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Hidden Objects Supermarket

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Description of Hidden Objects Supermarket

Hello, hidden object games fans! Welcome to the beautiful supermarket filled with your favorite products! If you're looking for supermarket games free of charge, you're at the right place! Let the market mania begin and get ready for a journey through the supermarket aisles! If you want to become manager in the supermarket, the time is now for hidden object management. Free download Hidden Objects Supermarket and start collecting hidden objects today! No queues at the cash register so hurry up and solve the supermarket mystery!

🍒 1500+ objects!

🍏 Amazing graphics!

🍆 Catchy sounds!

🍓 Hint system to help you!

🍇 Zoom function - for mobile phones only!

🍅 100 % free of charge!

Find the lost items in the supermarket pictures!

Hello, shopping manager, welcome to the supermarket! Are you ready for the supermarket journey? If you're a fan of food games and supermarket games, you're in the right place! We have created the best hidden object games mania for all fans of free shopping games - Hidden Objects Supermarket! This great hidden object game will help you to review vocabulary and enjoy these supermarket games and mystery games free! If you really like supermarket shopping, you are going to love our supermarket all games for girls and boys! Get to the cash register and enjoy the best supermarket adventure! The real girl hidden object game is waiting for you!

Supermarket hidden object games and puzzle games!

Get ready for shopping mania! Try to find the hidden objects like fruits, vegetables, clothes and other hidden things! Do not waste your time and hurry to download the best free supermarket games - Hidden Objects Supermarket! Enter the world of shopping and start the search for hidden objects! Become a hidden object detective and a treasure hunter in this supermarket hunt and start the supermarket adventure! If you like to go in the grocery store and create shopping list, these hidden objects games free are for you! Share these adventure games and mystery games with your friends and find all hidden objects in the grocery store beautiful images! If you like cashier games that include market management, you're surely going to love looking for hidden objects in beautiful supermarket setting. Whether you prefer supermarket for boys or for girls, this Hidden Object Supermarket game will make your day!

Puzzle games and hidden object games in English for free!

Do you like to play educational games, logic games, mind games and shopping games? If so, then you're bound to love these addictive games - Hidden Objects Supermarket! Everyone loves these learning games. Kids, teens, adults, these concentration games are suitable for all users! Enjoy the wonderful images and incredible HD graphics! Download the hidden object games free and enjoy the supermarket adventure of a lifetime! We offer the best free hidden object games, so start playing today! With these hidden object games you are going to spend some incredible moments and also learn many new words! Check your vocabulary and start training memory and improve concentration with our new memory games! Play hidden objects mystery games!

Supermarket games and hidden object mania!

Are you ready for the best hidden object games with supermarket shopping mania? Solve the mysteries of the stores and let the free hidden object games begin! Find the hidden object in the supermarket and start the fun! Best of all is that these games of finding hidden things can be played without internet! With our new fun games you can train memory, improve attention, increase thinking speed and develop creativity! Fun puzzles and excellent pastime are waiting for you! Hidden Objects Supermarket is everything you need! Can you discover the hidden objects in this mystery grocery store? Get these popular games! Show them to all your friends and try to be the best player! Good luck!

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More Information Of Hidden Objects Supermarket

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:2.03 Publish Date:2021-03-08 Developer:Webelinx Hidden Object Games

User Reviews


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Laura Nicinski 2018-11-15

Some of the objects are hidden under the scrolling words for what you are to find or by other objects. Also, I don\'t think that some objects really look like what they are supposed to be. I play to keep my mind and eyes sharp. If I can\'t find an object, I will keep looking without help. Remembering where that object is on the next try helps my mind. Overall, it is similar to hidden pictures that I still enjoy with my grandsons. It\'s worth the download.
al 2017-08-25

The music is horribly distracting. A rugby ball and a football are not the same thing. Neither is a water bottle and blender. Yet the game thinks they are. Most likely will uninstall.
Carol Sanders 2017-06-28

It keeps my mind busy looking. like the challenges
Owana Sexton 2019-10-07

1interesting scenarios,at times multiple items fit description, but still enjoy the hunt.
A Google user 2019-01-06

hidden object games has always been my favorite game ever.
Kris Blust 2017-11-13

Great game. No buying anything extra, no adventure and trying to figure out a story line. Just searching for hidden objects, which is just what I wanted. Graphics are good. The only thing that drives me crazy is the hint button continuously flashing. Also, turn off notifications if you don\'t want to get reminders to play this game a couple times a day. Thank you for a great game otherwise.
margie suder 2017-04-03

Don\'t like that you have to keep playing the same scenes over and over again to get enough stars to move to the next level it gets really boring !
Carol Bajada 2020-03-26

I installed the game because it doesn\'t require in-app purchasing, \'cause I do not like the game. Mostly all games require in-app purchasing now, which is putting me off installing, the ads are annoying too. What is with mostly all games requiring in-app purchasing now, to install? I am having to look elsewhere, on the net, to download free games?
Luann Mcbeth 2019-06-25

rather time is slow,otherwise it\'s a good game.
Marjorie Manning 2020-11-07

The objects in some cases are way to small. Also, some objects are the incorrect color ie, a blue bowling pin and blue frying pan.