the app. The unit doesn\'t even give access to the medications within the the box, THE APP IS THE ONLY WAY IN TO THE MEDS!!
Jay 2020-11-08

You can\'t dispense on the app, and it doesn\'t work If your not signed up (it literally bricks) . To add insult to injury they don\'t tell you that if you don\'t like the product, these predators expect you to pay them A FULL YEAR OF SERVICE for a contract in full payment if you decide to send it back anyway. Dont waste your time money on this product.