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Description of HiCare

"HiCare provides professional customer assistance services for Huawei devices.

HiCare provides you with common online services including customer services, issue feedback, user guides, service centers and self-service. HiCare aims to offer a one-stop shop for after-sales services in order to quickly identify and resolve any issues you encounter.

1. Service centers

Search for the addresses and numbers of your local service centers.

2. Hotline numbers

Search for your local hotline numbers and working hours.

3. Warranty policy

Search for Huawei’s after-sales warranty policy in your region.

4. Manuals

Provide you with a user manual that contains comprehensive function descriptions.

5. Forum

Provide you a place where you can communicate with other local phone users.

6. Warranty status

You can check the device warranty information.

7. Accessories price

You can query screen, motherboard, camera and other accessories prices.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Huawei Internet Services

User Reviews


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tom hill 2020-06-09

I tried several times to back up my Mate 9. It even said it was successful once. But, all the folders were empty. After that. Each time I tired. It would get to around 40% and die. I set the phone on no sleep. Turned off the power savings on app in phone. Nothing would work. I finally gave up and went to reset my phone. That was it. It died and will not start again. So, I am not sure if the battery went dead or all this backing up killed it. Plus, I find it strange that the app has to know the IMEI number of the phone? It should be able to tell it is a Huweai device without it. Now, I have a dead Mate 9. It was a great phone while it lasted. I wish the US would leave Huawei alone. We lost competive pricing and the new midrange by others are expensive. HO hum.
Fionn Healy 2020-02-18

Ruined by an update. It used to work perfectly, but now with the recent design change, all the writing is white on a white background. You can\'t read anything unless the background is a different color. Renders the app useless.
Stephen Foster 2019-08-06

I\'m giving this thing a low rating primarily because it\'s annoying as hell, every day I get at least two to three notifications from it bothering me about things I don\'t care for, I don\'t ever even remember opening this app.
Ces Bautista-Clarin 2020-02-29

After the recent HiCare update, all the text were invisible. Only the icons are visible. You\'ll have to guess which icon are you looking for. And the software update is also missing. Such a waste of time and neglecting why I choose huawei.
Z.D Marais 2019-10-15

Excellent and designed exactly what it\'s for. Love the fact i can chat to support agents without having to call a toll free number and be put on hold every minute. Good also for warranty status, and other related issues and notifications. Well done Huawei. Something you don\'t see with other competitors.
God Like 2019-05-05

A bad phone company, a lot of data is sent to the Chinese government and the application is as slow as a small company. I used to use Xiaomi, Huawei should beg Xiaomi to teach how to update the software and limit errors better. I am using the Mate 20 Pro, even the recording application is not available
Marek Argent 2020-05-17

The communication with live advisors is almost perfect. They are not guilty that the newest models have some features disabled, what was available in older models. Especially it refers to the hi end models that are missing important features. We will forward this to the development - I hear it many times and wait and wait and wait.
Alara T. 2019-12-11

Huawei Mate 20 Lite I can\'t update my phone to EMUI I searched on google and it told me to go to this app when I opened the app, it only said new version coming soon. When I try to update my phone from the settings I touch the update button it looks like I pressed on it but it never opens anything or updates my phone I set it to update overnight that doesn\'t work either. I need this app to help me but I can\'t get it open. I also got rid of some of my storage but I still can\'t update!
Bob L 2020-11-09

On loading for the first time the app advised I wasn\'t connected to a data source, presumably WiFi or Mobile data, both of which are connected. As a result of reading about the problems others have experienced, will be deleting this app &probably be returning my New Pro4 Band. The band seems great at monitoring when a work out is set up. But automatic step counting leaves much to be desired displaying more than double the steps taken !! My free Pedometer app is better at that, shame.
NeiQii Store 2020-03-19

Great app and easy to use always comes in handy