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Description of HiBy Music

! Updated description applies to version 3.0.0 build 5480 and up !

! Please wait for update to reach you if the version you see is still 2.3.4 !

Hiby Music Player is a free lossless HiFi audio player designed for audiophiles and music fans. Newest features include support for direct USB audio on Android 7.x, and HiByLink for controlling lossless playback on affiliated remote devices, giving you a first-class music experience wherever you go.

New Features:

1. Use HiByLink to upgrade affiliated portable and desktop audio players to a touch-screen, remote-operated experience while enjoying lossless playback of hi-res material on the device itself.

2. First free app to support direct USB audio output on Android 7.x.

3. Added play queue function and function to save edited queue as new playlist.

4. All-new UI bringing a fresh new user experience, with new pictorial Quick Guide added.

5. Improved compatibility with Android 6+ devices;

6. Fixed track ordering under albums, under multi-disc albums (DISCNUMBER support!), etc.

7. Expanded on-device output sampling rate to 44.1 and 48kHz, adapting to phones with different Android system sampling rates;

8. Added option to disable exclusive USB audio output and use Android system USB audio for convenience / interoperability;

9. Added USB volume lock function to ensure bitperfect output more easily;

10. Revised English and multilanguage translations;

11. Added illustrated quick-start guide for ease of use;

12. Added update function independent of Google Play;

13. Added custom language selection option independent of Android system language.

Other features:

1. Wide lossless/lossy audio format support, including DSD(DSF,DFF,DST), ISO, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, M4A, AAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis

2. CUE sheets and ISO images are also directly supported

3. High precision decoding with 32 bits output, 64 bits floating point decoding and 128 bits internal precision, all for the best audio quality.

4. External USB DAC is supported with DXD/DoP output. You can get Native DSD or 384kHz, 32 bit DXD audio streams easily.

5. Gapless playback

6. 10 band graphic EQ

Stay tuned, more professional function will be added continually!

email: service@hiby.com

website: www.hiby.com

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More Information Of HiBy Music

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:4.1.0 International build 5547 Publish Date:2021-07-21 Developer:HibyMusic

User Reviews


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Neil Harley 2020-01-08

08/01/2020 - After the latest update the volume output is still broken when in Exclusive USB mode and using a HIDIZS DAC - at 0% volume there is stil output. Update to 3.3 has broken the output volume.. When in USB Exclusive mode the volume doesn\'t change at all between 5% & 70% but gets very loud with one more use of the Up- Volume button on the phone. I never had volume higher than 70% under the previous build but on 3.3 I have to have volume at 90% Without USB Exclusive mode the volume is loud enough at 70% again.
Thomas Carroll 2020-08-17

I am a seasoned audio-oriented individual, by no means an expert. But I have been sharp eared since the 1980s, and I can tell you that after putting this app up against the best names on the street, this one actually makes listening to music on Android ENJOYABLE. Honestly though, it\'s a gateway drug, because once you realize what HiBy can do here, you\'re gonna want their R3 Pro or better to take your audio experience to a whole new level. The UI is fantastic, love the swipe gestures.
John Roel Ganatuin 2020-02-25

It\'s a great player especially if you\'re an audiophile, extremely customizable sound experience. Only drawback for me is the lack of ability to rearrange the tracks on a playlist, like alphabetically for example, it\'s only allowed for the whole music list. I have over 3000 songs and this is usually a problem, I can\'t rearrange the playlist on alphabetically. Hopefully hiby can include this in the future. Still 4 stars for being a great player.
Brandon 2020-07-30

Haven\'t been using long but so far it is fantastic! Audio quality is great, nice to have an equaliser but I leave it off as I use the samsung one. Love the wifi download feature too! My only issue is phone notifications make it completely pause. If it just went slightly quieter it would be ok but the music just stops for about two seconds. Will rate 5 if adjusted.
roeslan adros yahya 2020-11-03

I installed HiBy Music app to my iBasso DX160 digital audio player. I was curious about MESB function & wanted to compare it vs regular graphic EQ or parametric EQ. After using for about a month , I find it very good actually though needed some getting used to. Compared vs my DAP\'s PEQ, it\'s much simpler but not that versatile so as to tame stubborn IEMs. Volume level bit low but overall it deserves 5 stars from me. The only other EQ which I find as good is Onkyo but you have to pay for this.
Kyle M 2019-09-04

Uninstalled, and sending my Xduoo back to Amazon. App keeps turning itself on multiple times a day. The app is turning itself on during or after phone calls. When shut down it shouldn\'t monitoring anything. Why does this app need to access my location? Is Hiby information farming? Google needs to start forcing app makers to justify what permissions they seek and stop apps from unnecessary usage of system resources.
sankalp kak 2017-09-03

The music quality is great, Equalizer works as intended and the new update looks great. The only gripe I have as of now is that there are no lock screen controls. That is a must for any music player, it\'s the most basic feature and an absolute necessity.
Tinker Fox 2020-07-09

Great app with many many many options. My only issue is sometimes the audio briefly pauses / hiccups. AIMP doesn\'t do that, but that app also doesn\'t have MSEB, Forced Resampling to 48khz, or the same interface. MSEB is great for getting the best sound out of earbuds. It can make a crappy pair of Wal-Mart JBUDS sound good and make UiiSii Hi-805 sound amazing. Make sure you turn the sliders to \"Fine Tuning\" and not \"Extreme.\"
SAGNIK BISWAS 2019-11-08

one of the best
Rusdhi Mohamad 2020-12-13

A very good player indeed. Lots of setting to play with but its worth it. Now my phone sounds better than my home system according to my son and his younger ears. The only problem is I have 5 different headphones each with different sound profile but I cant seem to save equalizer setting on this app. Which means I am stuck with 1 headphone for this app. Setting the EQ to my ANC headphone just in case I need to board a plane with it.